What you should know about the Venocorset product: instructions for use and reviews

Venocorset - a drug that helps reduce the permeability of the vascular wall, improves blood circulation of the extremities, removes swelling, makes the gait easy and relaxed.

The drug is recommended by doctors to those who suffer from chronic venous insufficiency of the legs.

Table of contents Table of contents Pharmacological action

  • Pharmacokinetics of medication
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Instruction for use
  • Foot drainage - features of BAA
  • Ambiguous opinion of doctors and patients
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  • Similar products
  • Pharmacological action

    The drug improves blood circulation and actson the vascular walls of the veins due to the extract of the red leaves of the grapes contained in the composition.

    Active components of the leaves have long been used in France to treat leg effusions and strengthen the elasticity of the vessels.

    Pharmacokinetics of the drug

    The preparation Venokorset from the company

    Evalar is absolutely natural, and due to its components it has a positive effect on:

    • blood circulation of the lower limbs;
    • lifting of heaviness and fatigue of the feet;
    • improving the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and veins;
    • removal of edema;
    • functional qualities of the vessels.

    Indications and contraindications for use

    Indications for use:

    • recommended for chronic venous leg insufficiency ;
    • fragility of capillaries and vessels , edema and their manifestations;
    • capsules are used as biologically active additives together with food , from the inside improving the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, improve blood circulation;
    • gel is applied externally, removes edema of , stabilizes blood circulation and affects the permeability of vascular walls.

    Venokorset is not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding and individuals who are intolerant of the individual components of the product.

    Before using the drug, consult a doctor.

    Instructions for Use

    Capsules should be taken 2 times a day while eating 1 tablet at a time. The course of taking the drug is 4 weeks( 1 month).

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    If necessary, repeat the treatment after 1-2 months.

    Gel Venocorset a thin layer twice a day( morning and night) with gentle massage movements rubbed into the legs. The minimum course of treatment is a month, the maximum length is 6 months.

    Drainage is taken 2-4 times a day( as prescribed by the doctor) for a glass of dissolved fluid during meals. To prepare drainage, mix 1 teaspoon of the drug and 250 ml of water( repeat the procedure in the evening).The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.

    In the year of the procedure it is possible to pass 3-4 times. If 2 teaspoons( 10 ml of concentrate) is diluted with 500 g of water, you can take it throughout the day.

    Form release:

    • capsules of 15 and 60 pieces per package;
    • drainage - 100 ml in the vial;
    • gel - 50 g in a tube.
    It is highly recommended to consult a doctor before using the drug.

    The venocoret can be used together with medications that have been prescribed by the doctor as an additional. Cases of overdose have not been recorded, the drug is dispensed in a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.

    Gel and capsules must be stored at room temperature, away from fire.

    Drainage for legs - features of BAA

    Venocorset drainage is a biologically active additive, not a medicine. The beverage concentrate contains in its components not only red leaves of the grapes, but also an extract of the cherry fruit stems.

    Cherry promotes, first of all, the removal of swelling and heaviness, the feeling of "swelling" of veins and capillaries disappears, returning lightness and gait of the gait.

    Gives a feeling of freshness. Drainage for the legs removes excess fluids from the body, interfering with free movement.

    Ambiguous opinion of doctors and patients

    Doctors advise to use the Venocorset in two forms at once - capsules and gel simultaneously. In this case, other drugs can be used in parallel, since the agent has excellent compatibility with other components of this group of products.

    It is important to follow the instructions for use and take a course of treatment for at least 3 weeks from the beginning. It is also acceptable to take a long period of 6 months under the supervision of a doctor.

    Venocorset, however, can not be the main medication, and rather removes the external signs of venous insufficiency, rather than eradicating the real causes of the disease.

    More like a cosmetic and requires additional drugs for a good treatment of insufficiency, since it acts as a biologically active additive.

    Customers' feedback about the Venocorset product is not so unambiguous.

    The venocorset was prescribed to me in capsules. I have suffered from venous insufficiency for a long time, tried various drugs, but did not go to doctors. After the course of treatment with a doctor using Venokorseta, I noticed significant improvements.

    Feet began to look better, vascular asterisks dissolved, veins practically hid. But I drank the drug in combination with other strong medications prescribed by a doctor.

    Anna Leonidovna, 54

    As soon as I noticed the manifestation of varicose veins, I immediately decided to deal with the problem that arose. This disease we have a family, almost all my family members are overweight, hence the strong load on their feet. We went to the doctor.

    To the wife he prescribed a Venocorset gel, and I have capsules. They are easily eaten as a bio additive. My wife smeared her feet twice a day. The result was pleasantly surprised, I almost completely got rid of the problem, my wife too.

    Maybe it's because we started the fight early, but I believe in this tool.

    Kirill Georgievich, 62

    Extract from the reviews

    Customers who had personal intolerance to the components had tachycardia within 30 minutes - an hour after each capsule intake, a sour taste in the mouth. From the Venocorset gel, there was a lot of scratching of the skin.

    Our readers recommend!
    For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of the doctors. .. "

    The gel has a pleasant consistency, the feeling of" glueing "passes after a few minutes, has a cooling effect. The smell is pleasant, herbal, leaves no traces on the body.

    The whole package for a full course of treatment lasts for a week, taking into account 2 single meals per day. If you use the gel as a means of preventing varicose veins, then the drug is great, but to treat advanced varicose veins, it is better to purchase more effective remedies.

    As a conclusion from all the reviews and from personal experience, we can say that the situation is two-fold. Many veno corset really is suitable, this applies to those who have only begun to develop varicose veins. After a week, there are varicose "stars", a feeling of lightness and loss of flow.

    Besides, in a complex from a venous insufficiency it will turn out faster and more qualitatively to be treated. The drug does not cause any harm to health, since it is a biologically active additive to food, that is, it can not negatively affect the state of the body.

    The gel is pleasant, cooling and quickly absorbed, it has a delicious smell. In addition, even in a complex, capsules and Venocorset gel will cost less than many modern treatments for varicose veins.

    But the tool also has its drawbacks. For example, buy the drug for those who already have a neglected form of varicose veins already do not make sense.

    For the treatment to be successful, it is better to use it with other medications, which requires money. And, of course, it can not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

    Some people with may be allergic to any of the components of the preparation, which can cause heart palpitations, scabies and sour taste in the mouth.

    To remove fatigue and swelling of the feet Fleboxar cream helps - instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients, available analogues. All this and more read in the material.

    Venitan Forte is a drug that will help with many problems with veins. Find out more details on our website.

    Cost of the tool

    Price of the Venokorset depending on the form - from 95 to 530 rub .

    Keep the product away from fire, sun and children, in a warm and dark place at room temperature, at least 0 ° C and not more than 25 ° C for 3 years after the date of release.

    The drug is dispensed without a doctor's prescription.

    Similar agents

    Venokorset Analogues:

    • Venolife ( gel from venous insufficiency);
    • Hepatrombin ( ointment against the appearance of thrombi and from varicose, improves blood supply, cost - 75 rubles);
    • Normoven ( tablets, improve blood circulation and vascular permeability, the price is from 100 to 220 rubles.);
    • Proven ( concentrate, dietary supplements, improves blood circulation, removes varicose veins, reduces the risk of blood clots, the cost - 30 rubles.).

    Other synonyms:

    • Aescin;
    • Troxerutin;
    • Venoruton;
    • Daflon;
    • Diovenoor;
    • Escuzan;
    • Venastat;
    • Venitane;
    • L-ven;
    • of Venous;
    • Panthovenol;
    • Venarus;
    • Venosan;
    • Diophlan;
    • Venoplant.
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