Bronchitis is an inflammatory process, localized in the airways. Inflammation can affect not only the upper, but also the lower respiratory tract. Obstructive bronchitis is the onset of reflex spasms that prevent mucus from coming out. Obstruction may be intermittent, especially when chronic. The peculiarity of such bronchitis is that it is capable of proceeding latently.


  • 1 causes and predisposition
  • 2 first signs
    • 2.1 Diagnostics
  • 3 How to treat at home and in the hospital
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    • 3.2 Folk remedies
  • 4 Complications
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causes and predisposition

most commonly obstructive bronchitis does not show the usual symptoms of bronchitis. Even cough, a prerequisite for the disease, looks innocuous: coughing during the day with exacerbation in the morning. Outwardly, this is similar to the usual cleansing of the airways by the body itself. Several times podkashlyat or in the morning to cl

ear a throat after a dream, this is quite healthy rate. It is difficult to guess that this is an obstructive bronchitis. Therefore, it quickly passes into a chronic form and only then becomes apparent with exacerbations.

treatment of obstructive bronchitis Another feature is that it does not always require special treatment. For example, a patient works in a dusty room. His cough is not a consequence of the disease, but the consequences of harmful work. It is enough to change jobs or change the conditions to more acceptable ones, like bronchitis disappears. This happens when the only cause of the disease is external factors.

Many experts claim that the main cause of bronchial obstruction is viral. And they call the main culprit the transferred cold, flu, ARI.However, recent observations conducted in Russia have shown the inconsistency of the statement. In fact, bronchitis is most common in those who smoke a lot or work in harmful work. This is explained by the sensitivity of the bronchi to foreign substances and particles. Here, immunity and protective barriers are powerless: dust, tar enter the body and settle on the mucous membranes immediately in the bronchi, as they come with inhalation.

Arranging a logical sequence of causes, you can get such a list( from the most frequent to the lowest how to treat obstructive bronchitis at home is not):

  • Smoking. Whether you are smoking or near you is not important for triggering the disease;
  • Exposure to external factors : dust, flour, toxins, heavy metals;
  • Virus or bacterium. Bronchitis is a secondary disease;
  • Allergy. An enemy agent provokes the disease.

Predisposition to respiratory disease is essential. Propensity to laryngitis, sinusitis, colds often provoke various bronchitis. This group of people is more likely than others to have pneumonia.

First signs of

obstructive bronchitis how to treat Symptoms depend on the type of bronchitis itself and the provoker of the disease. If it is a latent form or chronicle, then the cough will be insignificant within a day. Cough, sometimes dry cough, sometimes with phlegm. Do not always immediately pester and brings inconvenience. It can become aggravated in the mornings or closer to the morning. Here, the cough becomes intrusive, deaf, hysterical, to the "scratch" in the throat. In addition, there are several "recognizable" signs, symptoms of obstructive bronchitis:

  1. temperature jump;
  2. appearance in the mucus of a purulent admixture;
  3. is a serious shortness of breath outside of loads;
  4. dry cough;
  5. sweating and weakness;
  6. headaches;
  7. loss of appetite and sleep.

Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis can appear all at once, and can show only one or two. Symptomatology can change: today there is a cough without phlegm, tomorrow it is wet. That is, the appearance of all signs is optional.


treatment of obstructive bronchitis at home

Patient is assigned an X-ray after examination, listening to bronchi and lungs.

A blood test is almost useless in diagnosing bronchial obstruction. Exception: allergic nature. In other cases, the blood clinic will show a certain number of white blood cells, which will only tell about the presence of a foci of inflammation. Therefore, the patient is assigned an X-ray after examination, listening to the bronchi and lungs.

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If necessary, the x-ray is done in several projections. The study is necessary to assess the condition of the bronchi and lungs, identify inflammation foci. If necessary, spirometry and ECG can be prescribed.

How to treat at home and in the hospital


To chronic obstructive bronchitis treatment with modern means The ultimate goal of treatment is to eliminate spasm, sputum and complete elimination of obstruction. For this purpose algorithms of treatment schemes are used, where modern means - antispasmodics and bronchodilators are combined. Obstructive bronchitis does not pass quickly, you will need patience for complete healing.

For enlarging the lumens in the bronchi, cholinergic blockers are prescribed: Beradual or Bromide( by tolerability).To stop the process, hormones are added, often Prednizalon. It is important in the treatment to increase dilution, so the scheme necessarily includes preparations expectorant: Bromhexine, Ambroxol.

If infection is connected, antibiotics of a wide spectrum are added, the doctor can also prescribe antibiotics for a nebulizer with bronchitis. For allergic obstruction, antihistamines. Be sure to follow the general recommendations:

  1. bed rest;
  2. moist air in the room;
  3. copious drink;
  4. compliance with a soft diet.

Necessarily need to eat sour milk, a lot of vegetables and low-fat meat and fish. Try not to overload the stomach, eat a little, but full. But all this will be pointless, if a person does not eliminate the root cause: change the harmful work, stop smoking.

Folk remedies

obstructive bronchitis treatment with folk remedies

Melissa and mint infusion - one of the effective folk remedies for the treatment of obstructive bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis with herbs should be done carefully and correctly. For a quick recovery the patient must drink plenty of fluids. Therefore, it will be ideal if a person will drink to the maximum: herbal teas, decoctions of chamomile and sage. Be sure to include in the diet of cranberries, broth of wild rose. These berries stabilize the immune system, kill the infection, and have a mild diuretic effect.

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If coughing attacks severely tear the throat, especially if on this background bronchial pain, make a tincture based on honey and propolis: 1/2 milk and a pinch of propolis. Drink 12 drops before the onset of the cough.

obstructive bronchitis symptoms and treatment Excellent, if you combine the entire treatment with frequent inhalations. Inhalations can be home or with the help of a nebulizer. The composition of the inhalation is very different:

  1. decoction of coltsfoot and chamomile;
  2. infusion of mint and lemon balm;
  3. pairs of boiled potatoes;
  4. inhalation of menthol vapors.

Inhalation well helps to thin phlegm, cough it up and reduces the activity of coughing attacks. Plus, the high temperature of steam penetrating the body, kills germs.

Complications of

complications of obstructive bronchitis

Complications of obstructive bronchitis may result in pulmonary insufficiency

When obstruction develops, the required amount of air stops flowing into the lungs. The breaths become heavy, the diaphragm does not fully open. In addition, we inhale more than breathe out afterwards. Some part remains in the lungs and provokes pulmonary emphysema. In severe and chronic forms, pulmonary insufficiency may appear, and this is the reason for the lethality. Untreated bronchitis almost always ends with pneumonia, which is much more difficult to treat.


What can not be done in the treatment of obstructive bronchitis - find out from this video:

Obstructive bronchitis can be dangerous for its complications. Having a tendency to stealth, he and so creates a risk to our health. But with the usual course it is important not to postpone the trip to the lung specialist. Do not forget that obstruction can lead to chronic form when healing is impossible.