Removal of hemorrhoids with the laser - the essence and feedback on the method of treatment of the disease

removal of hemorrhoids by laser Many people are faced with hemorrhoids. Because of the delicacy of the problem, not everyone can decide to go to the doctor when the first symptoms appear. This leads to an aggravation of the disease.

And although some people do not consider hemorrhoids a serious disease, it can cause a lot of inconvenience to a person. Pain, bleeding and painful trips to the toilet significantly affect the quality of life.

In addition, it is worth remembering that hemorrhoids can have complications, and carry a danger to life.

Often patients turn to the doctor when the disease has developed to 3-4 stages. At this stage, conservative treatment does not give the desired result, and then resort to surgical intervention.

Nowadays, minimally invasive methods of removal of hemorrhoids are very popular because of their painlessness and speed. One of the most effective such methods is laser coagulation.

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The essence of the

technique The laser has the property of cauterizing and cutting tissues. The procedure is carried out using a special apparatus, which forms a very thin beam from infrared waves.

Under the thermal action of the laser, coagulation takes place, that is, the cell proteins are folded. Blood vessels are soldered, so the procedure is not accompanied by bleeding.

The doctor directs the laser beam to the hemorrhoids. As a result, the filling of the node( venous blood) is transformed into connective tissue.

The doctor can also direct the beam to the base of the node. Due to this, the blood vessels are soldered, and the blood supply stops. After a while, the bump itself disappears and comes out with the feces.

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The procedure for internal and external hemorrhoids is different. laser coagulation of hemorrhoids

If the bumps are located inside the rectum, the doctor uses an anoscope to direct the laser to the node.

This medical device not only allows you to easily reach the hemorrhoids at any depth, but also illuminates them well.

When deleting large nodes, the procedure sometimes has to be repeated, since one session is not enough to stop the complete blood supply. And with the slightest access to the bloodstream, the disease may soon return.

Advantages of the method

If we compare the removal of hemorrhoids with laser treatment with other methods, we can note a number of advantages:

  1. The procedure is practically painless, therefore it is carried out without anesthesia. In some cases, when the patient has a low pain threshold, local anesthesia is used.
  2. The time of the procedure is no more than a quarter of an hour.
  3. No special preparation is required before laser coagulation.
  4. The procedure has practically no contraindications, can be carried out both at the initial stages, and with the started form of the disease. Helps to get rid of both internal and external hemorrhoids.
  5. Removal of hemorrhoidal nodes by laser outpatient. The patient does not need to go to the hospital, and the next day he can return to work and to the usual way of life.
  6. Effectively removes hemorrhoids and has a small risk of recurrence.
  7. The procedure is not accompanied by bleeding.
  8. After laser coagulation, scars and scars remain.
  9. The patient is not required to undergo a rehabilitation course of treatment.
  10. Can be used for thrombosis or bleeding.

When is coagulation prescribed?

treatment of hemorrhoids by laser Laser coagulation is performed at different stages of hemorrhoids.

It helps to effectively get rid of the disease after the first symptoms, and in the presence of large hemorrhoids.

Removal of hemorrhoids with a laser is prescribed in such cases:

  • with internal form of the disease;
  • with external nodes;
  • for thrombosis.

In addition, the procedure can be performed during the period of exacerbation of the disease after the activities aimed at removing acute pain and other symptoms.

Since coagulation does not injure neighboring tissues, it can be carried out with bleeding, fissures or fistulas.

Often, classical surgical intervention is replaced by laser removal of nodes.

Infrared waves help get rid of small cones in the second stage and large nodes in the third and fourth stages of the disease.

Preparing for the

procedure Before the appointment of the procedure, the patient needs to undergo a series of simple examinations. It is usually necessary to donate blood and urine for analysis, as well as pass the ECG.Clinical studies the doctor appoints individually in each situation.

On the eve of laser coagulation, the patient needs to carefully monitor his diet. From the diet is required to exclude products that lead to constipation or bloating. It is advisable to eat light vegetable food.

Before the procedure, the patient is treated with a cleansing enema. This concludes all the preparatory activities.

How's it going?

Removal of hemorrhoids with a laser occurs as follows:

  • at the patient's request, local anesthesia is done, a shot of lidocaine, novocaine or other analgesic is done in the removed in the medical center hemorrhoidal node;
  • in the internal hemorrhoids an anoscope is injected into the rectum;
  • the doctor acts on the hemorrhoids or their base to stop the blood supply;
  • with an external form of the disease the node is cut off by the laser;
  • for several hours the patient is under the supervision of doctors;
  • returns home the same day.

The entire procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

In one session it is often impossible to destroy a large cone with a laser. In this case, the procedure is necessarily repeated to avoid relapse.

After the procedure, the patient must adhere to a diet for the proper functioning of the intestine, since constipation can greatly aggravate the condition of the patient. Every day, in sufficient quantities, you need to eat fruits, vegetables, fiber.

But from fat, fried and smoked it is better to refuse. In addition, at first you can not lift weights.

You can find out how the laser removal of hemorrhoids occurs in practice by reading the video:

Thoughts of the patient of the proctology department of

This is what the patient who has been treated with the laser removal of hemorrhoids writes in his response on the site of the famous clinic.

Hemorrhoids tormented me for several years. During periods of exacerbation, life turned into poison, as the anus area was terribly ill, and it was impossible to go to the toilet at all.

I could not stand the torment and turned to a doctor who advised me to do laser coagulation, because my hemorrhoids were already at the fourth stage and various ointments and suppositories were powerless.

On the day of the operation and on the eve of almost nothing to eat, so that there was no problem with evacuation. Before the procedure, an enema was made.

Then a local anesthetic. The procedure itself was quick and painless. I only felt an unpleasant tingling. After spending a couple of hours under supervision, I went home.

That's where the worst thing started. The pain intensified with every minute, as the anesthesia began to recede. I had to drink anesthetic, because without him it was impossible to fall asleep. A few more days of pain, especially after going to the toilet.

Well, then everything started to heal. Now, after 2 years, I do not regret that I did the operation

Mikhail, Samara

From the point of view of the professional

That's what the practicing physician thinks.

I always advise my patients with advanced form of hemorrhoids to use laser removal. The procedure has practically no contraindications, patients tolerate it well.

In most cases, coagulation passes without bleeding or with very little, and rarely has complications.

But, despite many advantages, the procedure does not give a full guarantee of recovery. I always remind my patients that the disease can return at any time, if not follow their diet and lifestyle. It takes a lot of movement.

Dmitry, proctologist, St. Petersburg


in the hospital The cost of removing hemorrhoids with a laser differs not only in different regions, but also in different clinics.

On average, the removal of one bump varies within the from 5500 to 7000 thousand rubles .

But in most cases a complex removal is required, the cost of which can reach up to 50 thousand rubles. The price of the procedure depends on the number of nodes and their sizes, as well as on individual characteristics, for example, bleeding.

Laser coagulation rightfully ranks among the most popular methods of treating hemorrhoids.

The procedure has many advantages, due to which it helped to get rid of many patients from a delicate and unpleasant ailment.

But do not forget that coagulation can have complications, so clearly follow all the prescriptions and recommendations of the doctor.

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