Gel for vascular strengthening and inflammation of veins Venoton

Varicose veins are a serious disease that is accompanied by severe swelling, pain and inflammation of the venous nodes.

To date, a large number of products have been developed that help to alleviate the course of the disease and relieve inflammation. One of these preparations is Venoton. This tool has proved itself well and is in demand among consumers.

Venoton is a venotonizing drug. It is included in the group of preparations of venotonic, capillaroprotective, antiexudative and anti-inflammatory action.

The composition contains only natural components that have a complex effect on the inflammation focus, have a calming and analgesic effect.

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  • What's in the composition?
  • Pharmacological properties
  • Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • How to use the tool
  • Worth knowing!
  • Thoughts of specialists
  • From the practice of patients
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What's in the composition?

The preparation Veno

ton is available in the form of a gel and ointment. Both products are contained in aluminum tubes with a volume of 50 grams.

The composition of the ointment includes the following components:

Escin Formula

  1. Horse Chestnut Seed Extract - escin .This component reduces the properties of coagulability of the blood, prevents the appearance of thrombi and enhances their resorption. Has a positive effect on blood circulation in the vessels of the legs.
  2. Complex of essential oils of juniper, lemons and mint has a resolving effect on the capillary network on the skin, and also increases the elasticity of the structure of the walls of the vessels, reduces their permeability and fragility properties.
  3. In addition to these components, contains extracts of hazelnut leaves, celandine grass, Japanese saffron fruit and oats - all these components have a strengthening effect on the walls of capillaries and vessels.

Pharmacological properties of

As mentioned above, Venoton has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.

In addition, the drug has the following pharmacological effects on the body:

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  1. The stimulating effect on the production of substances, which as a result of getting into the channel of blood circulation, have a positive effect on the state of the vessels. As a result, the tone of the vascular walls rises. All this provides the veins with the adoption of a normal diameter, which ultimately improves blood flow through the blood vessels and prevents blood stasis.
  2. The structure is strengthened, and the properties of the elasticity of the capillary walls of are increased. As a result, the liquid can not penetrate through the walls of the blood vessels. All this leads to the prevention of edema. In addition, the strengthened structure of the vessels is less susceptible to damage - bruises, bruises, hematomas decrease or do not appear at all.
  3. Has an anti-inflammatory effect of , which prevents the development of blood clots and blood stasis in the vessels.
  4. Ingredients have reducing the effect on blood clotting , which increases the efficacy of the agent in relation to various thrombotic diseases.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active component of the drug is escin, which is extracted from the seeds of horse chestnut. In this gel, the substance is in the form of triterpene saponins.

At the first stage of its action the agent has an anti-inflammatory effect on the inflammation focus, which as a result leads to densification of the capillary walls and a decrease in their permeability.

In addition, escin strengthens the tone of the veins and reduces the fragility of the capillaries. With the complex effect of all the components of Venoton, there is a reduction in blood stagnation in the veins, as well as a decrease in the accumulation of fluid in adjacent tissues. All this eventually leads to a reduction in swelling and pain.

Indications and contraindications for use

Venoton gel and ointment should be used according to the following indications:

  • for venous insufficiency, which is manifested by heaviness in the legs, night cramps, inflammation, itching and swelling;
  • for varicose veins;
  • for the prevention of varicose veins in patients who are at risk;
  • for various injuries, bruises, bruises, bruises, sprains;
  • for the treatment of trophic disorders;
  • during the appearance of infiltrates after injection;
  • during swelling of soft tissues;
  • with thrombophlebitis.

Do not use Venoton in the following cases:

  • if there is an increased sensitivity to the constituents of the drug;
  • with renal insufficiency;
  • angina;
  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

How to use the

remedy Ointment should be applied in a thin layer to areas with infected inflamed veins or bruises, bruises, bruises, and also a means applied around these areas. Further, the ointment is slowly rubbed into the skin with massage movements. For a day should use the drug up to 2-3 times.

In case of varicose enlargement after applying Venoton, special compression stockings or stockings should be worn on the feet, or the elastic bandage should be wound around the limbs.

It is worth noting that you need to rub the product with extreme caution. If on the surface of the skin there are trophic ulcers, the agent is applied only near them.

Venoton should only be used externally. If you get a gel or ointment on wounds, mucous membranes or eyes, immediately rinse everything with clean water!

Worth knowing!

In rare cases, there may be increased sensitivity to the constituents of the preparation. Hives may occur, rash on the skin surface, itchy skin. If these symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor.

During pregnancy and lactation, the use of Venoton is prohibited. Breastfeeding during the use of the drug ceases.

It is not advisable to apply the product on open wounds and mucous membranes.

It is also not recommended to use the drug in the presence of purulent processes.

Do not massage and vigorously rub the product into the skin.

The application of the product should be neat and smooth.

If there are severe symptoms of venous insufficiency - swelling, skin discoloration, a feeling of intense tension and pain, especially on one leg, during therapy, then veins thrombosis of the lower extremities is not excluded. If these symptoms occur, the patient should immediately consult the appropriate specialist.

Thoughts of specialists

Reviews of doctors who apply Venoton in their medical practice.

My opinion is that Venoton gel is an excellent tool that can be used to treat and prevent varicose veins.

It consists of natural ingredients, so when it is used, there is no negative effect on the body. In addition, the drug helps to remove swelling, heaviness and severe inflammation.


Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

In my opinion this remedy is not able to completely cure varicose veins, but it makes the course of this pathology very easy. It should be used if there is a lot of inflammation and swelling. Venoton can be used to relieve the severity and fatigue after prolonged exposure to the feet or during pregnancy. It also helps with bruises, bruises, sprains.

Vascular Surgeon

From the practice of patients

What do ordinary ordinary people think?

For a long time I suffer from varicose veins. At first, I did not notice the problem, but in the following period there were pains, heaviness, swelling and inflammation. It was difficult enough to walk, and the veins were sticking out on the surface of the skin.

I began to use elastic pantyhose, but they only masked the problem, but pain and inflammation did not go anywhere. Then I decided to use the Venoton gel. I used it according to the instructions - gently rubbed it into the affected places. From the first time I did not notice any improvement, but within a week I began to feel better.

The pain became much less, and the inflammation completely passed. Of course, I did not manage to heal varicose veins, but at least it became much easier for me to endure all the suffering!

Marina, 48 years old

I've had varicose veins for 15 years already. 15. What preparations I did not take and tablets, and injections, and even resorted to prompt intervention.

But in the end I never managed to completely recover from varicose veins. Of course, it is very difficult to tolerate all these unpleasant sensations - discomfort, pain, itching. I used various means, but the best of them, in my opinion, is Venoton.

After its application, I had inflammation of the veins. I use it constantly and advise everyone!

Ludmila, 59 years

Price of the issue

You can buy Venoton in pharmacies or online pharmacies, the average price for a tube of 125 grams is 100-130 rubles, the analogues of the tool are also available:

  • Venolgon;
  • Venatol Art Life;
  • Herbion Escolus gel;
  • Escuven gel;
  • Escouvit;
  • Escuzan;
  • Venen Theiss gel.
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