The use of candles with belladonna for the treatment of hemorrhoids: instructions and reviews

candles with belladonna Hemorrhoids can develop in different people regardless of the situation.

The causes of the disease include overstrain in physical work, lack of movement in office work or excessive vibration in the workplace.

Insufficient activity leads to stagnant effects in the vessels of the pelvic region and the formation of hemorrhoids.

But as it was indicated, hemorrhoids can manifest themselves with active labor and overstrain of the body, when the disease is provoked by loads on the lower pelvic region, frequent spasms and stretching of the muscles.


  • Characteristic symptoms
  • Use of suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids
  • The crimson and its effect on the body
  • What is included in the candles
  • Mechanism of exposure
  • Features of the suppositories
  • Caution - this can be dangerous!
  • Which preparation to choose?
  • Features and application rules
  • Uses for pregnancy
  • Experts and patients

say Characteristic symptomatology

Pain in hemorrhoids is associated with a cutting sensation, a person in the anal opening feels the presence of a foreign body. Symptoms of hemorrhoids

There may be bleeding in the form of scarlet prints or bloody veins in the stool. The second phenomenon speaks of the discovery of wounds on hemorrhoidal cones.

What is the way out when there is itching, pain and discomfort in the anal passage zone? It is necessary to contact an experienced specialist who, after examination, will diagnose and recommend effective therapy.

The prolapse of the hemorrhoidal node in inflammation is an urgent case when surgical intervention is required.

Use of suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Among the conservative methods, the focus is on candles that are widely used to treat hemorrhoids.

They facilitate the patient's condition, are easy to use and indispensable in complex treatment.

The pronounced local effect is characterized by the removal of pain, inflammation and the suspension of bleeding.

With the use of rectal agents, rapid absorption of their active components takes place with the achievement of an improved therapeutic effect.

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The most popular are the drugs with analgesic effect, stopping other symptoms of the disease.

Due to the fact that most drugs at such times have contraindications, and some types of candles differ sparing and quick healing effect with a small amount of adverse reactions, they are the main way to treat hemorrhoids in "tender states" in women.

When choosing a medicine, the age of the patients, the period of bearing of the baby, the time of breastfeeding are taken into account.

The belladonna and its effect on the body

Belladonna The belladonna belongs to the Nightshade family. Also, the plant is called the Beladona vulgaris.

This toxic plant contains alkaloids that affect the nervous vegetative system. These include hyoscyamine, scopolamine and atropine.

Pretty in the old days was called "shepherd" because of her reception contributes to the appearance of inadequate behavior in humans.

In the pharmacological industry, the belladonna extract is used to produce candles from hemorrhoids.

When doses are observed, atropine-like substances eliminate the pain syndrome, and also eliminate spasm in the muscular sphincter. This helps improve blood circulation in the anal ring area, there is an accelerated regeneration of the mucosa in the rectum.

The result of this action is the blocking of the cholinoceptors and the normalization of the glands, which eliminates discomfort and spasms. This is achieved by rapid absorption of the drug through the skin.

What is included in the candles

The candles from hemorrhoids have a torpedo-shaped white with a yellowish tinge. The main active ingredients are candles belladonna with hemorrhoids natural alkaloids( hyoscyamine, atropine and fast-aluminate).

In addition to the extract of belladonna in medicines contains phenol with antiseptic and laxative effect.

In anusole, the main active component of which is the belladonna extract, an additional ingredient is zinc sulfate and xerobes, which impart drying and astringent properties to the product.

Betiola contains ichthyol, which is an anti-inflammatory drug.

All candles can be used on the recommendation of a specialist, choosing a particular drug in accordance with the symptoms of the disease and individual characteristics of a person.

Mechanism of exposure

Candles with belladonna are considered an active drug for hemorrhoids. The active substances are choline blockers that interact with the receptors, stopping the action of acetylcholine.

Ultimately, the cell loses sensitivity to the transmission of nerve impulses, which reduces the pain susceptibility in the area of ​​perianal folds.

In this case, spasmodic phenomena in the rectum are blocked, edema decreases. This facilitates the rapid absorption of the drug from tissues and blood vessels.

Features of suppositories

The advantages of candles include:

  • a rare manifestation of allergy;
  • rapid entry of components to the focus of inflammation;
  • convenient application.

With the use of candles with belladonna quickly reduce pain, reduce spasms, relaxes the muscles of the intestine, and removes swelling of the mucosa.

Also on sale are candles with belladonna and propolis, enhancing the healing process. These components contribute to the restoration of blood circulation, the elimination of burning, the removal of pain. The resorptive and antibacterial property of suppositories is affected.

Caution - this can be dangerous!

Nausea when using candles When using drugs with belladonna, there may be undesirable effects due to the effect of the substance on the secretory glands and muscles.

This can be dryness in the oral cavity, rapid pulse and palpitation, dilated pupils and decreased vision, constipation, headaches, cramps of the hands and feet.

Overdose and poisoning from candles may occur.

Contraindications, characterized by a central effect and a sharp decrease in muscle tone, include:

  • glaucoma;
  • prostate adenoma and prostatitis;
  • period of lactation and pregnancy;
  • myocardial ischemia, cardiac rhythm disturbance.

Which preparation to choose?

The belladonna is a common element that is used in the manufacture of suppositories from hemorrhoids.

In the pharmacy you can buy various preparations based on the belladonna extract, the main ones of which are:

  1. Anuzole .In addition to the extract of belladonna, the preparation has other components( zinc sulphate and bismuth tribromophenolate).The drug Anusole has antipruritic, antiseptic, astringent, drying and antispasmodic effect. The effect begins to appear 15 minutes after the introduction into the anal passage area. After administration and complete absorption of the drug, the action lasts 2-6 hours. Depending on the severity of the disease, use the drug 1-3 times a day.
  2. Suppositories "Krasavki Extract" .When this medicine is used, the muscle tone in the abdominal cavity increases, the effect on the motor functions and mental state of the patient increases. With simultaneous medication with other preparations containing digitalis, arrhythmia can occur. Candles allow you to remove spasms in the smooth muscles of the abdominal cavity, they are distinguished by antiseptic action, they eliminate pain and inflammation. They show good effect in the therapy of the disease, which is complicated by infection of the rectum. Candles Betiol .The extracts of ichthyol and belladonna, which are part of the drug, relieve pain, help to eliminate various inflammations and spasms. Very rarely there are side effects.

Very often, patients do not know which medication to take advantage of in any given situation, and therefore it is better to contact the attending physician who will prescribe effective therapy, assess the degree of the disease and the general condition of the body, calculate the required dosage.

Features and rules of application

In the absence of contraindications, cracks and bleeding in the rectum, patients are prescribed the administration of suppositories 2-3 times during the week.

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It is advisable to clean the rectum before each injection with an enema, washing the perineum with the anus with warm water, soap.

After the completion of hygienic measures, a contoured package is opened and a suppository is removed from it.

It must be immediately injected into the rectum, so that the suppository does not melt in the hands. The candle is placed neatly, with a deeper penetration.

After the procedure the patient should be lying down for at least 30 minutes.

How to apply candles

Usage for pregnancy

Because of the alkaloid content in the candles, smooth muscle relaxes, so , with prolonged use, can be a threat of miscarriage or premature birth of .

Doctors recommend the use of drugs with bellies on late pregnancy or at the preparatory stage for future childbirth.

Due to the fact that drugs based on belladonna inhibit the reactivity of the nervous system, have an adverse effect on the concentration of attention, you should avoid driving the car and other occupations where high concentration is required.

Experts and patients say

Many patients and doctors use candles with belladonna for the treatment of hemorrhoids, some of them can be found below.

I recommend candles with belladonna. He used them when there were cracks in the rectum. I was satisfied with the rapid effect of recovery.

Proctologist, Mikhail 35 years old

After the birth of a child, I had hemorrhoids, which sometimes worsened. At the next pregnancy, late symptoms worsened until the appearance of itching and bleeding.

Because of large inflamed nodes, it became difficult to empty the bowels. After the appointment of candles with belladonna, I got acquainted with the comments of other people, but still I used them.

The first sensations were not very pleasant, a burning sensation appeared in the anus, but the stool was normalized, constipation was eliminated, pain and inflammation decreased.

Svetlana, Barnaul

I have had hemorrhoids for a long time, but recently its symptoms intensify, after exacerbations, acute pains arise. Many means have been tried, but candles with belladonna proved to be the most effective.

Andrey, Moscow

The appointment of an expert should be made by an experienced specialist taking into account the patient's individual sensitivity and existing contraindications.

When self-application of candles based on belladonna should always read the instructions for use.

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