Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is an effective solution to a complex problem

Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy As a rule, during hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids do not manifest themselves for a long time and hemorrhoids are revealed during preventive examination by accident, when a woman does not feel any manifestations.

But even in this case, childbirth can provoke a sharp exacerbation of the disease.

Pathology can develop with a change in the hormonal background, increased intra-abdominal pressure, restriction of physical exertion and hereditary predisposition.

In this case, the exacerbation often begins on the last terms of pregnancy and in the prenatal period. This is mainly due to the violation of venous outflow during fights, squeezing the venous plexus in the small pelvis during the passage of the child's head.


  • Development of the disease - step by step
  • Features of the approach to the treatment of pregnant women
  • Treatment methods
    • Prevention of constipation is the first step
    • Treatment of the second stage - we apply candles and ointments
    • We think about the health o
      f the child
    • The started stage of the disease
  • Traditional medicine
  • Patients opinion
  • Prophylaxis of the disease in pregnant women

Development of the disease - step by step

In pregnant women, the disease proceeds as in other cases, and is divided into 4 stages:

  1. The first stage of (initial) is represented by internal hemorrhoids with the appearance of itching, discomfort in the anus, painful defecation and mild bleeding. In the study, nodes are observed, but they do not drop out, puffiness and reddening of the mucous membrane is observed. In the remaining stages, external hemorrhoids manifest themselves.
  2. In the second stage of the , nodes begin to fall out, which after self-defecation are self-adjusted. Increases itching, drawing pains, there are discharge.
  3. In the third stage of , the severity of the manifestations of the disease increases, and the dropped nodes from small efforts require manual correction.
  4. In the fourth stage of ( with impossible repositioning of the nodes) complications can occur in the form of severe bleeding, thrombosis, severe persistent pain.

Stages of hemorrhoids

The specific disease clinic allows you to quickly diagnose it. To clarify the diagnosis can be conducted sigmoidoscopy with the introduction of an optical device into the rectum and sampling for histology.

Features of the approach to the treatment of pregnant women

Given that hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a frequent phenomenon, it must be diagnosed in time and know how to treat it.

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The problem is that the hemorrhoids do not show themselves for a long time.

The future mother should regulate the intestine, for which you need to consume foods with fiber, fruits, vegetables and sour-milk products. Should be abandoned alcohol, spicy, pickled, salted and spicy dishes. pregnancy

In order to fight hemorrhoids, you should do exercises, it is useful to lie on your back with a pelvis raised on the pillow. The procedure should be repeated 3 times a day, its duration is 15 minutes.

You can not overcool, it takes a long time to practice in one position. After each emptying should be washed with cool water.

When complications occur, candles and ointments are prescribed, which can be used during lactation and pregnancy. They are designed to soften the contents of the intestines and relieve symptoms.

Methods of treatment

At the initial stage of hemorrhoids it is not difficult to cure without the use of drugs.

Prevention of constipation - the first step

Prevent constipation( consume prunes, beets, kefir and other products with laxative properties), anal anal hygiene, daily walks and special exercises.

Exercises should be performed 2 times a day without overload:

  • should stand up straight, swing your legs to the side, forward and backward;
  • do 10 steps with high knees;
  • you need to stand on all fours with your head down, when you inhale, your head rises and back bends, when you exhale, your chin is pressed to your chest, your hips tighten and your back arches;
  • feet are placed on the width of the shoulders, when exhaled, sit with their knees bent and raise on their toes; when inhaled, stand up;
  • straight legs are raised above the floor and the knees are bent alternately, pulled to the chest;
  • neck and lower back should be pressed to the floor, arms clasped knees, with exhalation knees pulled to the chest;
  • needs to lie on your back, putting your feet near the hips on the width of your shoulders, you should lift the pelvis with an emphasis on the shoulders and legs;
  • above the floor you need to raise your straight legs, which are bred to the sides and crossed.

Treatment of the second stage - we apply candles and ointments

When treating the second stage of hemorrhoids, doctors prescribe special ointments and suppositories for external use.

In pregnancy, the following drugs are usually recommended:

  1. With external hemorrhoids - ointment Relief , which heals wounds, stops bleeding, removes the inflammatory process.
  2. Ointment Vishnevskogo is used for inflammation of external nodes to remove swelling, healing and pain. Before application of Heparin ointment, the bath can be made from potassium permanganate.
  3. When the units are wetted, the Fleming ointment is used, which removes itching, resorptive compaction, which improves cellular respiration.
  4. Heparin ointment eliminates the formation of blood clots, increasing the tone of blood vessels.
  5. In combination with ointments, Suppositories Natalside can be used.

Also prescribed systemic drugs, vetonics in the form of tablets and capsules. They strengthen the venous walls and increase the tone.

Apply drugs courses for 2-3 weeks. Detralex is more effective.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are treated with drugs from other groups( Troxevasin, Ginkor-Fort, Aspirin, Pentoxifylline and Curantil).They can be used during lactation.

To facilitate the escape of stool and reduce pressure, the agents with laxative effect are used: Regulax, Dufalac, Prelax and Forlax.

Thinking about the health of a child

Treatment of the third stage of the disease is associated with the use of candles that will be safe for the child.

Means that do not penetrate the placenta or consist of natural components are prescribed:

  1. Candles with papaverine .Relieve pain, pressure on the walls of the intestine, have an antiseptic effect.
  2. Glycerin suppositories .Soft call, heal small cracks.
  3. Proctosan candles eliminate pain, and titanium with bismuth dries the nodes, relieving their inflammation. Proctosus
  4. Homeopathic candles from natural ingredients( yarrow, oak, calendula) with propolis and honey. When the useful components enter the blood, the walls of the vessels become stronger, the formation of the nodes stops, and the pain and inflammation are removed.
  5. Posterizan , which contains intestinal bacillus, which strengthens the immune system.
  6. Candles Natalside from brown algae can be used in any trimester. Alginate sodium heals cracks and eliminates inflammation.
Do not use drugs containing senna, buckthorn, phenolphthalein, and bisacodyl. When they are taken, the tone of the uterus may increase.

The started stage of the disease

The treatment of the fourth stage is associated with invasive methods or hemorrhoidectomy( excision of the nodes).But these are extreme measures that are best performed after the birth of a child.

The operation can be administered only if the hemorrhoids fall out, which do not enter the lumen of the gut, their infringement, heavy bleeding, or acute inflammation.

More lenient methods include ligation, sclerosing injections, photocoagulation and laser coagulation.

Traditional medicine

There are many recipes for the treatment of hemorrhoids at home and most often it is the best and safest option for pregnancy therapy:

  1. Using raw potatoes, from which candles are cut out, similar in shape and size to pharmacy suppositories. The drug is inserted into the anus before bedtime and left for half an hour.
  2. Baths made of medicinal herbs .To do this, in a clean glassware pour equal shares of flax seeds, chamomile flowers and oak bark, 4 table. Spoon the mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and insists half an hour. The infusion is poured into a flat container, Sea buckthorn oil where the affected part of the body is lowered for 15 minutes. Baths need to be done every day for 30 days.
  3. An effective tool is garlic grease with sunflower oil .To do this, the head of garlic is poured with sunflower oil and the mass is put on the stove. The composition is boiled until the garlic becomes dark. After that, it is removed, thinned and back poured into the oil.
  4. tampons soaked in juice of celandine , laid in the anus for 30-60 minutes, have a good effect.
  5. Sea buckthorn oil , which impregnates the gauze and is applied to the sore spot.

Opinion of patients

On how pregnant women have overcome hemorrhoids, you can learn from their feedback.

I had hemorrhoids after the 3rd month of pregnancy. After applying to the proctologist, I had to use conservative therapy.

But this treatment turned out to be long and I turned to a paid doctor. They told me that for the initial stage of the disease, the safe candles of Natalsid fit and recommended special exercises. After that I quickly recovered and recovered from the disease.

Maria, Saratov

During pregnancy, the doctor appointed me a candle Proctozan. They proved to be effective and safe for my child. After I had gone through the whole course, the disease receded and I returned to normal life.

Nastya, Moscow

Preventive maintenance of illness in pregnant women

Preventive measures include carrying out morning exercises and physiotherapy exercises.

Also pregnant should give up a long job in a standing position, long walks and heavy loads.

nutrition with hemorrhoids A good effect is the washing after defecation with cool water, which can be replaced with decoctions of chamomile or calendula.

You should also monitor the stool, monitor the balance of the diet, adding more vegetable oils and fiber to it.

Such products include vegetables, fruits, cereals, prunes, cereals. Dairy products( cottage cheese, curdled milk and yogurt) have a favorable effect. A day should drink about 1.5 liters of liquid.

It is important to carry out hygienic procedures in a timely manner, washing the anus, making sedentary baths with the addition of antiseptics.

When defecating, do not overexert, with prolonged work in one position you need to take breaks.

Treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy, but not self-medication is allowed. When using any method, one should consult a gynecologist, since during this period a woman should take care of herself and her child.

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