Candles Prostopin - a unique complex of beekeeping products

suppositories Hemorrhoids are a curse that has haunted people since ancient times. This intimate illness causes patients to be shy, suffer pain and delay treatment.

Actually, you should not joke with this ailment, and at its first manifestation you should immediately run to the surgeon or proctologist.

Not always the causes of discomfort and pain in the anus is hemorrhoids. These signs are also characteristic of anal fissures, fistulas and condylomas.


  • Briefly about the causes
  • Suppositories - a panacea, or a way to relieve symptoms?
  • Ingredients and properties description
    • The healing properties of propolis
    • Perga is a unique product
    • What gives the presence in the composition
    • Mountain honey
  • Strength of the body
  • Mechanism of action
  • When are candles prescribed?
  • Prohibitions and Restrictions
  • Instruction for Use
  • Opinion of Common Sufferers
  • Proctologist recommends
  • Conditions for the realization of the drug

Briefly about the causes

The reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids are:

  • hard work;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • prolonged driving;
  • drinking alcohol;
  • excessive consumption of spicy food.

In fact, this reason is complex and largely depends on the lifestyle of a person.

Suppositories - a panacea, or a way to relieve symptoms?

In the treatment of hemorrhoids at the initial stage, the most effective method is the use of rectal suppositories. In most cases, suppositories are used only at the beginning of the disease, because they have bactericidal, wound-healing and antipruritic effect and are capable of stopping the further development of the disease.

The suppository looks like a candle, which is hard in its structure, but when it enters the rectum it begins to melt, thus providing a healing effect.

Suppositories, depending on their composition, have the following therapeutic effect on the body: novocaine candles

  • if the candles contain novocaine , then they relieve the pain syndrome;
  • with content adrenaline , they are able to stop blood and have analgesic properties, but they have a significant list of contraindications;
  • candles containing the plant ingredients , have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and immunostaining property, -It is used if the patient has hemorrhoids or an anal fissure.
Today you can buy candles in any pharmacy. But before buying them, you should consult a doctor, as each drug has its own contraindications. It should be remembered that self-medication is harmful and does not contribute to a complete cure.

One of the most popular and popular drugs for today is Prostopin. He rightly can be called a panacea for hemorrhoids.

Thanks to the perfectly selected medicinal components that make up its composition, the patient in a fairly short time completely cures of annoying proctologic diseases.

Ingredients and description of properties

Simplepina consists of beekeeping products:

  • propolis;
  • royal jelly;
  • Perga;
  • mountain honey;
  • update.


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As additional substances are used lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter.

What is the beneficial effect of these substances?

The healing properties of propolis

Propolis has:

  • bactericidal action;
  • healing effect and is the main fighter in the treatment of damaged vessels of the rectum;
  • antifungal properties;
  • helps to reduce pain.

propolis The presence of propolis and its extracts in this preparation increases its pharmacological activity.

Under the influence of propolis, the processes of regeneration and epithelization are accelerated, which have an important role in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Propolis has an anesthetic effect on hemorrhoids, which helps reduce pain.

Improvement of blood circulation, rapid healing of blood vessels makes it necessary to minimize the manifestation of the disease.

Perga - unique product

Perga( flower pollen) has the following effects on the body:

  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • negatively affects the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • helps to reduce edema of the problem area;
  • has an antimicrobial effect;
  • has an antiviral effect.

In addition, the pollen has a tonic effect, which is extremely important in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It should be noted that the healing effect of pollen is also due to the ability to normalize bowel function, thereby minimizing the number of constipation and diarrhea.

What gives the presence of the

as part of the update. In terms of its composition and action, this substance is similar to pergue.

Renewal stimulates the regeneration of the skin, is famous for its antitumor and strengthening effect on the body, which provides invaluable help in the treatment of cracks in the anus and hemorrhoids.

Mining honey

This substance has the following effects:

  1. Has an anti-inflammatory agent .The chemical composition of mountain honey allows you to remove puffiness and reduce in size and prevent further growth of hemorrhoids, thereby improving the patient's well-being.
  2. Helps reduce pain .Calms the irritated hemorrhoidal bumps not only inside, but also outside, reduces the sensation of pain and itching.
  3. Accelerates the regeneration of cells. Promotes healing of anal fissures, soothes them by removing irritation.
  4. Minimizes and removes the edema of .
  5. Has a disinfectant effect of , which helps prevent infection from reaching the problem site, thereby speeding up the recovery process.

Mountain honey

Because Protein has a toning, restorative and wound healing effect on the body, the use of candles provides for their high effectiveness in the treatment of diseases of a proctological nature.

Strength of the body

Positive properties of the drug in the treatment of proctologic diseases:

  • suppositories contribute to rapid penetration of the drug to the main focus, thus providing an anti-inflammatory effect on the anal sphincter and cones;
  • has regenerative and anesthetic properties that help to relieve pain, and accelerate the process of tissue repair and healing;
  • candles increase the tone of the vessels, thereby strengthening the capillaries;
  • can be used as a prophylactic action to prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids.

The pharmacokinetics of the drug are not fully understood.

Mechanism of action

When the drug is administered to the rectum, the active ingredients begin the process of absorption into the blood, which results in the therapeutic effect of the Candle Simpletons.

Exchange processes are activated, leading to a rapid recovery of damaged tissues and the fastest growth of granulations in the wound.

In addition, due to the immunostimulating effect of the drug, there is an increase in the number of red blood cells and blood leukocytes, which leads to an acceleration of the wound healing process.

Prostopine is a highly effective preparation and is completely safe to use.

When are candles prescribed?

Indications for the use of Prostopina in the field of proctology are:

  • hemorrhoids and the presence of hemorrhoids;
  • lesions of the rectum, which are ulcerative;
  • fistula;
  • anal cracks;
  • ulcers in the anus.

Prohibitions and limitations

As with all medications, Prostopin has its own contraindications for use, which include:

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  • children's age;
  • excessive sensitivity to beekeeping products;
  • period of carrying and feeding the baby;
  • the presence of various rashes in the anus;
  • individual intolerance.

Side effects:

  • burning sensation in the rectal area;
  • occurrence of an allergy associated with honey intolerance.

Instructions for Use

use of candles Simplepot is inserted into the anus before bedtime. Before starting the procedure, you should clean the intestines.

To do this, carefully wash the anus with a soap solution and wipe with a soft towel to avoid pain.

In the absence of defecation, it is necessary to make a cleansing enema, which provides for the administration in the rectum of a certain amount of water at room temperature.

After the preparatory procedure, you should take a comfortable pose. This can be a posture lying on his back with legs bent upward, or sitting on his knees. Some prefer a posture lying on their side.

With your index finger, push the candle into the anal opening to the maximum depth.

After the introduction of the suppository, you need to lie in bed for a while. Once in the rectum, the suppository begins to melt. The therapeutic composition begins to be absorbed into the intestines and has a therapeutic effect on the problem areas.

While the candle is in the intestine, the patient may experience mild discomfort. To avoid this feeling, the patient must adhere to the instructions and do not get up after inserting it into the anus.

The course of treatment for proctologic diseases is a month. After 2-3 months, therapy should be repeated.

Overdose of the drug is not documented.

The opinion of ordinary sufferers

Sparkles Simpletons are popular with patients and practicing doctors, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

About 3 months excruciates hemorrhoids. After consulting with a doctor, decided to try Prostopin. After a few sessions, I felt a decrease in pain in the anus. Vasily, driver, 35 years old

Prostopin helped me get rid of bloody discharge during defecation, from which I experienced inconvenience and severe pain. Several procedures - and problems did not happen.

Natalia, manager, 28 years

After several courses of treatment with these candles, I completely got rid of the painful pains in the intestines. I realized that I was shy of my illness and was suffering so long from her. I recommend to all.

Nina, retired, 56 years old

Proctologist recommends

Practice has shown that Protein has a quick healing effect. Especially it concerns hemorrhoids and cracks in the anus, as well as ulcers. Helps reduce unpleasant pain in the intestine. Soothes the patient, relieves stress.

Some patients have a positive dynamics in the treatment of urological diseases. Improves the patient's immune system.

Kiriakov Vasily Petrovich, proctologist, 16 years of service experience

Conditions for the realization of the drug

Candles are freely sold in any pharmacy and are dispensed without a prescription. The shelf life of the drug is indicated on the package. Usually 2 years.

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