Instructions for use on the preparation Tromblets gel with explanations

A thrombless gel is an antithrombotic drug intended for external use. It looks colorless( sometimes with a light yellow tinge), transparent, with a subtle smell of alcohol.

Available in aluminum tubes. The main active substance of the drug - heparin sodium - is contained in the amount of 1000 IU or 0.00833 g per 1 g of gel.

Also the preparation includes auxiliary substances:

  • Nipose - 0.0003 g;
  • Carbomer - 0.015 g;
  • Nipagin - 0.0012 g;
  • Diethanolamine - 0.014 g;
  • Ethyl alcohol - 0.24 g;
  • Purified Water - 1 of


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  • mechanism of action Instructions for use
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  • Overdose and additional guidance
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  • Complex of opinions about the medicine
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    • Pros and cons of prepa
  • ata cost of medicines
  • analogues medications

Pharmacological action

Trombless Gel belongs to the category of anticoagulants of direct action.

The main component of the gel - heparin - has anti-edematous, antiproliferative, antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory effect.

It suppresses thrombin activity, reduces the risk of platelet adhesion. Improving the exchange and microcirculation in tissues, heparin quickly eliminates blood clots, resolves hematomas, restores the patency of blood vessels and reduces swelling.

The drug significantly reduces the intensity of pain, which is a big plus.

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

Active components of the drug enter the bloodstream in a small amount, so do not lead to systemic action. Heparin accumulates in the blood gradually and after 8 hours reaches its maximum concentration.

Its excretion from the body is carried out mainly by the kidneys after 12 hours.

What you need to know about the gel Herbion Esculus: instructions for use, side effects, reviews about the drug and other information in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug Reparil can be assessed based on the reviews and their analysis, which is here.


The preparation Trombless gel is prescribed for the following diseases and conditions:

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  1. Subcutaneous hematomas .Externally, the skin is swollen, has a cyanotic color and hurts when pressed. When applying the gel, soreness and redness decrease, tissue swelling decreases, blood coagulation improves.
  2. Thrombophlebitis of the upper veins .The disease is characterized by inflammation of the walls of the vessels, which leads to the formation of a thrombus. The medicine reduces pain, relieves swelling of the tissues over the affected vein and reduces the inflammation of the vein walls.
  3. Swelling of soft tissues( lymphedema) .This pathology occurs as a result of blockage of lymphatic vessels, which prevents the flow of lymph on them. The drug is used for prophylactic purposes or for the removal of edema.
  4. Migratory flebitis are chaotically occurring foci of inflammation in the subcutaneous veins of the legs or hands. Treatment is aimed at relieving inflammation.
  5. Soft tissue infiltrate .It is a seal that occurs, as a rule, with multiple injections of the drug in the same place, using a blunt or too short a needle. The drug dissolves the compaction and relieves pain.
  6. Superficial mastitis .Since the drug is not contraindicated for breastfeeding mothers, it is used together with the main medications( antibacterial drugs, pumping) to reduce soreness and swelling. Thrombosis of hemorrhoid veins .Refers to complications of hemorrhoids. The use of a gel in the form of rectal tampons helps to relieve inflammation and pain.
  7. Postinjectional phlebitis is an inflammatory disease of the vessel wall that arises from a violation of the technique of performing the injection or because of the action of the drug administered.
  8. Muscle, joint and tendon injuries .Gel Trombless well removes bruising, pain and swelling.


The preparation Trombless gel is not appointed in the following cases:

  • for ulcerative necrotic and purulent skin diseases( hydradenitis, phlegmon, vasculitis, abscesses, furuncle, carbuncle);
  • with a tendency to develop bleeding;
  • with thrombocytopenia - a reduced number of platelets in the blood;
  • for allergic reactions to heparin sodium or other components of the gel;
  • for skin trauma at the site of application of the gel( abrasions, wounds).

Mechanism of action

Heparin is an anticoagulant of direct action. It lowers thrombin activity, thereby reducing clotting and preventing the formation of blood clots.

This is due to the fact that heparin binds to antithrombin III and blocks the passage of prothrombin into thrombin.

The active ingredients of the drug lower the activity of the hyaluronidase enzyme and reduce the adhesion of platelets to the vascular wall and to each other. Thanks to the antiseptic spirit basis, a cooling effect is created, which eliminates pain and heaviness in the legs.

Instruction for use

The drug is available in the form of a gel in aluminum tubes of size 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 g.

. Dosage and administration of

. The tube is punctured with a spike located on the back of the lid and then applied to the skin.

This is done this way: the skin is squeezed out a strip from 3 to 10 cm and gently rubbed with massage movements.

As a rule, doctors recommend applying the gel 3 times a day. However, for some diseases, the dose may be increased.

The duration of therapy also depends on the disease and the degree of its neglect, but on average it takes about a week. When thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins for treatment use pads or rectal tampons with a gel.

Overdose and additional indications

Overdose of Trombless gel is practically impossible, since the drug is used topically, and heparin is absorbed into the blood in very small amounts.

However, with the occasional use of the gel inside, a digestive disorder is possible. In this case, standard procedures are used to purify the gastrointestinal tract. Antidote of heparin is protamine sulfate.

Side effect of

For prolonged treatment, redness of the skin or itching may be present on the site of application of the gel. If they do not pass, temporarily stop treatment and consult a doctor.

When applying gel to the skin, it is not recommended to immediately use a pressure bandage, as this will increase the absorption of heparin into the blood.

The drug is not recommended for use in disorders of the liver and kidneys, as these organs are responsible for processing and removing the medicine from the body. There are no data on the interaction of the drug with alcohol.

Interaction with other

medications Applying the gel together with other oral anticoagulants may increase the risk of bleeding.

With the simultaneous administration of ergot alkaloids, ethacrynic and nicotinic acid, cardiac glycosides, tetracycline, antihistamines, the effectiveness of heparin decreases.

Interacting with ibuprofen, phenylbutazone, indomethacin, acetylsalicylic acid, dextran, heparin, on the contrary, increases its effectiveness.

Use of the drug in children, during pregnancy and lactation

The use of a gel for children raises some concerns because of the lack of clinical data in pediatric practice.

However, given the poor absorption of the active substances of the gel into the blood, it does not carry much danger.

In pregnancy and lactation, the drug can be used in the following diseases:

  • varicose veins of the legs;
  • swelling of the legs, but only if they are not associated with late pregnancy toxemia;
  • injury, sprains, bruises at any time;
  • seals in soft tissues as a result of injections.
During pregnancy, Trombless gel can be used for no more than 7 days and is mandatory under the supervision of the attending physician.

A set of opinions about the medicine

Reviews of doctors and patients taking Trombles gel.

Thrombless gel is a good remedy for injuries, bruises, phlebitis, at the initial stage of varicose veins. With advanced varicose veins, it does not work. Varicose veins should be removed surgically.

Vascular Surgeon

A very common problem during pregnancy is hemorrhoids. For treatment, I recommend a heparin ointment or a thrombless gel containing heparin. They are effective and practically safe.


If my legs are swollen, I prescribe the Trombles gel. He well anesthetizes and relieves swelling.


Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

Patient feedback

First used it to relieve pain at the site of bruises and resorption with hematomas, and then began to be used for varicose veins. It's good.


This gel is used by my mother. She has constant pain in her legs, varicose veins. He says that it helps, and even the gel has a pleasant smell and is quickly absorbed into the skin.


To me, Trombles gel works well for oedemas, but they say that those who have strong leg problems may not be suitable.


Advice from patients:

  1. Do not apply gel if there are abrasions on the skin of .Once after epilation, it smeared, it burned very long.
  2. Before using , be sure to consult a doctor .I used it for a while, but then a rash appeared on my skin. It turned out - an allergy.
  3. The doctor immediately warned me that if is wounded on the skin, the gel does not smear .There may be side effects.

Pros and Cons of

Given the feedback from doctors and patients, the Trombless gel has both advantages and disadvantages.

This drug is good for swelling of the legs, quickly relieves pain, reduces the severity of bruises, is suitable as a preventive measure of varicose veins. As many people note, unlike analogues, the medicine has a relatively low price.

However, the gel does not cure completely of varicose veins. This is due to the fact that varicose disease is difficult to treat and requires stronger drugs.

Some patients report an allergic reaction to the drug, but this is difficult to attribute to shortcomings, as it depends on the individual tolerability of the active components of the gel.

The cost of the medicine

The drug is available in aluminum tubes from 10 to 50 g, but the most widely used tubes are 30 g and 50 g.

Price Trombles gel 1000ED / g 30 g varies from 197 to 280 rubles., 1000ED / g 50g - from 280up to 380 rubles .depending on the pharmacy and the region.

The shelf life of the Tromblesse gel is 3 years, provided it is stored in a dry, warm place.

The thrombless gel belongs to OTC drugs, so it is released at the pharmacy freely.

Analogues of the drug

Today, there are several analogues with the same active substance as the Trombles gel.

From foreign it is worth noting the Italian remedy Lyoton and the German Wyatromb and Trombofob. To drugs of domestic production with a similar effect include Lavenum gel and Heparin-Acrigel.

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