Ear problems have many symptoms. The most obvious and not leaving any doubts in the presence of health problems is fluid discharge from the ear. It is impossible not to notice these manifestations. Liquid discharge from the ears can be in both adults and children. By color, they can differ: be yellow, and white, and transparent.

Color plays an important role: an experienced doctor can only make an accurate diagnosis on this one feature. In this article, we will consider the features of transparent secretions from the ears: we will find out what this symptom means in adults and in children. And also learn how to treat diseases that caused the appearance of fluid.


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Transparent liquid discharge from the ears is not a disease by itself.

This is just one of the symptoms of an existing inflammatory process or another disease affecting the auditory area. Therefore, the mechanical elimination of the liquid will not do anything: it is necessary to remove the cause that caused this symptom. Otherwise, the allocation will periodically make itself felt, and can eventually lead to very serious consequences.

Allocations can signal diseases of the ears, as well as nasopharynx. These areas are closely related, and affect the health and well-being of each other.

Recommendation: if you notice transparent discharge from the ear, do not try to eliminate the symptom yourself. It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor for competent, qualified help. Do not try to warm up your ear, bury some drops, found in the home medicine chest. Self-medication in this case is fraught with serious and serious consequences.

On the video, transparent liquid flows from the ear:

Symptoms of

As a rule, it is not limited to the isolation of transparent liquid. This symptom often neighbors with no less unpleasant symptoms. Such as:

  • decrease in the level of auditory perception;
  • dizziness, tinnitus;
  • pain in the ears, sensation of "bursting," "shooting."
  • enlarged lymph nodes.

Reasons for adults

Let's find out why this symptom appears in adults.

First, the transparent fluid flowing from the ear can indicate that an allergic reaction to an irritant is taking place. Most likely - on a medicine. If you began to dig in new drops in your ears, and fluid flowed, it is most likely an allergy to the components of the drug. Immediately stop using it, and go to the doctor. from the ear a clear liquid flows

The initial stage of otitis can make itself felt by this kind of discharge from the ears.

Sometimes, and a runny nose in a neglected stage leads to the appearance of similar ear auricles.

If a small amount of blood is visible in the transparent liquid, polyps may develop in the ear.

The outlet of the sulfur plug can also pass as a discharge from the ear of a translucent liquid.

It should be noted that clear liquid from the ear is an easy case of possible complications. Now, if the discharge acquires a dull yellowish or white hue, this is much more serious, and speaks of the development of purulent inflammation.

Treatment of adults

Consider the question of how to treat this symptom, if it appeared in an adult

First of all, of course, you need to get to the doctor at the reception for examination and appointment of competent treatment. Since there can be several reasons for a transparent ear fluid, the treatment can be different. adult treatment

It is forbidden to insert tampons of cotton wool into your ears for a long time to limit the yield of liquid. Allocations should be free to leave the ear canal, do not accumulate, otherwise the risk of developing a bacterial infection is great, which is fraught with pus and inflammation. Tampons of loose structure are admissible, which absorb liquid, and do not interfere with its outflow. And then they need to be inserted for a limited period of time. Do not forget to change the cotton balls often, so that the liquid does not start to decompose.

Clean the ear canals with cotton swabs soaked in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. These drugs have antiseptic effects, so they destroy pathogenic bacteria, and will not give rise to infection.

Transparent liquid, in contrast to a purulent secretion, allows the use of warming compresses with alcohol and droplets with the corresponding effect.

A mandatory condition for treatment is the use of antibacterial agents. Antibiotics should appoint a doctor, self-treatment is unacceptable. As a rule, the course of treatment with these drugs is from five to seven days in severe cases. But the first relief a person, as a rule, feels after a day of using the medicine.

Antibiotics such as:

  • Clarithromycin;
    Clarithromycin tablets


  • Ospamox;
    Ospamox tablets


  • Amoxicillin( how to take Amoxicillin with angina will help to understand this article).

    Amoxicillin in ampoules

Admission of anti-inflammatory drugs is also part of complex therapy. Like antibiotics, these medications should be prescribed by a doctor.

It is highly recommended to simultaneously take antibiotics and drugs that restore the intestinal microflora, because antibiotics "mow" all bacteria indiscriminately - both harmful and useful.

If the cause of discharge from the ears is a runny nose, help with vasoconstrictive drops is needed.

The physiotherapeutic procedures prescribed by the doctor will also serve well in the complex treatment of the disease.

Alcohol warming compresses should be applied for at least one and a half to two hours. During this time, warming will give the desired effect, and accelerate recovery.

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Causes in children

What causes can be caused by the allocation of clear liquid from the ear in the child, we learn.

The initial stage of otitis is a common cause of this problem. If the otitis is already in neglected form, then the discharge will be turbid and yellowish. from the children

Water entering the ear canal sometimes causes this symptom.

Fungal infection

Head and skull injuries entail the separation of liquor( a transparent specific liquid).Sometimes this fluid can be released through the ears.

When the perforation of the tympanic membrane is also necessarily secreted fluid. In this case, the child will also noticeably fall hearing.

A foreign body entering the auditory canal causes an infection. As a consequence - transparent allocation. fluid in the ears

Otitis, which is allergic, is often accompanied by a clear discharge from the ears.

Such terrible diseases as necrosis( death of tissues), rapidly progressing cancer can also cause this symptom.

As you can see, the possible causes of clear liquid from the ear can be quite serious. Therefore, without delay, go to the doctor for an appointment for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Previously, the beginning of treatment provides a much more effective result than the reverse situation.

How to treat children

of course, as in the "adult" case, urgent medical advice is also needed here. And even more so, as children and immunity is weaker, and health is more fragile.

Transparent ear discharge in children can be stopped by burying boric alcohol, heated to 36 degrees. To do this, you do not need to heat the drug on fire - just hold and roll the bottle in warm hands. After instillation, the ear canal is blocked with a cotton swab of loose structure. The child after the procedure should lie on his side about half an hour, so that the processed ear was on top. cleaning the ears of children

Boric alcohol will eliminate and an unpleasant odor if the latter is present. In the alcohol solution, gauze turundas can be moistened, and then placed in the ear canal of the diseased ear. After the placement of turunda on the ear, a dry warm compress is necessarily applied on top to enhance the effectiveness of the effect.

Accurately making sure that the excreta does not contain pus, you can conduct warming procedures. For this, the heating pad is used to treat children.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are also recommended in this case. They will reduce pain, reduce the amount of secreted fluid, eliminate the existing inflammatory process. Anti-inflammatory drugs and their dosage should be prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the age of the child and the severity of the disease.

To avoid infection in the nasopharynx, as well as in the middle ear, all children with this symptom are prescribed vasoconstrictive drops in the nose.

Of the vasoconstrictor drugs, children are most suited to such things as:

  • Nazivin baby( and what is better to choose for children Vibrocil or Nazivin, will help to understand this article);
    baby bootee

    Nazivin baby

  • Naphthyzine( and here's how to use Naphthysine for stenosis of the larynx in children, described in this article).
    drops Naphthysine


Drops for Otypax ear, allowed even by a newborn, gently and safely relieve pain, stop the inflammatory process. Ear drops with hydrocortisone content are also recommended in this case. They should be appointed by a doctor.

It is recommended that if the child has only one ear hurts, sleep on the side where this ear is located. In this case, the liquid will freely leave the ear canal without accumulating.

Often a child is prescribed a physical procedure, such as heating with a special Minin lamp. This procedure helps to reduce pain, reduce the amount of secretion secreted. The course is usually a week of daily procedures.

Preparations such as children's Nurofen , Paracetamol can stop the formation of a clear liquid, eliminate the onset inflammatory process. But how to use Nurofen with ear pain in a child will help understand this information.


Children's Nurofen

If the clear discharge accompanies a sharp shooting pain, analgesics are prescribed: Ketanov, Aspirin, etc. Ointment Diclofenac also perfectly eliminates pain.

Diclofenac ointment

Ointment Diclofenac

Compresses with warm, warmed-up salt can also be used in the treatment of a child. In this case, the compress is not applied directly to the ear, but behind it. Doctor Mohm can also be used to warm the ointment.

Attention: if all of the above measures did not lead to an improvement in the condition and recovery of the child, "heavy artillery" is used - antibiotics are prescribed. But this can only be done by a doctor after an appropriate examination.

Do not use

Do not use warming pads or warmers until authorized by a doctor. Until the vertebral nature of the secretions is confirmed, these funds are not used.

Self-treatment is prohibited. As well as an independent change in the dosage of the medication, the duration of the course of treatment, etc. Strict compliance with the doctor's prescriptions is a pledge of a quick and full recovery without complications and consequences.

It is forbidden to instill alcoholic anti-inflammatory drugs without indicating the doctor.

We have considered the question of what it means, and how to treat secretions of transparent color from the ear. Now you know that this is not the most terrible symptom, but, nevertheless, it is worth hurrying to the doctor for competent and professional help.