Gel Girudoven for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins: instructions for use

Girudoven is a medicinal preparation of venotonic action .

Thanks to this drug, the puffiness and fatigue of your feet goes away. It also helps to restore microcirculation.

Girudoven is an anticoagulant, draining and thrombolytic agent.


  • Formulation and Composition of the Medication
  • What causes the healing effect of
  • What effect does Girówenen have on the veins
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Principle of action
  • Instructions and dosages
  • Special instructions
  • Reviews of doctors and patients
  • Medication price

Form of formulation and composition of the medicine

Girudven is available in the form of a gel, its use is external. In the aluminum tube is 50 grams of funds. consists of:

  1. Leach extract of medical , it is aimed at increasing skin permeability. In combination with other essential substances of the drug, the extract activates the drainage processes in the skin.
  2. Extract of horse chestnut , which provides an antiexudative action, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. The action of the extract: reduces swelling, relieves inflammation and increases the tone of the vessels.
  3. Camphor provides antiseptic and analeptic action. Promotes blood microcirculation.
  4. Menthol is responsible for anesthesia, irritating the nerve endings and causing a feeling of cold.

In addition to active substances, there are auxiliary substances, such as water, emulgine, ethoxydiglycol, carbomer, TEA, methylparaben, bronopol, BOA, flavor.

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The therapeutic effect of

is determined. The therapeutic effect of the drug is based on biologically active substances, which are isolated from medical leeches.

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Together with other components a complex is formed, aimed at activating the drainage process in the skin and improving the blood flow in the vessels of the skin and underlying tissues.

What effect does Girudoven has on the

veins The combination of all the components contributes to the improvement in blood flow through the lymphatic and blood vessels .

This drug reduces puffiness, reduces pain and reduces the fragility of capillaries. At the same time, the use of gervand gel is the basis for the prevention of such a dangerous phenomenon as thrombus formation.

With prolonged use of the gel, the appearance of the skin of the legs is markedly improved due to tissue nutrition. There is also an increase in the tone of the vessels and a decrease in venous stasis.

Indications and contraindications for use

Girudoven is indicated for swelling, heaviness and tension in the legs, as well as with fatigue and pain in the legs.

The drug is used in the complex treatment of varicose veins, with dilated or painful veins and in any conditions associated with circulatory disorders in the lower extremities.

Apply this gel also in case of dryness, flabbiness of skin or skin discoloration.

Contraindications to the use of gidruden are: sensitivity to one or more gel components, any bleeding disorders. Do not apply gel to ulcers, open wounds or mucous membranes.

Doctors do not recommend the use of this gel to pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Clinical trials of the drug showed that patients who used girudin after removal of varicose veins of the legs noted a significant reduction in pain.

Operating principle

The principle of the drug is based on two venoprotectors - extracts of medicinal leech and horse chestnut.

Besides these, camphor and menthol have an important effect, due to which the analgesic effect of the drug is provided.

The applied gel strengthens the blood flow of , which is a powerful tool in the fight against leg fatigue, heaviness and swelling.

Instructions and dosages

As indicated by the instructions for use Girudwen gel is used externally by adults and children who have reached the age of 12 years.

It needs to be applied with light massaging movements on the painful part of the body. To ensure the necessary effect, the gel in small amounts is applied no less than 4 times a day, and necessarily once a night.

The course of treatment should be 20 days. Then after a short break( 1-2 weeks) the course can be repeated. Rub the gel and massage the body area should not be.

Wash hands thoroughly after use. When applying the gel, make sure that it does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes.

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Special instructions

No special instructions. Store gel is recommended at temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius, in a dry place, inaccessible to children.

Reviews of Doctors and Patients

Patients respond positively to the properties of the gel. The patients' comments about Girudoven indicate that the feeling of fatigue and pain in the legs after a whole day spent "on their feet" is removed after the gel is applied.

The load on the legs, according to the patients, is easily eliminated by gel. The majority of patients actively use hiruden after operations connected with varicose veins.

The pleasant consistency of the preparation, its natural components, absence of a feeling of tightness and fatness of the skin after application is noted. The gel does not leave greasy stains on clothes, it is easy to apply, and the process of soaking is fast enough.

Doctors recommend to use Girudoven, while always following the instructions of the attending physician. They believe that it is possible to achieve a full-fledged effect from this medication only if the full course of treatment is observed.

A single application does not bring the expected result. Positive dynamics is observed in almost all patients who have completed the full course of treatment.

Pros of the drug: pain relief, improved blood circulation, swelling and a marked reduction in bruising on the legs. Acceptable price, a small list of contraindications and effectiveness make the drug very popular.

The disadvantages of drug include the presence of odor in the gel, the effect is achieved with repeated use, which causes a large consumption of the drug.

Cost of medicine

You can buy gel in pharmacies of your city. The price of the Girudoven gel tube( 50 g.) Can vary within 100-150 rubles. The official dealer in Russia is - Biokon. Beware of fakes, do not harm your own health!

Thus, gel girudoven is a good helper in the fight against leg fatigue.

The medicinal properties of the medicinal leech, on which the gel formula is based, will relieve your legs from tension and pain, increase the tone of the vessels and restore the normal appearance of the skin. Take care of the beauty and health of your feet! Easy gait!

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