Very often people complain about such a symptom as nasal congestion, but in the absence of a cold. As a rule, this is due to the inflammatory process and swelling of the nasal mucosa. This condition carries a great danger, in contrast to ordinary rhinitis with a large amount of mucus secreted. Very often, this symptom is a sign of a fairly severe disease of ENT organs.


  • 1 What promotes the formation
    • 1.1 Defects
    • 1.2 Influence of dry air
    • 1.3 Foreign objects
    • 1.4 Vasomotor rhinitis
  • 2 Therapeutic measures
    • 2.1 treatment in adults
    • 2.2 therapy in

children which promotes the formation

causes contributing to congestionnasal passages, can be represented in a wide variety. This in many ways complicates the process of diagnosis, as well as subsequent therapy of the symptom emerging. Of course, the doctors were able to identify the most common causes of nasal congestion without a runny nose, which will

be considered further.


This category includes such reasons as curvature of the septum of the nose and the formation of characteristic longitudinal ridges. With this development of events, there is a constant contact of the nasal concha with the inner wall of the olfactory organ's wings. The result of this contact is the swelling of the nasal mucosa. curvature of the septum

The effect of dry air

If the air in the room in which you spend most of your time is too dry, then this is very bad, since there is drying and inflammation of the mucous membrane. The result of such influence may be the appearance of atypical symptoms in the course of other pathologies. To fix this is very simple: to saturate the room of a person with a cold of allergic, viral or bacterial character with fresh air. If you do not, then over time, he will dry out the mucous membrane and nasal congestion. dry air in the room

If you have chronic sinusitis or sinusitis, dry air can cause permanent nasal congestion without a cold. Here are described the symptoms and treatment of chronic sinusitis.

Foreign objects

Often cause nasal congestion and foreign particles. During such events, the patient does not have any symptoms. But, despite this, there is swelling of the mucosa, as there is a constant connection with a solid object. foreign particles in the nose

Vasomotor rhinitis

If such a common cold is caused by a hormonal malfunction, then the nasal congestion without secreted mucus is characteristic. Very often, this happens at the moment of gestation, when hormonal changes take place in the body. The reason for this process lies in the changes in the level of steroid hormones. This symptom can be observed in women at the time of menopause and adolescents. The symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis are described here. By reference you will find the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis folk remedies.

In addition to the reasons presented, it can cause nasal congestion without a runny nose and may cause rhinitis and rhinitis. The first can develop because of the continued continuous use of vasoconstrictive medications. For posterior rhinitis, there is an inflammation of the deep mucosa, which results in the release of mucus, but it drains into the throat. Read how to make radish with honey from cough.

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Therapeutic events

No matter what kind of nasal congestion you have - temporary or chronic, it must be treated. As a rule, distraction therapy is used for these purposes. Its essence is in a certain list of manipulations, thanks to which it is possible to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa, to optimize the process of blood flow in the vascular region.

Treatment in adults

How to treat nasal congestion with folk remedies? Eliminate the symptom that may arise are foot baths and application of mustard plasters that are placed on the calves. A similar action is provided by hot tea with the use of natural ingredients: raspberry, honey or lime blossoms. There are cases when to strengthen the effect obtained during the warming procedures, wear woolen socks on your feet. foot baths with swelling of the nose

Local treatment measures involve the use of nasal drops. Here it is necessary to involve homeopathic preparations, which contain essential oils. Duration of their reception is not limited, but it is not always possible to eliminate an unpleasant symptom completely.

You can drip the nose with a Kalanchoe extract for 2-3 days. Such a tool will cleanse the airways and reduce swelling. If you are a supporter of traditional medicine, then this procedure eliminates nasal congestion after first use. inoculation of the nose with aloe extract

There are cases when forget about the stuffiness of the nose without a cold helps massage. Its main strengths can be considered harmless and accessible. Perform massage procedures in the nose, using a pinpoint effect. The result of such therapy is the optimization of the circulatory process in the treated area. As a result, the edema of the nasal mucosa decreases.

Another effective method of treatment is nasal rinsing. The essence of this technique is to cleanse the nasal passages from particles of dust and allergens. By this, do not forget about moisturizing the nasal mucosa. Especially, this is relevant in the case when the room is too dry air. nasal lavage

For washing the nasal passages it is worth using not only purified plain water or saline solution, but also purified sea water. It is best to buy such drugs as Aquamaris or Marimer.

Still it is possible to try to overcome zalozhennost a nose without a cold by a method of a warming, using for this purpose a blue lamp, a saclet with salt or sand. But to carry out such a procedure is only in the case when it is reliably known that the arisen nasal congestion does not involve the accumulation of purulent mucus. Otherwise, in warm clothes, it can get into the brain and lead to serious complications.

The video tells about the causes of edema of the nose without a cold:

If the cause of nasal congestion, which excludes the presence of purulent contents in the maxillary sinuses, is known, then heating will allow to remove puffiness and to facilitate breathing with the nose. A similar effect is provided by steam inhalations using potatoes, garlic and essential oils.

Therapy in children

It is always difficult to treat small patients, since it is necessary to select the preparations in which honeycombs are present natural components. To eliminate the problem, children are most often prescribed to wash their noses. For these purposes it is worthwhile to use such drugs:

  • Aquamaris, by reference you can read how to rinse your nose with an aquamarine baby;Aquamaris
  • Akvalor;Aqualor
  • Dolphin. 32

Therapeutic measures aimed at removing edema, involves the use of homeopathic drugs. As a rule, they use medicines based on herbs, decoction of medicinal plants.

If puffiness occurs as a result of an allergy, then it is necessary to include in treatment antihistamines that will have local and systemic effects. In combination with them it is necessary to use anti-inflammatory drugs. At the time of the treatment, it is necessary to protect the child from the effects of various allergens and against the course of vitamins.

To overcome the swelling of the mucous in children, there can also be people's recipes, of which there are a huge number. The most effective and safe are:

  1. Washing with saline solution .To make it, you need to put several spoons of salt in a glass of boiled water. Using a syringe without a needle in which the solution is typed, inject the salted ode first into one and then into the other nostril. Thanks to such a procedure, it is possible to thin and quickly remove mucus. Such a drug is allowed to use even in pregnant women because of their safety. Here you can read than rinse your nose with a child when it is stuffed. wash the nose with a saline solution
  2. Solution of iodine .With the help of such a device, it is possible to eliminate edema in chronic sinusitis. To get it, just a few drops of the main substance add to a glass of warm water. Perform the washing procedure, as in the previous version. Make sure that the child does not swallow the solution. washing of the nose with iodine solution
  3. Inhalations using essential oils .Add essential oils to the boiling water. Here you can use the oil of cedar, pine, fir. After this, you can steam inhalation and inhale the vapor. The number of such manipulations per day is 2-3.Duration - 20 minutes. inhalation with essential oil
  4. Healing herbs also actively removes puffiness. The best in this sense are chamomile and calendula. To prepare the broth, you need to take a tablespoon of the ingredients and pour boiling water. Set in a water bath and hold there for 20 minutes. When the broth is at room temperature, it is possible to wash the nasal passages.

Nasal congestion is always a discomfort, but this symptom deserves special attention when there is no discharge from the nose. In this case, do not delay the time, but immediately seek medical help. The sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner and more successfully the treatment will be.