Alginatol suppositories for children and adults: instruction manual

Aligninol suppositories are used for hemorrhoids, anal fissures and various disorders of the thick and direct intestines.

This drug facilitates the general condition, eliminates inflammation and bleeding from the anal passage, reduces pain and speeds up the healing process.


  • release form and composition
  • Pharmacological properties
  • If any indications are appointed candles
  • application features
    • during pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Side effects
  • Cautions
  • physician review
  • voice of the people
  • purchase the drug and its analogues

Product form and composition

Alginatolis produced in the form of suppositories for rectal use. Suppositories have a light gray color, sometimes on the surface may be a slight plaque. Candles are placed in a contour package of 5 pieces, which in turn are placed in a pack of cardboard material. One pack contains 2 packs.

Suppositories contain the following elements:

  • active substance - sodium alginate, th
    is substance is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, extracted from the structure of brown seaweed;
  • additional component - Witepsol.

Pharmacological properties of

Alginatol belongs to the pharmacological group of regenerants and reparants. The medicine has a local reparative and haemostatic effect.

The active component of the candles prevents the occurrence of various allergic reactions. The main component of the

substance formula is the sodium alginate

loading. ..

activates various functions in the body, namely - antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, protective.

The acting component performs the functions of regulating the activity of the immune system. The medication stimulates the synthesis of immunoglobulins of class A. Immunoglobulins have local protective properties, give the mucous layer of the intestine resistance to the development of various pathogenic microorganisms.

During the use of alginatol suppositories, binding and removal of heavy metals occurs, acceleration of the healing process of the microtraumas of the mucous layer occurs, and a mild laxative effect occurs, bleeding stops, and peripheral blood data is improved.

According to numerous reviews the process of inflammation in the anus takes place after a week of applying Alginatol suppositories.

Candidates for

Candlesticks Alginatol is recommended for use with the following indications:

  • with hemorrhoids bleeding in chronic form;
  • during colitis therapy;
  • with proctosigmoiditis;
  • in the treatment of anal fissures in the stage of epithelization;
  • during the inflammatory process and bleeding in the rectal area that appear in the postoperative period;
  • for intestinal disorders in acute form, especially if they have a pronounced lesion of the walls of the large intestine by the type of hemoccolitis or enterocolitis, for example, dysentery or salmonellosis;
  • if there is a prolapse of the rectum;
  • also candles can be used to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnant women and in the postpartum period.

Suppositories should not be used if side effects occur on the constituent components of the drug. In other cases, the remedy can be used safely.

Alginatol is approved for the treatment of children and pregnant women, and it can also be used for breastfeeding.

Features of application

According to the instructions, the candles are used rectally. The daily dose of the drug depends on the age category of the patient, the variety of the disease, the severity of its course.

The dosage is calculated according to the following scheme:

  • children under 12 months of should use 1 candle once every 24 hours;
  • for children from 12 months and up to 4 years of it is necessary to use 1 candle twice a day - in the morning and in the evening;
  • for children from 4 years to 14 years of it is recommended to use 1 suppository twice or thrice a day;
  • for children from 14 years old, and for adults it is recommended to use 1 suppository from two to four times in 24 hours.

The treatment period is from 7 to 14 days. If suddenly there is a need, then after a short break, the course of treatment can be repeated again.

Rules for the use of suppositories:

  • suppositories are inserted into the anus after the defecation process;
  • if before the introduction of suppositories of natural defecation did not occur, then it is necessary to make an enema;
  • , then the anus area should be rinsed with warm water, and the hands are rinsed using toilet soap;
  • after this suppository is released from the package;
  • candle is introduced into the anus with the index finger, the suppository should be injected until the end, until the resistance disappears.

Pregnancy and lactation period

Because alginatol suppositories are allowed to be used by children from the moment of birth, they can be used by women during pregnancy. For the same reason, they can be used at the time of breastfeeding. But all the same, it is better to consult a specialist beforehand.

Side effects

According to numerous reviews of this drug, side effects occur extremely rarely, if you strictly follow the rules and dosages, the suppositories of alginatol are well tolerated. Sometimes there may appear various allergic reactions of a local nature:

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  • appearance of rash;
  • scabies;
  • sensation of itching;
  • irritation;
  • redness of the skin and so on.
In any case, if there are any side effects, it is desirable to stop using the drug and consult a doctor who will choose a similar remedy, but with other constituent components.

Special instructions

During the use of candles, it is worth paying attention to the following nuances:

  • the drug does not cause an overdose, even if the dose of application is much higher than recommended;
  • because the drug uses topically, candles can be used even for the therapy of children from the moment of birth, pregnant and during breastfeeding;
  • , when using suppositories with other medicines, there is no adverse effect, so it can be used with other drugs( but in this case it is still worthwhile consulting with your doctor).

Overview of the doctor

Rectal suppositories Alginatol is an effective remedy that effectively helps with hemorrhoids. The use of this drug eliminates inflammation, pain, burning.

Also, the drug has a relaxing effect. When hemorrhoids eliminate inflammation and pain. Usually improvement is observed after 7 days of use. This drug is suitable for everyone, both children and adults. But it is better to study the instruction before applying.

Doctor phlebologist

Voice of the people

Long haunted by hemorrhoids, he appeared right after the birth of a child. At first, it was just unbearable pain, a lot of inflammation, I just did not know what to do.

I did not try out anything, but nothing helped me. Once in a drugstore have advised a preparation Alginatol in the form of suppositories. I decided to try. Surprisingly, a week later it became much easier for me - the inflammation was gone, and all the pains disappeared.

Christina, 28 years old

After surgery, bleeding from the rectum often occurred. For a long time could not find a means to eliminate these unpleasant problems. Bleeding either did not pass, or passed, but not for long. The doctor recommended to try Alginatol suppositories. As soon as I tried one candle, the bleeding stopped and did not bother me for long. Truth in a day it appeared again, but I used one more suppository, and all the symptoms were gone for good.

Anatoly, 45 years

Purchase of the drug and its analogues

In pharmacies, the drug can be purchased without a prescription. The storage period from the production date is 3 years, but provided the preparation was stored under conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

Store the medicine in a dark place, protected from sunlight. It is better to choose a dry and cool place with a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

Price of Candle Packing Alginatol №10 on average costs from 130 to 160 rubles, also the following analogues are available for purchase:

  • Relief;
  • Posterizan;
  • Hemoprotein;
  • Proctosol.
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