Anti-inflammatory rectal suppositories - a necessary remedy in proctology

Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant and fairly common rectal disease that occurs in people of any age, regardless of sex or lifestyle.

Characteristic signs of the disease are discomfort, cracks, bleeding, itching and pain in the anus.

Treatment of hemorrhoids is a long and troublesome process, it involves the use of complex therapy using candles, tablets, ointments and tampons.

However, in the proctology for the treatment of this disease, candles are most often used, since they are able to immediately affect the focus of the disease.

The concept of medical candles and their classification

Suppositories are an effective, practical and painless way of getting a drug into the human body. Due to the specific form of manufacture, suppositories in everyday life are better known as candles.

They are successfully used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, prostatitis, diseases of the genital organs, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal tract.

In proctology, rectal suppositories

are practiced in general therapy, for the treatment of cracks in the anus, prostatitis and hemorrhoids.

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The main purpose of the use of drugs to reduce swelling, eliminate itching, heal tissues and relieve pain.

Unlike other forms of medicines, candles are injected painlessly and do not require special skills. Immediately after entering the body, the active substance enters the bloodstream through the mucous membrane, thereby affecting the sore spot locally and through the bloodstream.

Rectal suppositories are used for preventive purposes and for combating fungal diseases, viral infections and as a component of complex therapy in oncological formations.

Rectal suppositories are used in combination with other medications and methods of treatment to improve therapeutic properties. Taking into account the specificity of the disease, candles with the content of hormones, natural substances, one or several components are used.

For more correct application of a candle in a proctology classify into two main categories:

  1. Antiseptic .Progression of hemorrhoids is accompanied by the development of bacteria in the hemorrhoids. Antiseptic substances contained in the composition of candles aimed at stopping the development of bacteria and their destruction. Candles of this kind can be made on the basis of plant and chemical antiseptics. Natural antiseptics are calendula, propolis, sea buckthorn oil, tea tree extract and others. Such candles are safe to use and do not require medical supervision. Candles, which contain artificial antiseptics, can cause a side reaction, so they can be used only on the advice of doctors.
  2. The action of anti-inflammatory suppositories is aimed at ameliorating pain, reducing edema and eliminating discomfort.

Anti-inflammatory rectal suppositories are divided into two subspecies:

  1. Nonsteroid relieves edema, redness, and pain. Their beneficial effect is directed to the entire body, and not just to the site of the disease. Therefore, such funds have a number of reservations and contraindications.
  2. Steroidal candles are stronger than nonsteroidal, they are much more effective in controlling the disease. However, with improper dosing, they can raise blood pressure, provoke the development of osteoporosis and change the hormonal background.

According to the spectrum of action, the candles used in proctology are divided into 5 species, which are:

  1. Relieve spasm and pain .This category of candles includes spasmolytic drugs and analgesics, among them novocaine, benzocaine, lidocaine, anestezin.
  2. Terminates the development of the inflammatory process of .These candles contain hormones and anti-inflammatory components, the best in this group is hydrocortisone and prednisolone.
  3. Stop the bleeding .As part of such candles contain gemostatiki, funds that have the property to stop the blood. These include Vikasol.
  4. Improve the state of the vessels .This category is represented by candles, to which venotonics and venoprotectors are added. Usually it is a chestnut extract and gliwenol.
  5. Reduces the risk of blood clots .The composition of candles includes anticoagulants, which protect against stasis and dilute blood.

Effective rectal suppositories

Candles - a fast and effective drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids. They are easy to use, practically have no contraindications and are able to be quickly absorbed into the mucous membrane.

The category of candles from hemorrhoids is represented by countless drugs, among which the best suppositories with anti-inflammatory effect are:

  1. Relief .The main active ingredient of the remedy is shark liver oil. This natural component promotes to strengthen cellular immunity and cessation of the inflammatory process. Candles have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and wound-healing effect. The drug is especially effective in the early stages of hemorrhoids.
  2. Hepatrombin G .This category of candles is used to avoid exacerbations before and after surgery. The active ingredient is heparin and allantoin. They reduce the inflammatory process, resolve the nodules, relieve pain and improve blood circulation. Candles are not recommended for use in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  3. Proctosan .The agent is especially effective for the treatment of advanced forms of hemorrhoids( stages 2 and 3).The active ingredients in the candles are lidocaine, bismuth and bufeksamak. These components are characterized by anti-inflammatory action, perfectly eliminate pain, swelling and cracks.
  4. Anusole is a type of rectal suppository that is especially effective in acute forms of hemorrhoids. The product protects the mucous membrane, relieves pain and has a hemostatic effect. It contains zinc oxide, belladonna extract and bismuth.
  5. Candles Natalsid relieve the inflammatory process, are marked with a hemostatic and regenerative action. They are made on the basis of seaweed, so they have no reservations. They are often prescribed to children who are breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

The brothers in distress

can make a choice. The opinion of patients about various candles from hemorrhoids can be studied below.

I first encountered hemorrhoids in the second trimester of pregnancy. Each my trip to the toilet ended with bleeding and pain, which became stronger every time. Later, I stopped sleeping, hemorrhoids tormented me day and night, I became irritable and very emotional. The doctor at our polyclinic prescribed candles for me with papaverine. At the first application it seemed that everything was normal, but the pain sensations did not disappear completely, and the candles themselves flowed and soiled the laundry.

She again turned to the doctor, this time he attributed to me Relief. They are slightly more expensive than previous ones, however they are more effective. My condition was normalized, I go to the toilet without problems and forgot what hemorrhoids are.

Nastya, 24 years old

I have a sedentary job, so hemorrhoids for me are a common disease, which is periodically exacerbated. At first I did not want to go to the doctor, but when the pain began to be accompanied by bleeding, and I started spending more time in the toilet than in my own room, I went to the medical center.

A friendly nurse attributed Candlesticks to me. He put them five days. On the second day, the bleeding stopped, the swelling and pain disappeared.

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Vitalik, 45 years old

At first I had uncomfortable sensations, later I felt pain when going to the toilet, and each time it was accompanied by constipation.

At first thought would pass, but two days later a strong itching and discomfort in the anus was started. A friend recommended candles Anuzol.

After a while the pain disappeared, I go to the toilet without problems, I forgot about hemorrhoids. I recommend these candles to everyone, they are quite effective and inexpensive.

Andrey, 31 year

Results - briefly about the main

Most people who used candles for hemorrhoids are happy with their action. However, there are patients who react negatively to rectal suppositories.

The main cause of complaints is related to overdose or improper use of suppositories and non-compliance with hygiene rules.

To date, there are many candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but to achieve high levels of therapy, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

On the basis of analyzes and individual characteristics of the body, he will appoint a suitable preparation. This will get the desired result and significantly reduce the course of treatment.

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