Calcium gluconate is a drug that is often prescribed today for the treatment of colds. This is due to the fact that the active components of this drug create reliable protection of the vessels, protecting them from damage, reducing their fragility and permeability in inflammatory processes. Hot Injections Gluconate Calcium is an integral part of the complex therapy of viral and colds ailments.

With the help of the drug it is possible to reduce the intoxication of the body and pathological manifestations. In the pharmacy today you can buy complex medicines, which contain gluconate calcium, antiviral and anti-inflammatory components.

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Benefit and action of

Calcium gluconate is a medication that helps to compensate for a lack of calcium. Its production takes place in the form of tablets and a solution. The calcium gluconate monohydrate acts as a component in the role of the active

ingredient. In addition, there are a number of additional ingredients.

If you consider tablets, then the active ingredient is contained in an amount of 500 mg, and one blister contains 10 pills. If you use a solution for injections, then 1 ml of gluconate is contained in an amount of 0.1 g. Ampoules of 1 and 5 ml are produced. In one package there are 10 ampoules.

calcium gluconate for colds for children

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The main advantage of Calcium Gluconate remains its one-component. In multivitamin complexes there is a certain amount of each component, so that it is impossible to increase or decrease the dosage of one of them, without changing the consumption of the others. Due to its unique composition, Calcium Gluconate allows you to select the dosage of the drug that will be sufficient for each child.

Applying Sodium Gluconate, you can get the following effect:

  • strengthen the musculoskeletal system;
  • saturate the bones with calcium, thereby increasing their strength;
  • to remove inflammation, toxic and allergic effect;
  • to increase the vascular tone;
  • to reduce the production of histamine, which belongs to the main components that cause allergies;
  • has a homeostatic effect, resulting in no bleeding;
  • to increase the density of the vasculature;
  • to achieve the transition of inactive prothrombin to activated prothrombin;
  • since Calcium Gluconate is a component of a complex chain of vascular clotting reaction, it is possible to activate subsequent reactions, which can result in the formation of a thrombus;
  • stimulation of the heart;
  • increased the excitability of the heart muscle, which leads to its increased and frequent contractions, providing a tonic and strengthening effect;
  • stimulation of neuromuscular transmission;
  • increases the speed with which the impulse moves along the fibers of the nerve, resulting in improved performance in children, they become active, accelerated from reaction, speed and accuracy of movements.

And although Calcium Gluconate is such a useful drug for colds, it can cause some harm to the child's body. For example, when it is administered intramuscularly, the soft tissue may become necrotic.

On video calcium gluconate for colds for children:

On photo-nyxes calcium gluconate for colds to children

When using a tablet preparation, the child may experience such side effects:

  • sensation of nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • slow heart rate,
  • cardiac rhythm abnormality.

Calcium gluconate should not be taken to children with increased concentration of trace element ions in lymph. If there is a tendency to form blood clots, then the use of the drug will have to be abandoned. With insufficient work of the kidneys, the drug is also prohibited.

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How to take

As noted earlier, the drug is released in two forms - pills and injections. Dosage and duration of reception of gluconate Calcium can be determined only by a doctor. Children should be taken 2-3 times a day. In order for the active components of the drug to be better absorbed, it is necessary to turn the tablet into powder and give the crumb together with water or milk during the meal. Today in the pharmacy you can find tablets that contain 5% cocoa.

If Calcium Gluconate has been prescribed to children for a year, the dosage will be 0.5 g at a time. For children 2-4 years, a single dosage will be 1 g, for 5-6 years - 1-1.5 g and for 7-9 years - 1.5-2 g. For a patient in adolescence, the drug is taken 2-3 gIf there have been injections of Calcium Gluconate, then the children are administered intravenously, slowly for several minutes.

Komarovsky's opinion

The famous pediatrician Komarovsky believes that, despite such a wide variety of preparations containing calcium, it is best to use a simple option - conventional Calcium Gluconate. Tablets can be given to crumbs from the age of 3 years.

To get rid of mucosal edema as quickly as possible, take the drug 3 times a day for 1 tablet. In this case, parents should not worry about an overdose, as it is not available. With an excessive amount of this component, nothing terrible will happen, since all components are quickly excreted by the body. Therefore, parents can not worry about overdosing. The pediatrician claims that this is the case when an increased dose of a non-essential component does not pose a threat to the growing organism.

On video treatment of colds on mosquito calcium gluconate:

Komarovsky insists that with the help of this drug can reduce the permeability of blood vessels. But the development of the common cold occurs against the background of increased permeability of the capillaries of the mucous membrane. To stop the inflammation and the effects of calcium allergy can also be applied. If it is combined with other methods of therapy, then the process of recovery can be accelerated.

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Komarovsky warns that it is not possible to cure a cold for 1 day with Calcium Gluconate. So you do not need to believe untruthful information so that all manifestations of a cold will leave the child one day after taking the medication. But the fact that it is possible to accelerate the process of recovery with him, this doctor confirms.

Today, for the treatment of colds, there are a lot of drugs. But the most popular today is Gluconate Calcium. The reason for this demand is that it has a complex effect on the body, resulting in a cold in a light form, and the healing process is accelerating.