Ampoules and tablets Trental - detailed instructions for use and reviews of doctors

After applying Trental, large capillaries and vessels become more durable and elastic, tissue nutrition is regulated.

Active drug component - pentoxifylline - dilutes blood, changes its chemical composition for the better, slightly dilates blood vessels.

This drug enhances the blood supply to the extremities, speeds up energy metabolism in the cerebral cortex, has a positive effect on the central nervous system.



  • Pharmacokinetics
    • Tablets 100, 400 mg
    • Solution for infusion
  • When to take medicine and when there is no
    • Contraindications
  • How the medicament works
  • How to use
    • Solution for injection
    • Drug in tablets
  • Dosages depending on concomitant disease
  • Forms of release
  • Trental 100 and 400 - are there any differences?
  • Overdose and supplemental indications
  • Adverse reactions
  • Special instructions
  • Interaction with other medications
  • Medication for pregnancy and lactation
  • Reviews of patients and ph
    • Patients
    • Doctors
  • Pros and Cons of Feedback and Practical Application
  • Forms and price in rubles
  • Analogues of the drug
  • Pharmacological action

    1. Trental improves the microcirculation of , makes the blood less viscous. Increases the elasticity of erythrocytes, reduces the level of clotting of platelets, lowers the concentration of fibrinogen, improves the ability of the body to dissolve thrombi.
    2. Promotes the accumulation of adenic acid in the walls of vessels( the lumen in the vessels, due to this substance, increases).It blocks the activity of phosphodiesterase( its excess reduces the elasticity of the vessels).
    3. Relaxes smooth muscle vessels , slightly widens their walls, but does not greatly change the heart rate.
    4. Positively affects the cellular respiration in the tissues of the central nervous system, limbs and kidneys.
    5. Improves the course of the metabolic processes in the central nervous system, electrical conductivity( exchange of pulses in KGM).
    6. When injected with the drug, is stimulated by the flow of blood into the peripheral parts of the limbs.


    What happens when taking the drug?

    Tablets 100, 400 mg

    Taking Trental 100 or 400 orally, the active substance pentoxifylline is absorbed quickly and almost completely. After almost complete absorption, he is involved in the body's metabolic system.

    The person assimilates 19 + -13% of the total preparation. That is a rather high index for the drugs of this group.

    Pentoxifylline is completely amenable to the exchange processes of , more than 90% is utilized through the kidneys, with urine. However, excretion of the active substance may be delayed in patients suffering from renal dysfunction.

    In patients susceptible to impaired liver function, the drug is delayed in the body for longer, since it will also take longer to digest.

    Solution for infusion

    Pentoxifylline is actively processed in the liver and erythrocytes. The most known cleavage products are metabolite-1 and metabolite-5, which are formed in the as a result of the oxidation process. These metabolites have the same pharmacological properties as pentoxifylline.

    More than 90% of the active substance is excreted with urine, and 3-4% - with calories.

    The substance comes to a half-life after 1.1 hours( a dose of 100 g.).In patients with severe hepatic insufficiency, the half-life of pentoxifylline increases.

    Pentoxifylline has a high rate of excretion from the body ( 4500-5100 ml per minute).

    If the patient suffers from impaired renal function, the split product is excreted longer.

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    When to take medicine, and when there is no

    The drug is used with for the following diseases:

    • cerebral circulation disorder caused by atherosclerosis;
    • ischemic stroke;
    • violation of peripheral circulation( caused by diabetes, atherosclerosis, inflammatory processes);
    • deficiency of blood supply to brain cells;
    • Raynaud's disease, paresthesia and other pathologies of the circulatory system;
    • tissue damage caused by impaired microcirculation( including gangrene, ulcer, frostbite);
    • insufficient blood supply to the retina and vessels of the eyes;
    • disturbed circulation of the inner ear, which is characterized by hearing loss;
    • respiratory tract diseases, accompanied by respiratory obstruction( including bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema);
    • sexual dysfunction( associated with inadequate blood circulation).


    Instruction for the use of Trental must contain a complete list of contraindications, which is compulsory for study.

    It is worth to abstain from Trental if is yours:

    • individual intolerance of individual components of the drug;
    • increased predisposition to bleeding;
    • hemorrhage in the retina of the eye;
    • intra-cerebral stroke;
    • pregnancy, lactation period;
    • with great care to prescribe the drug to patients who suffer from severe atherosclerosis of coronary and cerebral vessels, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, prone to sudden blood pressure jumps;
    • should also be cautious if the patient has an ulcer, heart failure, has been recently transferred to surgery.

    How the medication

    works The instruction for use indicates that the tablet Trenal increases the blood flow of the , due to the effect on the possibility of deformability of red blood cells. Also, it lowers the coagulability of platelets, thereby reducing superhuman blood.

    The drug increases microcirculation in areas with impaired blood circulation.

    Active substance - pentoxifylline, reduces the effect of phosphodiesterase and accumulates cAMP in the cells of the vascular musculature. Thus, the clearance in the vessels increases due to their relaxation.

    How to use

    The drug is available in different forms, respectively, and the application will be different.

    Solution for injection

    Trental ampoules are administered by drip or intravenous( jet).For the infusion solution use solution Ringer , sodium chloride 0.9% or glucose 5%.Usually, prescribe 100-600 mg, 1 or 2 times a day.

    The duration of the injection will depend on the dosage of the drug and the total volume of the solution.100 mg of the drug is administered for at least an hour.

    In case of severe circulatory disorders, the injection may last for 24 hours( then the dose is calculated relative to the patient's weight), usually 6 mg / kg per hour.

    Intravenous jet injection: not more than 100 mg and not less than 5 minutes. Assign 1-2 times a day. It is necessary to ensure that the patient maintains a horizontal position.

    If necessary, injections are combined with Trental tablets.

    Drug in tablets

    Dosage and time of application are appointed individually by the attending physician. Usually, prescribe 2-4 tablets, 2-3 times a day. The tablet is washed down with water without chewing.

    Recommended after eating.

    The total allowable dose of pentoxifylline( and injection, and tablets): not more than 1200 mg per day.

    Dosage based on concomitant disease

    The instructions for use will be incomplete if you do not examine the dosage of Trental tablets in the in different situations:

    • for patients with severe renal dysfunction, the permissible daily dose is reduced to 400-800 mg per day( with a drop by drop, at least 30 minutes);
    • for patients suffering from hepatic insufficiency, the amount of the drug is selected individually;
    • patients with an arterial hypothesis( and those who are at risk of possible lowering of blood pressure) treatment starts with small doses, gradually increasing the amount of the drug;
    • using the drug in old age, the dose of the drug can be reduced( since the rate of its elimination is less);
    • to date has not been established how effective and safe it is to prescribe the drug to children;
    • patients with diabetes mellitus who take hypoglycemic medications, large doses are prohibited( since this can provoke hypoglycemia);
    • for patients who have recently undergone surgery, in addition, permanent monitoring of blood clotting and hemoglobin levels is prescribed;
    • to people with low or unstable blood pressure the allowable dose decreases.

    Forms of release

    1. Solution for infusion : colorless, almost transparent. Form release: ampoules, in a carton 5 ampoules.
    2. Tablets, 100 mg : round, convex, covered with a white sheath. Form release: blister, 10 pcs.; in a cardboard bundle of six blisters.
    3. Tablets, 400 mg : oblong, convex, covered with a thin white membrane. Form release: blister, 10 pcs.; in a cardboard bundle 2 blisters.

    Trental 100 and 400 - are there any differences?

    Trental 100 and Trental 400 are characterized by the concentration of Pentoxifylline .

    According to the instructions of Trental 400, is used for more aggressive treatment of in complicated cases.

    However, regardless of the disease, Trental 100 is prescribed to people with unstable blood pressure , a number of heart diseases( mentioned above).

    Overdose and additional indications

    In cases of use of large doses of the drug, may occur following reactions:

    • blood flow to the face( redness, fever);
    • abnormalities of the digestive tract( sensation of pressure or "choking" of the stomach, vomiting, diarrhea);
    • itching, hives, skin redness;
    • chills, convulsions, sweating;
    • dizziness, sleep disturbances, anxiety;
    • is rare: tachycardia, anaphylactic reactions, an attack of angina pectoris, a lowering of blood pressure, bleeding( from mucous membranes, vessels of the skin, intestines);
    • isolated cases of intrahepatic cholestasis, aseptic meningitis.
    At the first signs of an overdose, treatment is suspended. Further treatment is possible, but with an individual selection of the acceptable dose of the drug.

    Adverse reactions

    Possible manifestations indicated in the item "overdose" in the form of an individual reaction of the body( not exceeding the daily norm of the drug).After the drug is withdrawn or the dosage is reduced, the symptoms should disappear.

    After long-term use of the drug, is possible such reactions:

    • nail brittleness;
    • anorexia, xerostomia, intestinal atony;
    • temporary visual impairment.

    If you can not afford Trental, analogues of this drug, worthy of attention, will always be found. In order not to make a mistake and to choose a worthy replacement for an expensive drug, read our article.

    Thrombosis is a very dangerous disease and a real scourge of people who have a low-activity lifestyle. Prevention of thrombosis of the veins of the lower extremities is a solvable task.

    Special instructions

    Thorough monitoring of the administration of the drug to patients with elevated blood pressure, arrhythmia, impaired renal function, liver, increased bleeding, diabetes mellitus - to select an individually acceptable daily allowance, starting at low dosages.

    Otherwise, you can trigger adverse reactions.

    When using Trental ampoules simultaneously with anticoagulants, it is necessary to monitor the clotting factor. For patients who have recently undergone surgery, requires careful monitoring of the level of hemoglobin and hematocrit .

    For the elderly, the daily dose is reduced. Smoking negatively affects the effectiveness of treatment.

    Interaction with other drugs

    Pentoxifylline enhances the action of drugs that reduce the pressure of ( ACE, inhibitors, nitrates).

    Also it can enhance the effect of the drug directed to the blood coagulation function( thrombolytics, anticoagulants), antibiotics:

    Our readers recommend!
    For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "
    • cimetidine increases the content of pentoxifylline in the blood;
    • Parallel intake of other istanins may increase the patient's nervous excitability;
    • , the hypoglycemic function of insulin( or other sugar reducing ones) may worsen after taking pentoxifylline( risk of hypoglycemia);
    • occasionally, the combination of pentoxifylline with theophylline may increase the level of theophylline.

    Medication for pregnancy and lactation.

    The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy. Breastfeeding stops for the period of treatment.

    Studying the instruction for the use of Trental, both in ampoules and tablets, it is important to note this important nuance.

    Reviews of patients and doctors

    About the drug Trental left a large number of reviews of doctors and patients.


    Semen: "A wonderful tool. To me it or him have registered at a hearing loss( 1 stage).Not only did the hearing improve, the general condition improved. It seems that the blood supply of the whole body has increased. I will definitely drink it 2 times a year - not less than a month. "

    Mik3: "All is well, it was prescribed because of the symptoms of increased blood pressure and eye pressure. The effect was, as in the instructions indicated. Negative did not notice anything. "

    Olga: "I was prescribed injections, with saline solution. Immediately the pressure dropped, nausea started, but then the condition returned to normal. The second injection increased the pressure for some reason, the respiration began. Probably, the dosage is not mine. I'll consult the doctor. "

    Doctors of

    Dr. Inga: "This is perhaps one of the few drugs that has the same opinion about in patients and doctors , as its effectiveness is undeniable. However, before starting a course of treatment, it is necessary to provide the doctor with a complete medical history in order to avoid side effects.

    In case of health problems, which are mentioned in the instructions( dosage and concomitant diseases), it is desirable to select the permissible norm individually. "

    Pros and Cons of feedback and practical experience

    Positive characteristics:

    • effect - tangible and fast;
    • improves the general condition of the body;
    • eliminates the numbness of the limbs;
    • blood circulation improves;
    • is an indispensable drug in the case of systemic lupus erythematosus;
    • is a universal drug used for many diseases associated with the vascular system.


    • possible side effects;
    • there are cheaper analogues of Trental.

    In this case, the dosage is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

    Forms and price in rubles

    After the instruction on the use of Trental is studied, we learn what the price of the drug is in Russian pharmacies.

    • Trental tablets, 100 mg: the price is from 250 to 480 rubles;
    • Trental tablets, 400 mg: from 395 to 490 rubles;
    • Trental, ampoules: the average price is 150 r.

    Analogues of the preparation

    Pentin, Pentohexal, Pentoxifylline, Pentamon, Aguparin, Arbiflex, Vasonitis.

    All of these drugs contain pentoxifylline.

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