Cortex Cream - capillaroprotector for protecting the skin of the face from couperose

CORA CREAM Couperose is a common disease that is associated with the fragility and dilated vessels of sensitive skin. This leads to a violation of blood microcirculation.

As a result, in the presence of external stimuli on the face there are inflammation and redness. Owners of sensitive skin often suffer from burning, itching, tingling in the neck and face. Such a reaction in most cases manifests itself on the chin, cheeks, wings of the nose, in the forehead.

In the absence of proper treatment, the redness on the skin becomes permanent. Cow Cream is a modern capillary protector for combating cuperose and redness on the skin of the face and neck.

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  • What is the main thing - the causes and symptoms of the
  • What is the Cory's cream?
  • Principle of operation and therapeutic properties
  • Instructions for use
  • What are the advantages of the product?
  • Deserved popularity, but there is a "BUT"
  • How to buy a cream

The main thing - the causes and symptoms of the disease

Experts say that couperosis develops due to genetic predisposition or because of external factors. With heredity, signs of impairment usually appear in the elderly.

Many changes associated with hormonal imbalance, can accelerate the development of brittleness of blood vessels. These include menopause, pregnancy, reproductive system diseases.

Among the most common external factors can be identified as follows:

  • regular use of too hot or spicy dishes;
  • sharp temperature changes: visiting the sauna;
  • smoking, alcoholism;
  • frequent stressful situations;
  • exposure to UV rays;
  • overeating;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, some chronic ailments. couperose

In medicine, there are 3 stages of couperose, each of which has its own symptoms:

  1. Face reddening occurs for no apparent reason, but quickly passes - the so-called "hot flashes".
  2. Vessels lose elasticity : expand, but can not return to normal. Vascular asterisks appear.
  3. Chronic form of couperose, in which the skin does not receive the necessary nutrition. Often there are inflammations.

What is Cow's cream?

This product with a balanced composition is intended for full-fledged care of the face prone to irritation and reddening. It is available in the form of a cream in a 50 ml plastic bottle. The container is equipped with a dispenser for ease of use.

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Cream for couperose The drug is suitable for all skin types, has a light texture, pleasant aroma. Color cream - bright yellow, which allows you to mask the purple "stars".Women will be able to use it as a foundation for make-up.

The bark has a pleasant aroma with floral notes and a light texture that allows using it not only in the evening, but also in the mornings. The product is quickly absorbed into the skin, so it does not bring discomfort.

Cow Cream for sensitive skin of the face and neck, prone to couperose, is made only from natural ingredients, plant extracts, which explains its safety and high efficiency:

  1. Routine .This vitamin maintains the vessels in a tone, restores their structure.
  2. Vitamin C with .Required element for vascular health, has therapeutic and strengthening properties. Helps to establish the functioning of blood vessels, get rid of "stars".
  3. Green Tea .A powerful natural antioxidant with a high content of substances useful to the skin. It is characterized by a calming effect, relieves inflammation and irritation. The extract perfectly strengthens the vessels.
  4. Extract of Gingko Biloba .This component restores blood circulation, improves the condition of blood vessels and skin. Allows you to get rid of redness of the skin and swelling.
  5. Verbena .Extract of the plant has in its composition a lot of antioxidants and organic fruit acids. In addition, it normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and promotes narrowing of the pores. capillary protector
  6. Extract of Sophora Japanese .Contains many useful substances that have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, protect the skin from the effects of destructive factors.
  7. Shea butter .This ingredient enriches skin cells with beneficial microelements, increasing its elasticity and elasticity. Oil stops the aging process, moistens the deep layers of the epidermis, prevents peeling.
  8. Avocado oil .Moisturizes, tones up the skin, protects against drying.
  9. Soybean oil .It has a high concentration of vitamin E. The component slows down aging, ensures normal nutrition of the epidermis.
  10. Betaine .Removes irritation, actively regenerates damage, increases elasticity.
  11. Panthenol .Effectively restores problem areas of the skin, restores natural elasticity.

The combined effect of these ingredients allows the Bark cream to treat couperose and eliminate its effects, restoring health and beauty to the skin.

Principle of action and therapeutic properties

cream on the face The drug is indicated for people with increased sensitivity of the skin and couperose. The cream is designed to care for inflamed skin with redness, peeling, vascular "asterisks".

Means to fight the symptoms of the disease, strengthens the protective properties of the epidermis.

The correct use of the cream has a cosmetic and therapeutic effect, allowing to achieve the following effects:

  • strengthening brittle vessels;
  • capillaries acquire elasticity, blood circulation improves;
  • the elasticity of the skin affected by couperose increases;
  • cream reliably protects against various negative effects;
  • active components effectively saturate epidermal cells with beneficial substances;
  • skin gets full nutrition and hydration.

The Cow Cream is very popular with women who suffer from vascular problems with their skin. Gentle effect of the drug does not cause side effects, has a mass of useful properties:

  • decrease in the severity of redness and complete relief from the symptoms of the disease;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels, increasing their tone and elasticity;
  • elimination of irritation;
  • calming effect on the skin, gradual treatment of symptoms, getting rid of uncomfortable sensations;
  • decrease in skin sensitivity when exposed to irritants;
  • increase of protective functions;
  • complete care, moisturizing and nourishing the skin;
  • preservation of softness and freshness of the skin due to antioxidants;
  • preventing premature aging;
  • restoration of damages, alignment of skin relief;
  • cell saturation with useful microelements and vitamins;
  • protection against sunlight.

The easy consistency of the preparation is perfectly distributed and absorbed into the skin.

Instruction for use

Before applying the cream, you must thoroughly clean and moisturize your skin with thermal water or a tonic. ointment from couperose

A small amount of the product is distributed over the face and neck with light patting movements. To the affected areas of the skin should be touched especially carefully and carefully.

The procedure is repeated twice a day: morning and evening. The last application should be made at least 40 minutes before the night rest. The most attention should be paid to zones that are susceptible to the formation of a vascular network: cheeks, forehead, and wings of the nose.

What are the advantages of the tool?

The drug has important advantages:

  • competently selected composition;
  • is a nice soft texture;
  • no skin tightening and oily stains;
  • the economic expense of a cream;
  • reasonable price;
  • soothing effect, full hydration and nutrition;
  • can be used as a base for applying make-up.

After regular use of the drug, a noticeable curative effect appears:

  • relief from the unpleasant symptoms of couperose;
  • elimination of vascular pattern;
  • possible use for prevention purposes.

Deserved popularity, but there are "BUT"

Customer reviews and reviews of famous cosmeticians about Cream creams for face and neck skin will give the opportunity to make a complete picture.

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The Cortex cream as a whole I liked, it really moisturizes and soothes. But dullness, of course, disappointed. The presence of spangles spoils the whole effect. I think that the drug is not suitable for use in the morning, his face is very shiny. I have to apply it only in the evening.

Galina, Moscow

I recently found out about this cream from the Internet, was interested in a large number of positive reviews. Problems with the skin I had after pregnancy. I only use the drug for a couple of weeks, but the result is already there: the skin became softer, tender, the itch disappeared. I hope that the stars will soon disappear.

Alina, Perm

Several years ago I used Cream cream, disturbed the expressed red vessels on the wings of the nose. The drug really helped me get rid of couperose, however, I started to treat it immediately, as soon as I noticed. The only thing I did not like was the color.

Anna, Cheboksary

Before and after applying the cream
Opinion of cosmetologists and well-known online bloggers:

How to buy cream

The drug is sold in pharmacies and online stores, so you can choose the most convenient option. Care should be taken when making purchases on the network, since it is possible to purchase a fake.

Only on the official site you can buy a really original quality product, the price for Cream cream starts at 400 rubles per bottle.

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