Runny nose of any form, whether rhinitis, sinusitis or sinusitis, makes a significant discomfort in the life of young children. He disturbs their sleep at night, and hinders fun to play during the day. What remedy for a cold is better for a child? Very often pediatricians in such cases prescribe Albucid, as a very effective and effective drug in the treatment of the common cold. However, many parents immediately have doubts about whether it is possible to drip eye drops( and Albucid is so) in the nose of a baby? To dispel all doubts, it is necessary to understand the properties of this medication.


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Composition and properties

albucid for children up to one year in the nose

Eye drops Albutide is one of the representatives of the antib

iotic group

The main active substance of Albucida issulfacetamide( sodium sulfacyl).This component of antimicrobial nature, has significant indicators of suppression of the activity of infections such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, gonococcus, chlamydia and various E. coli, is a drug of a wide spectrum of action.

how to dribble an albucid into the nose of a child Albucid is one of the representatives of a group of antibiotics. Therefore, its action is directed to complete and / or partial violation( imbalance) of the process of the appearance of amino acids in bacterial cells carrying an infection. As a result, the intake of Albucida in the body is reduced and the process of dividing the pathogenic bacteria is completely eliminated. The mechanism of impact is quite simple.

Sulfacil sodium creates a certain environment in the nasal mucosa, in which "old" bacterial cells die, and the "new" does not have anything to be born with. Thus, day after day there is an effective treatment, which eventually leads to a full recovery.

Indications for use

Is it possible to drip into the nose of Albucidum to children

Albacid is used when all signs of bacterial infection are present.

. Runny nose, which lasts for a week, usually carries an infectious basis. In this case, you can accurately apply for the treatment of drops of Albucid.

It is possible to apply drops practically without restrictions, since a single dose of the medicine contains a small amount of the active component, while it has a low degree of absorption in the blood of the child.

albucid drops in the nose for children Due to the drug's ability to actively influence only certain viruses, at the initial stage of the disease many specialists strongly recommend using drugs from another group, for example, containing interferon. And when the stage of formation of mucus in the nasal cavity of the yellowish-greenish shade occurs, then it is worthwhile to start using Albucid , because it indicates that in the upper respiratory tract there has already been a "bunch" of the mucosa with bacterial infections.

Quite often, Albucid is one of the constituent components, the so-called "complex" drops. This solution is a liquid consisting of three or more drugs that interact with each other, enhance the healing properties of each individual component.

Many parents can prepare such a solution on their own at home, but only the physician can determine the composition and prescribe the dosage based on the degree and nature of the course of the infectious disease.

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Parents should also understand that the therapeutic effect of Albucid does not occur immediately from the first instillation. In order to significantly reduce the number of pathogens should take three to five days. However, if after this period the runny nose of the child has not passed, then the parents should once again show the baby to the pediatrician.

Probably, the common cold has either an allergic nature or originated from viral bacteria that successfully resist the healing properties of Albucida. In this case, the doctor is obliged to make appropriate adjustments to the medical process.

How to apply in the common cold in children

albicide in the nose

Before you dig in Albacid, you must clear the nose of mucus with a pear or aspirator

Regardless of the age criteria, the rules for the use of Albucida are schematically the same.

  1. Before you drip a child in the nose of the drug, you must first clean the nasal passage from the accumulated mucus.
  2. This can be done with saline solution, or slightly salted water, or apply a special cleanser.
  3. Rinsing of the nose can be done with an ordinary cotton swab dipped in one of the above solutions. If the child is old enough, you can additionally ask him to blow his nose.

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Basically, in pharmacy chains, you can buy drops in two kinds of 30%and a 20% solution. The first group is more often prescribed to adults, but the second percent of the drug is intended for the treatment of bacterial infections in children.

It should be noted that when instilled in the nose, Albucid always causes a burning sensation. Children of more adult age( from a year and older) often suffer the feeling of discomfort associated with treatment.

albucid for children up to 1 year Newborns or babies with hypersensitivity to the mucous membrane are recommended to instill a dilute solution. To reduce the concentration of the composition, you can use simple boiled water. Just dilute the drops in water in a one to one ratio. Usually a single dosage is up to two drops( but not more for newborns and children up to a year) in each nasal passage. The procedure should be repeated three to four times a day, observing an equal time interval between instillations.

It is not necessary during the treatment with Albucidum to additionally give the child any other preparations of a group of antibiotics. A solution of sulfacetamide is already an antibiotic in itself, therefore, drops will not fight with the virus without "outside help".

Despite the rather short list of contraindications for Albucida as a medicine, many pediatricians still do not recommend it specifically for instilling in the nose to newborn children. This is not related to the side effects of the drug. It is rather an expression of excessive precaution, in order to avoid unwanted trauma to the mucosa by using a pipette. But such injuries can also be obtained by instilling any drops. To avoid this situation, you can simply wipe each nasal pass of the baby with a cotton swab dipped in a drip solution.

Duration of treatment, as a rule, is from five to seven days. However, in order to avoid overdose and the occurrence of all kinds of adverse reactions, the intensity and duration of treatment should be prescribed by a pediatrician.

Side effects and contraindications

Is it possible to give albucid to children

Because of the low content of active substance Albucidum is prescribed even to children up to the year

The list of contraindications for the drug is very short. This is due to the low content of active substance in a single dose of the drug, as well as a low degree of absorption of the drug into the blood. That is why Albucidum is prescribed even to children up to a year. And in our maternity clinics has long been successfully practicing zakupyvanie albucida in the first hours of life of the newborn, in order to prevent the development of any infectious bacteria that could enter the child's body during labor activity.

albucid in the nose for children instructions for use One of the significant contraindications for the use of this medication is only the occurrence of an allergic reaction in children whose sensitivity to the sulfanilamide group is increased. In this case, it is better to use folk recipes from the common cold. Also, the drug should be used with caution if the child is diagnosed with kidney failure. In order to avoid manifestations of other negative reactions of the body, pediatricians do not advise using Albucid if already medicated with medicines containing silver. So the use of Albucidum simultaneously with protargol or collargolum will not give the necessary effect. Also, the effect of the active substance will decrease significantly if drops are used while using analgesics( novocaine, analgin, tetracaine, etc.).

After opening the vial and its first use, the medicine should be stored in a dark and cool place, for example in a refrigerator, notmore than one month. Otherwise, the active substance will lose all its properties and further treatment will be useless.

Price of the drug

Price for drops Albucid is located in the value range from 50 to 80 rubles per bottle, and usually depends on the price policy of the pharmacy network of this or that region of the country.


Irina, Cheboksary
: "As with the evaluation of any drug, the reviews on Albucid are divided into positive and negative. But mostly, many who used these drops to eliminate the common cold in children( including the newborn group), note the effectiveness of Albucida as a preparation of the antibiotic group in the treatment of a common cold of a viral nature. I want to note that the product is simply amazing, I bought it on the advice of a familiar doctor and did not regret it! "

Albacid instructions for use in children Karina, Kazan :" I want to note that in the instructions to the drug, no line is written about the treatment with drops of a cold of various forms. The manufacturer represents the solution as a medicine used to treat eye diseases, although the long-term practice of using Albucida for the treatment of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract itself has proved the effectiveness of its use. But this medication helped me, I'm happy with the final result, just shocked. I recommend everyone! "

Catherine, Samara :" I have three small children and if someone gets cold, then everything goes along the chain. Especially a cold. As a mother with a lot of experience, I want to advise all mothers that I recommend the drug, Albucid, as an effective remedy for the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis of a viral origin. You will not regret! »


How to properly dig in the nose in this video tells the doctor-otolaryngologist:

And in conclusion I want to note that the drug has both positive aspects and negative. The positive effect can be attributed to the rapid effect and prevention of the development of any infectious bacteria in children, and to the disadvantages - burning and some discomfort in the treatment. Doctors inform that the runny nose in children is more complicated than in adults, it is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which can be provoked by various viral infections. This brings considerable discomfort to the baby's life, since it is accompanied by difficulty breathing( in newborns especially during feeding), noise in the ears, headache, unpleasant burning sensations and dryness in the nose and mouth, and all this can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature. Therefore, to cure a runny nose in young children follows from the first days of its appearance and to the aid comes a medicine - Albucid.