Today, more often in the treatment of cough use drugs based on herbs. Such popularity of them is that they are very effective, but they are safe for the human body. One of these medicinal plants is plantain. Today the pharmacy has a lot of anti-tussive drugs based on plantain, so that it would not hurt to get acquainted with each of them more in more detail.


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PlantainIs an effective medicinal product that has a wide scope of application. Thanks to him manages to stop inflammation, to have antiseptic, wound-healing effect. In addition, the plantain has a positive effect on the secretory function of the stomach, it has an expectorant and blood-purifying effect.

Plantain is used as an anesthetic, anti-infl

ammatory and antiseptic. Using tinctures based on this plant, it is possible to stop not only the usual cough, but also respiratory diseases. Plantain effectively fights dry cough, liquefies phlegm and leads to its speedy evacuation.

On the video effect of the plantain syrup:

Is it possible to pregnant

A plantain syrup effectively fights with a cough. But here, pregnant women can only take it after they have consulted a doctor. Most often, such patients are prescribed syrups in which there is no alcohol.

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What are

On the shelves of pharmacies there is a wide range of syrups based on plantain. When choosing a particular drug, it is necessary to take into account its composition, age limitations and the presence of an allergy to a certain component.


In the development of this syrup, water extracts of two herbs, plantain and mallow, were used. Even in the composition there is vitamin C, which increases the body's defenses. A pleasant aroma of syrup is due to the presence of sucrose. The cost of the medicine is 312 rubles.

syrup Herbion


Herbion syrup is prescribed in the treatment of dry cough with bronchitis and pleurisy, as well as in smokers. Thanks to the varied composition of the drug, it is possible to obtain an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect. If you apply the syrup for 4-5 days, then the cough becomes mild, and the wheezing is quieter. You can not use Herbion to children under 2 years old, suffering from diabetes and those with individual intolerance. But what is the price of syrup from cough Herbion with plantain, you can learn from this article.

Dr. Tayss

This plant is based on a plantain. In addition, alcohol was used to make the syrup. You can not use the medicine by far, for example, this applies to babies, as well as to children under 2 years old. The cost of the drug is 350 rubles.

syrup Dr. Theiss

Syrup Doctor Theiss

Plantain syrup and stepmother

In its composition, this drug is similar to Gerbion. But instead of mallow, an extract of mother-stepmother is used here. Still there are auxiliary components - mint oil, vitamins C, citric acid and sugar.

syrup Mother Stepmother

Mother-steppe syrup

The drug can be used in the treatment of dry and wet cough. The price of the drug is 150 rubles.


It contains alcohol extracts of thyme and plantain. But the additional components are sucrose and ethanol. You can prescribe the medicine for children from 6 months. The cost of the medicine is 236 rubles.

Eucambal syrup

Syrup Eucabal

Syrup VIF

This medicine is presented as an alcohol extract of the leaves of plantain. There are no more active ingredients in its composition. Its action is aimed at diluting sputum and promptly removing it. You can buy the drug at a price of 160 rubles.

syrup VIF

Syrup VIF

Instruction for use

The antipruritic syrup based on psyllium is used in the treatment of adults and children of different ages. The exception is the babies, since they are forbidden too abundant evacuation of sputum. But when prescribing a dosage of syrup, it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient and the extent of the infection. acceptance of syrup

Take syrup on the basis of plantain for children under 7 years old in the amount of 5 ml .If you need to treat bronchitis, then the number of receptions is 2-3 times, and with pleurisy - 45 times. For schoolchildren, the dosage will be 15 ml 3-5 times a day. Between receptions there should be a time interval which will make 4 hours. Dosage for adolescents is 20 ml at a time. Adult patients can apply a syrup of 30-40 and 50 ml at a time.

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  • Catherine, 34: "When the child had a terrible and paroxysmal dry cough, the doctor prescribed a syrup based on plantain Dr. Thiess. We took 5 ml 3 times a day. As early as the second day, I noticed how my daughter began to breathe normally, and every coughing fit ended with the spitting out of her sputum. In total, the course of therapy was 7 days. During this time, we managed to defeat the disease and completely get rid of the cough. Since the composition of the drug is sucrose, then it is pleasant to drink, so my child was waiting with impatience when it will be necessary to use the drug again. "
  • Igor, 38 years old: " When there was an epidemic of flu, then she did not pass by me. In the beginning, I got fever, put a nose in, and only then began to excruciate a dry and irritating cough. I decided to see a doctor, he appointed a number of drugs for me, among them was Evakbal syrup. I took it for 5 days, after which the cough began to subside, and after coughing my phlegm was relieved. In addition, my oldest son took me from Evacabal. But he had a usual cough caused by a cold. Within 3 days the symptoms went down, and his health improved. "
  • Inna, 23 years old : "I treated a cough caused by pneumonia, with the help of Herbion syrup, which contains plantain. I really liked the tender and pleasant taste of the medicine, which is due to the presence of fructose. In addition, the syrup is very effective. Prior to his admission, I had a painful dry cough that caused pain in the chest and throat. And when I started taking medicine, the cough stopped worrying me at night, sputum appeared, and the pain and discomfort disappeared. "

Plantain in the treatment of cough - this is one of the most effective plants, which are used when obtaining pharmaceutical products. Antitussive syrup can be obtained on the basis of one plantain or with the addition of other medicinal herbs. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain a drug that has a combined effect and accelerates the process of recovery.