What kind of doctor should I consult with hemorrhoids and how can he help?

Recently, hemorrhoids have become a true companion of many people's lives.

This is a kind of rock, pursuing them with a certain consistency.

What should I do? How to deal with it? In order to answer these simple questions you need to know its nature.

Contents of

  • Unpleasant acquaintance of
  • Briefly about the causes and symptoms of
  • Proctologist or coloproctologist?
  • Recommendations for the preparation for the examination of the doctor
  • Why not be afraid of the coloproctologist?
  • Basic duties and rights of a specialist
  • Who will help small patients?
  • Who else can help?
  • Final argument

Unpleasant acquaintance of

Hemorrhoids is a disease of the rectum, accompanied by pain, inflammation and bleeding from the anus.

Recently, the disease has become a permanent character. Statistics show that 40% of the population suffers from diseases of the rectum. Basically this is a workable population.

Surprisingly, for the most part, suffering from hemorrhoi

ds, are men, and only a quarter of this fate is reserved for women.

Unfortunately, many of them consult a doctor only in case of emergency, because they are either embarrassed or prefer to endure. And only the progression of the disease makes one seriously think about the cause and nature of the onset of the disease.

The purpose of this article is to provide the most complete information about specialists who can provide complete medical care for hemorrhoids.

Briefly about the causes and symptoms of

Only when faced with the disease itself, a person begins to think about the causes of its occurrence. It turns out that not only elderly people suffer from hemorrhoids, they are inherent in all age categories.

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The reasons for its occurrence are diverse:

  • lifestyle associated with sedentary work;
  • incorrect and irregular meals;
  • work associated with severe physical exertion;
  • excessive consumption of spicy food;
  • genetics;
  • non-observance of safety rules in certain sports.

In order to start treatment in time, it is necessary to know the symptoms of the onset of the disease.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • a feeling of discomfort in the rectal area;
  • severity in bowel movement;
  • discomfort in the anus, resembling burning;
  • appearance of pain during emptying and physical exertion;
  • development of constipation;
  • formation of knots and outward protrusion;
  • the presence of elevated temperature;
  • appearance of blood in the stool.

Any pain in the area of ​​the rectum should immediately alert and force to consult a specialist. If these requirements are ignored, the inflammatory process will develop further, the intestinal integuments will begin to deplete and this will cause the formation of hard healing anal fissures.

From the newfound pain a person will feel that life has ceased to exist. Is not it easier to do everything in time.

When asked which doctor should be treated for hemorrhoids and related diseases, the answer is simple: it should be a proctologist or a coloproctologist. Only an expert in his field can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

Determining the cause of bleeding plays an important role, since a large number of unpleasant diseases, including oncology, can hide behind this symptom.

Proctologist or Coloproctologist?

Until recently, a doctor treating hemorrhoids was called a proctologist, and covered all diseases related to the rectum.

According to the new nomenclature, the duties of the proctologist were supplemented by the treatment of colon diseases.

Since that time, the expert in the treatment of hemorrhoids began to be called a coloproctology.

Recommendations for preparation for the examination of the doctor

Before the examination of the proctologist, a preliminary evening and morning cleansing of the intestine is necessary. The most effective method to date is an enema.

Reserve option - microclysters with the drug Mikrolaks, which must be done on the day of admission.

Things you need to take to see a doctor:

  • wipes;
  • disposable towel or diaper, which can be bought at the pharmacy kiosk.

Why not be afraid of the coloproctologist?

Reasons to consult a doctor are much more than avoiding this:

  1. Inspection is unpleasant, but necessary. Does not bring painful sensations.
  2. In some cases, small pains are possible, which are associated only with the patient's negligence in connection with his late address to a specialist. A highly qualified doctor will perform the correct examination, the number of painful sensations will be minimal.
  3. Do not be afraid that you will immediately be asked to resort to surgery. This is unlikely. Modern methods of treatment can cure hemorrhoids without surgery. In some cases, only the use of suppositories is sufficient.

The main duties and rights of the specialist

The duties of the proctologist include:

  • consultation of the patient and his examination, which can be both visual and manual, in some cases instrumental;
  • writing directions for the delivery of tests and diagnosis;
  • stopping or confirming an accurate diagnosis;
  • treatment assignment;
  • if necessary - carrying out the surgical manipulations necessary for the treatment of the patient on the basis of the dispensary;
  • constant monitoring of the patient's health from the very beginning of the diagnosis until it is completely cured.

The attending physician working in the hospital has the right:

  • to take the patient to the hospital and confirm the preselected diagnosis;
  • carry out diagnostic measures;
  • appoint the right treatment and independently monitor its performance;
  • to change the treatment method at its discretion depending on the stage of the disease;
  • provide first aid;
  • a practicing surgeon-coloproctologist has the right to perform a surgical procedure.

Any highly qualified coloproctology doctor should provide complete advice on the treatment of hemorrhoids.

The patient should be self-aware of what illness he fell ill, what caused it, whether it is treatable and how his life should change in order to completely cure the disease.

In this case, the coloproctologist should be a real psychologist, as patients should completely trust him and not be afraid to tell even the smallest subtleties about the disease.

Doctors with positive energy are usually specialists in their field.

Only this specialist has the right to conduct an operation.

Usually, a specialist is consulted in cases when the previous treatment did not bring any results and surgical intervention is required.

Who will help small patients?

Child age surgery deals with this age category. But be prepared for the fact that the surgeon will not be the only specialist with whom you will have to cooperate in the process of treatment and struggle against hemorrhoids.

You may be referred for examination to a pediatrician and a gastroenterologist. This is necessary to recreate the full cause of the disease.

Who else can help?

Which doctor should go with hemorrhoids to a man or woman if there is no coloproctology in the hospital?

It happens and such. In small rural areas such specialists were never seen. How to be a patient in this situation? Which doctor can he get qualified help from?

These doctors are there! In the absence of a proctologist, any patient with full confidence can refer to:

  • to the district therapist or family doctor;
  • to the gynecologist( if the woman is pregnant);
  • surgeon.

Of course, the fullest consultation can provide a coloproctologist, but these doctors can also diagnose hemorrhoids and prescribe effective treatment.

Practice shows that these doctors in the treatment of hemorrhoids use the classical scheme of his treatment and do not like to experiment.

The final argument of

This information is for those who still ignored the article and decided to stay with their opinion.

Remember that independent treatment, treatment with grandmother methods - ineffective. Little else and who can write about the treatment of hemorrhoids, its therapy should be dealt with purely by experts in their field.

Medical recommendations should be given only by a doctor, not by a grandmother from a nearby street.

The absence of a competent appointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids will contribute to its further progression, which will subsequently lead to a number of complications. Therefore, going to the doctor is inevitable!

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