Bruises on the body for no reason: folk methods of treatment. What remedies can be used to treat bruises?

The article will tell you about folk methods of fighting bruises that arise without obvious reasons.

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  • What causes bruises on the body without a reason
  • Common folk remedies for bruising without bruises
  • Compresses with burdock leaves
  • Onion onion with sugar
  • Parsley from bruises
  • Vinegar lotions - effective remedy for bruises
  • Calendula remedies
  • Etherealoils
  • Diet with the appearance of causeless bruises
  • What effects of self-medication can occur?
  • What if I have frequent bruises on my body? Specialist's help
  • Popular methods of treatment of causeless bruises: advice and feedback
  • Video: Bruises on the body without reason
  • Video: Folk remedies for bruises

Hematomas on the skin are usually formed as a result of a bruise. In case of trauma, the capillary network is damaged, which causes blood to enter the subcutaneous tissue. As a result, a bruise appears, which first days hurts and differs bluish-red color.

Over time, the hemat

oma dissolves and the pain disappears. However, in some people, bruises on the skin can appear for no apparent reason. Then, the scheme of appearance of a hematoma is different.

Because of what there are bruises on the body without a reason

Despite the fact that there are no obvious factors of bruising on the body, the reasons are still there.

  • Bruising without a cause may indicate poor blood coagulation
  • Also, they may appear due to vascular diseases
  • Varicose veins
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
  • Some medications that dilute blood.

There are many folk and medical methods that can eliminate the appearance of bruises.

Common folk remedies for bruising without bruising

As is known, folk remedies cope with many problems. In this case, they have virtually no contraindications. All sorts of decoctions, lotions and infusions can strengthen the vascular system and nourish the body with vitamins. With this problem, the most effective tools are:

  • compresses with burdock leaves
  • acetic lotions
  • onion gruel with sugar
  • parsley
  • products with calendula
  • essential oils
  • consumption of foods rich in essential vitamins.

To understand their action, consider each method in turn.

Compresses with Burdock Leaves

Compresses can cope well with swelling and redness. They can quickly eliminate the bruise. Compresses are recommended to be applied immediately, as the bruise becomes noticeable. The later to take action, the less effective will be the effect.

In order to prepare a compress from a burdock leaf, you will need a burdock leaf and honey. The sheet should be lowered into boiling water for a few seconds, and then dried with a towel. Then, abundantly lubricate with liquid honey. Compress should be applied to the site of the hematoma for at least 2 hours. It's better if you put it on overnight. It is necessary to tightly tie the compress so that it does not move and does not sleep during sleep.

Onion gruel with sugar

Onions and sugar are also effective. To make this "ointment", you should grate half a bow on a small grater, add a tablespoon of sugar and mix well. Then, this product should be applied abundantly on the hematoma, covered with gauze and keep for at least 2 hours. Also, you can make a bandage for the whole night.

Parsley from bruises

Parsley is used as a remedy for bruises, as lotions. To prepare the preparation, the green finely chopped and poured 100 grams of vodka. The day is insisted, and the flood is filtered and put in a dark place. Such tincture should be moistened with gauze or cotton wool and applied to the place of bruise.

Vinegar lotions - effective remedy for bruises

Vinegar is an affordable remedy that is available in every home. If, suddenly, a bruise, acetic lotion quickly help him get rid of. To enhance the effect, vinegar should be added finely grated garlic. If the vinegar is too concentrated, it should be diluted with water a little. Garlic should be stirred overnight in an acetic solution. Then, the product is filtered and applied as a lotion to the affected area.

Calendula remedies

Calendula perfectly copes with hematomas and the causes of their appearance, it strengthens the walls of the vessels and improves the skin condition. Of calendula, there are many pharmacy products: tinctures, ointments, dried flowers. You can prepare yourself a tincture of calendula. For this, you need to pour a glass of vodka with two tablespoons of dried marigold flowers. Remedy to leave in a dark cool place, then strain. This tincture can be used as a compress from bruises.

Essential oils

Essential oils can not be used alone, they can damage the skin, cause itching, dryness and redness.

There are several ways to remove fresh and chronic bruises:

  • Add 2 drops of essential oil of lavender and calendula to a tablespoon of base oil( for example, olive oil).Stir the mixture and gently rub into the skin. You can make a little palpable massage. Such a tool will help to cope with swelling and redness.
  • . If the bruise is several days old, has acquired a purple or yellowish tinge, it is necessary to use rosemary oil. To do this, you need to drop 3-4 oils into the base oil and massage the affected area.

. Diet with the appearance of causeless bruises.

. The appearance of bruises on the body without bruising, can talk about eating disorders and lack of certain vitamins. Because of this, fragility of the vessels increases. Therefore, a bruise can arise only from an easy touch. Vomiting of blood vessels causes a lack of vitamins C, P and K. To enrich their body, one should consume such products:

  • seafood and seaweed
  • fish
  • greens
  • eggs
  • citrus fruits
  • cabbage
  • berries: blackberries, cranberries
  • apricots

Also, you can drink a complex of vitaminsand microelements.

If bruises on the body appear frequently, large and large in size, then the cause of their appearance should be eliminated. To find out the reason, it is better to see a doctor.

What are the consequences of self-medication?

Folk remedies, mostly, are struggling with the apparent causes of the problem. They help if the case is one-time and is not caused by serious illnesses. Therefore, if bruises on the body without a reason appear often, then this is an occasion to consult a doctor. Symptoms can be the beginning of a serious illness that can not be overcome by folk remedies. Identifying any disease at an early stage, simplifies the treatment process.

What if I have frequent bruises on my body? Assistance to the

specialist. The referral to the hospital should begin with a visit to the therapist. It is necessary to tell him the symptoms and the frequency of bruising. If possible, demonstrate the affected area. The doctor, having made a preliminary inspection, will prescribe tests. Also, he will give a referral to a specialist who will help determine the diagnosis.

Popular methods of treatment of causeless bruises: advice and feedback

The network has a lot of feedback from people about how they coped with causeless bruises:

  • "A child often had bruises in his childhood during sleep. We turned to the doctor, but no diseases were found. We were assigned a complex of vitamins. Over the years, the problem went by itself. I think it was because of weak blood vessels, "Marina, 34 years old
  • " Bruises on the body appeared for a long time. Especially on your feet. Sometimes I used various folk remedies to make the bruise resolve: I applied cabbage leaf or vinegar compress. Then, I began to notice that the veins on my legs were as if bigger. I went to the hospital. It turned out that I have varicose veins. "Larissa, 40 years old
  • " I have struggled with causeless bruises all my life. Doctors said that simply the body poorly absorbs some vitamins. Therefore, from bruises, basically got rid by national methods. And, every spring, I was drinking a complex of vitamins. "Andrei, 29 years old

Bruising is not difficult to remove with the help of folk remedies. However, you need to be considerate of your body. If necessary, contact the doctor in a timely manner.

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