Cough can be treated not only with medicines, but also natural, natural remedies. Such means, in the first place, include various herbal preparations. Herbs are good because they are safe to take and adults and children, and their natural composition helps cope with the cough, and at the same time acts as a strengthening agent for the whole body. In the article we will consider what sorts of herbs can be taken from coughing for children and adults: find out the composition of these charges, and what effect different herbs have.


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  • General characteristic of

    Collection of herbs, or thoraciccollection - a specially selected combination of herbs with antitussive effect. Herbs are selected in the proportion that is most effective for the problem of coughing.

    The collections of herbs from cough have the following effects: collection of herbs from cough

    • antitussive;
    • antibacterial;
    • restorative;
    • is an anti-inflammatory drug.

    In different collections, this effect will be differently expressed: somewhere more pronounced antibacterial, and some of the fees gives a strong antitussive effect.

    The action of herbal antitussive medications is aimed at:

    • decrease in the degree of viscosity of phlegm;
    • excretion of mucus from the body;
    • direct control of the virus;
    • strengthening of the immune system.

    As you can see, the effects of herbal remedies are indeed complex. Therefore, to use them when coughing is strongly recommended: by this you not only help the body to cope faster with the disease, but also raise the level of immunity.

    Cough herbs from cough can be sold in the form of filter bags( like tea brewing), or loose. Apply fees usually in the following way: brew a filter bag or the required amount of dried herbs with steep boiling water and insist. After the herbs are infused, the brewing is taken internally.

    On the video collection of herbs from cough:

    The usual course of treatment with herbs for coughing is 2-3 weeks. Most often, the infusion takes place concomitantly with medication. Take broths of herbs better before eating, about half an hour. So the healing effect can manifest itself most effectively. It is not necessary to use herbal preparations if there is hypersensitivity or an allergy to any of the plant components that make up the collection.

    For adults

    We will find out which herb collections are best suited for coughing adults.

    In total in our pharmacies we can find four types of nursing fees. They are sold under numbers. The compositions of grasses in these gatherings are different, you need to know them in order to find the most suitable collection.

    Number 1

    • oregano - 20%;
    • plantain 40%;
    • mother-and-stepmother leaf - 40%.

    This collection has a predominantly mucolytic( expectorant) and restorative effect due to its high content in the root of the althaea and the leaf of the mother-and-stepmother.

    collection of herbs from cough No. 1 for adults

    Collecting herbs from cough No. 1 for adults

    In addition, the product also has a mild anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of oregano in its composition.

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    Number 2

    • plantain - 30%;
    • licorice root - 30%;
    • mother-and-stepmother sheet - 40%

    This collection has a pronounced general fortifying orientation, and also due to the presence of plantain and licorice has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect.

    collection of herbs from cough No. 2 for adults

    Collection of herbs from cough No. 2 for adults

    Number 3

    • sage - 14,4%;
    • anise - 14.4%;
    • pine buds - 14.4%;
    • root of the althea - 28,8%;
    • licorice root - 28%.

    As you can see, the composition here is more diverse. Consequently, the impact of this collection will be more diverse. The most pronounced in this case is the expectorant effect of herbs.

    collection of herbs from cough No. 3

    Collection of herbs from cough No. 3

    In addition, there is also a slight anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of sage leaves.

    Number 4:

    • mint - 5%;
    • licorice root - 15%;
    • Ledum - 20%;
    • chamomile - 20%;
    • calendula - 20%;
    • violet - 20%.
      collection of herbs from cough No. 4 for adults

      Collection of cough grasses No. 4 for adults

    This collection has a complex effect. Including:

    • expectorant( chamomile, Ledum);
    • bronchodilator( chamomile);
    • restorative( calendula, violet);
    • anti-inflammatory( licorice);
    • is spasmolytic( mint).

    Which collection to choose

    Number 1

    collection of herbs from cough

    This compound is used when the disease is already pronounced, but the cough is still dry, and there is no spitting of the sputum. The curative ingredients contained in herbs, remove inflammation and irritation of the mucous throat, soothe and promote the fastest elimination of mucus.

    Composition number 1 is great not only for adults, but also for children. Including well it helps those children who have fever at high temperature.

    Number 2

    Herbs included in this composition are excellent when the cough has already become productive, but it is necessary to facilitate its removal. Plantain is able to thin viscous mucus, so that it quickly leaves the body. Infusion is recommended when the disease has already entered its final stage. It can be used up to full recovery. It should be noted that breastfeeding No. 2 is most often recommended by doctors to their patients.

    Attention: if the cough is very severe, and accompanied by a high temperature, you can take mixed in equal proportions fees 1 and 2.

    Number 3

    collection of herbs from cough for adults

    This compound is intended "for all occasions".It is usually taken when the origin of the cough is not fully established. Components included in the composition, bring relief in both dry and wet forms of coughing.

    It can also be useful for bronchitis and for pneumonia. But this collection because of its feebly pronounced influence is used less often than others.

    Number 4

    The oldest collection, which appeared in pharmacies before the rest. It is recommended in cases where the cough is delayed. It also helps with asthmatic coughing. Composition 4 acts, among other things, also immunomodulator, strengthening the body. Infusion of this herbal mixture can be taken until complete recovery.

    For children

    Cough in children is always a problem for parents. The child does not want to stuff the various pills and synthetic medicines. Therefore, natural herbal infusions can be invaluable in the treatment of children from cough, because they have a natural composition, and the effect is mild.

    Which fees are suitable for treating children from cough.

    Breast Collection No. 1 is a wonderful way to cope with an unproductive child cough. We considered its composition above. Oregano, plantain and mother-and-stepmother have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. Thanks to the reception of this remedy, the baby's body can start sputum faster. But it can only be given to a child if the latter is already 12 years old.

    collection of herbs № 1 from cough for children

    Collecting herbs № 1 from cough for children

    In general, all breastfeeds, except No. 4 are not recommended for children under 12 years, pay attention to it. But, if the child is already older than this age, these mixtures will be invaluable in the case of laryngitis, tracheitis, and other diseases that have a cough among their symptoms.

    Collection number 4 is the only one of all ready-made formulations that is allowed for admission to children under 12 years of age. But if the child is less than 3 years old, giving it too is not recommended. And if you prepare it for children, then all proportions must be reduced in half to reduce the concentration of active substances.

    Attention: before you give your child any herbal composition, do not forget to visit a doctor at first and consult with him for such treatment.


    You can not buy ready-made compounds in a pharmacy, and buy grass in loose form, and prepare the mixture yourself. But for this it is necessary to know the characteristics and the impact of medicinal plants. As a basis for herbal remedies for cough, it is recommended to use the roots of althaea, licorice, mother-and-stepmother, violet. To this main herb, which in collection should be the predominant amount, add other components - with the effect that needs to be achieved.

    To strengthen sweating and how to warm up the body, you can add a lime blossom and raspberry leaves. And to remove the inflammation in the throat and help in the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, add calendula or chamomile. The plantain with St. John's wort will also suit. To facilitate and restore free breathing, eucalyptus leaves and anise fruits are suitable.

    On the video collection of herbs from cough in the pharmacy:

    Examples of fees

    Cough associated with bronchitis

    collection of herbs from a cough in a pharmacy

    In this case, the following composition is suitable:

    • root of the althea - 3 spoons;
    • licorice root, mother-and-stepmother leaf - 2 spoons;
    • plantain - 1 spoon.

    Everything is crushed and poured into a glass of boiling water. You need to insist about an hour and a half, then drain, and you can take. Drink this infusion of 2 spoons every two hours.

    Dry cough and shortness of breath

    This formulation can be used only after consultation with a physician. The mixture is very effective, but first you need to establish the exact cause of difficulty breathing. To cook, you need to take in equal proportions sage leaves, anise, pine buds and licorice root, and brew everything with a glass of boiling water. Two hours must be insisted, and then you can take - two spoons every two to three hours.

    With a strong cough

    If the cough greatly complicates life, and is too harsh, the following composition will help:

    • oak bark - 6 pieces;
    • valerian - 4 parts;
    • althea root - 3 parts;
    • nettle root - 2 parts.

    All the ingredients should be poured with boiling water, boil 10 minutes in a water bath, and then insist 4 hours in a tightly closed container. The water requires a half liter of two tablespoons of dry plant mixture. This drug should be taken 5 times a day in small even portions. Add sugar if the taste is too unpleasant.

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    Herbal collections are contraindicated if there is an allergy to components of this composition.

    Children under three years of age should not be given any herbal preparations in any proportion.

    If you are taking herbs to dilute viscous sputum, you can not take cough-blocking medications at the same time, as these two effects are directly opposite.

    When pregnancy is not recommended to use breastfeeding number 1, because it contains a fragrance that women "in position" can not. And if there is a licorice root in the collection, then it is better to not take such compounds during pregnancy: licorice is known for its hormonal properties that activate the hormone.

    We examined the characteristics of herbal cough. As you can see, natural compounds can quite act both as an auxiliary and as an independent medicine. Therefore, tablets are pills, but do not forget about natural sources of health. Herbs will help you and your child to recover much faster, get rid of cough and, in addition, strengthen immunity.