Purulent angina and today, with all the possibilities of therapy a very dangerous disease. Before you become more familiar with the drugs offered by classical medicine, you need to study the features of this pathology of the ENT sphere. The diagnosis of the development of purulent sore throat of one of the known types of applied medicine often leads the patient into confusion. How to treat, what to apply and as soon as possible to get rid of painful symptoms and painful symptoms?

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Infectious disease of the nasopharynx is expressed in a purulent inflammation of the nasopharyngeal lymphoid ring. The overwhelming majority of diagnosed cases suffer from tonsils. It is equally important to pay attention to the condition of the nasopharyngeal tonsil, which is more commonly k

nown as the adenoid and the possible entry of pathogens into the middle ear region.

than gargle with purulent sore throat

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If the call to a specialist is a little late, then this complex disease can first manifest itself in the form of purulent raids, films or ulcers in the gaps. Acute attack of tonsillitis usually is usually the result of the penetration into the body of the following highly virulent bacteria:

  • Streptococcus.
  • Staphylococcus.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Other highly toxic microorganisms.

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When referring to a doctor, the patient undergoes a diagnosis, the type of causative agent of the infection is determined and only after that the therapy is attributed. This includes medicines, antibiotics, vitamin preparations. And in this rather extensive list, considerable attention is paid to the means for rinsing the throat.

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After reading the article, it becomes clear who is the causative agent of angina.

It would seem that modern anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antihistamines will cope with the pathology perfectly. But it is the traditional procedure - simple rinsing allows you to get rid of external manifestations in the form of accumulations of dead leukocytes - pus. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the range of preparations and recipes for the preparation of solutions from them, which will then be used for rinsing the throat and nasopharynx, and how to rinse the choice better for you. than gargle with purulent sore throat

It should be remembered that it is necessary to strictly observe the age categories of the patient. That is, adults can rinse their throats with one means, and in pediatric practice a somewhat different range of medicines is used.

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What is the best way to treat purulent sore throat by rinsing? Consider this problem closer.

Clearing the throat of an adult

Before considering what is best to apply for these simple and well-known procedures for a long time, you need to consider the specifics of their conduct.

  1. Any type of purulent sore throat requires rinsing at intervals of half an hour to an hour. The best option is twenty receptions during the day, where each time a glass of solution is used.
  2. The prepared solutions must be brought to the optimum temperature. They should be somewhat warmer than room temperature, that is, during the procedure the patient should feel comfort. purulent sore throat than gargle
  3. It is very important that the solutions used alternate, this will achieve an excellent therapeutic effect. To do this, you must immediately prepare at least three drugs.
  4. Carrying out procedures only after eating, which actively contribute to the cleansing of the tonsils and nasopharynx from food microparticles.

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So, we begin to gargle with purulent tonsillitis. To date, clinical medicine has already recognized folk remedies. And to achieve a full-fledged therapeutic effect, it uses both traditional recipes and "grandmother's" methods, familiar from ancient times.

  • The most popular drug prescribed by a doctor is rinsing with furacilin 1: 5000.Usually, two tablets of the drug are pushed into the powder, pour one liter of boiling water, cool to the desired temperature.
  • We raise penicillin 1 million per liter of boiled and cooled to the desired temperature of water.
  • A solution of a teaspoon of soda, one third of a teaspoon of table salt and a few drops of alcoholic iodine. Traditional sea water.
  • Modern antiseptic preparation - spray Yoks.
  • Effective means for disinfection, rapid anesthesia, elimination of inflammation - Alunite. the better to gargle with purulent angina
  • Use of an aqueous solution of gramicidin in a 1: 100 ratio.
  • To eliminate pathogenic microbes nesting in the lacunae of the tonsils, a solution of iodine and glycerin is used. This is a well-known since childhood, Lugol.
  • Application of infusions - eucalyptus, chamomile, calendula, oak bark, lemon juice.
  • An exceptional effect allows us to achieve the use of an alcohol solution of propolis. It is prepared as follows. Drip in the amount of a few drops per ½ cup of boiled chilled water.

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All these tools make it possible to greatly enhance the therapeutic success of medications that the doctor prescribes inside and in the form of injections. When using solutions of penicillin and propolis, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test. Against the background of the use of these drugs, it is better to use light antihistamines. With small patients, the situation is somewhat different. Here you need to choose an approach and interest the baby.


Health workers and parents know well how difficult it is to rinse the throat for children. School children and teenagers can easily and easily rinse themselves, one has only to tell how to properly perform the procedure to avoid provoking a vomiting reflex that may appear in some patients.

In addition to those recipes that are equally effective for both adults and babies, the vast majority of patients use gel preparations and aerosol forms. The most popular rinses prescribed by pediatricians are as follows:

  1. Furacilin in a proportional ratio of 1k 5000, which has excellent qualities of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. rinsing with furatsilinom
  2. A solution of equal parts of baking soda and table salt. food and rinse salt
  3. Any type of purulent tonsillitis is excellent to rinse with solutions of potassium permanganate( manganese), boric acid. rinsing with potassium permanganate
  4. Hydrogen peroxide, sea water - iodine, salt and soda do not cause negative emotions in the child. rinsing
  5. The use of drugs such as chlorophyllite, chlorhexidine, stopangin can eliminate symptoms of angina quickly and accurately. It is especially easy to use chlorhexidine. The child is rinsed with simple boiled water, and then after 30 seconds, the oral cavity is treated with this antiseptic. rinse chlorophyllipt
  6. Children really like to rinse the neck with such popular folk remedies as decoctions of camomile flowers and calendula, beet and carrot, lemon freshly squeezed juice. a decoction of chamomile flowers for gargling.
  7. The experience of traditional healers recommends the use of strongly brewed green or black tea, a clove flower infusion, a decoction of linden blossoms with honey on the tip of the knife. This solution should be used only after determining the absence of an allergic reaction to honey. green tea and flowers of cloves for gargling.
  8. In children's practice for the treatment of especially severe forms of sore throat, rinse with water solution of another product produced by bees, namely this is known to all propolis.

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gargling with propolis

Such simple procedures really should be considered the most important, essential moments in the treatment of purulent angina. The integrated use of all prescriptions of the doctor allows you to get a much more lasting success. Usually doctors recommend one more technique.

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It consists in dissolving antiseptic with local anesthetic action fifteen minutes after rinsing. Tablets, lozenges, sweets or candies with a medicinal filling, which today produces the pharmacological industry, like both adults and children.

This may be the use of:

  • Antiangiens,
  • Hexalyses,
  • Septotlet,
  • Pharyngocept,
  • Strepsilsa,
  • Falimint,
  • Sepepril,
  • Sebidine,
  • Streptocide and other similar preparations.

Be sure to remember that they are all used exclusively after consultation with an ENT doctor or pediatrician.

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Angina can be called the most common disease of the respiratory system. Usually it manifests itself and develops quite rapidly against the backdrop of an inattentive attitude towards the state of one's own health or in inadequate treatment of tonsillitis. It is careful rinsing and performing all the appointments to eliminate such a dangerous focus of a serious infection in the body.