Rectal suppositories Hemoprotekt: detailed instructions for use

suppositories The twenty-first century on the one hand marks a huge leap in the scientific plan, but also is characterized by the expansion of the list of occupational diseases to which many segments of the population are susceptible.

One such violation is hemorrhoids. It is worthwhile to limit yourself to activity and more to maintain a sitting posture, so the symptoms of hemorrhoids will not keep you waiting.

The disease is serious and very dangerous, and at the first manifestations of the disorder, it is certainly worth to make an appointment with a doctor.

Doctors - proctologists have in their arsenal a lot of drugs for drug therapy of the disease, which need to focus on the provision of medical care.

There are not so many drugs that have a complex therapeutic effect with hemorrhoids, and one of them is the hemoprotective agent, which is created on the territory of the CIS.


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Combined shock

Hemoprotect is a combined drug that has several uses.

According to the anatomical-therapeutic classification, Hemoprotein is an antihemorrhalic agent intended for topical application.

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But in the broadest sense it is an anesthetic that, in addition to the basic analgesic action, has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect.

Features of

Composition of the agent is as follows:

  • benzocaine -100 mg;
  • a-bismuth subgallate -40 mg;
  • of zinc oxide - 20 mg;
  • menthol - 4 mg.

Pharmacology means

The pharmacodynamics of this preparation is explained by its composition:

  1. Benzocaine has an analgesic effect. If we consider the action of benzocaine from the molecular point of view, then it candle composition is as follows - the cells of our body are permeated with special channels formed by protein molecules. These are the original tunnels through which various substances pass and, due to this, the cell maintain their vital activity.
    Benzocaine molecules penetrate the cell and close passages in a certain type of channels( so-called Na channels), thereby blocking the passage of impulses through these passages. Namely, Na channels are responsible for the excitation of tissues. And if they are blocked, then there is no excitation. And all this applies to the nervous tissue, which for a certain time stops sending nervous impulses to the brain and, thus, painful sensations pass. Therefore, anesthetics are the best means to eliminate pain, since they act directly on the nerve.
  2. Bismuth subgallate is responsible for anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. These pharmacological effects are realized due to direct influence on the epithelium of the rectal capsule. Both the bismuth itself and the acid residue, the subgallate, bind to the same cell proteins, and destroy them for a certain time, and these proteins reversibly form a film over the outer tissue of the rectum, thereby protecting it from irritating substances and from additional friction. In addition, bismuth ions can have a preventive effect in the rectal area, since hemorrhoids are very fraught with complications, especially infectious bacteria. Bismuth salts also act on the proteins of bacteria, but in their case - irreversibly and perniciously.
  3. Zinc oxide is identical in mechanism of action to the previous ingredient. It also removes inflammation and has preventative protection against harmful organisms.
  4. Menthol is an essential oil and natural component, which implies a reduced risk of allergic reactions, but despite this, menthol has a lot of pharmacological effects - soothing, spasmolytic( relaxes muscle muscles), reduces the amount of gases in the intestine, etc. But inThis drug form menthol has a distracting effect - it excites the superficial nerves of the rectal capsule, thereby increasing their impulse, and it turns out that the brain goes faster and moresignals from superficial "not sick" nerves, than from those that send painful sensations. In addition, having anti-inflammatory ability, menthol reduces the swelling and size of the rectal area, thereby increasing the clearance.

Indications for use

This drug is used to treat symptoms of hemorrhoids and fissures of the anus.

Predominantly, with the exception of severe pain exacerbations, gemoprotekt suppositories must be administered at night, because at this time the body is most suited to absorbing the drug.

In addition, night use will relieve the feeling of discomfort when itching and pain can appear, which will ensure a healthy sleep.

Correct application - a pledge of a speedy recovery

Candles, as a dosage form, have their own specifics, which must be remembered in order to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

Things to remember when using Hemoprotein:

  1. First, before using suppositories, the should use an enema to purify the - the release of the active elements will be rapid only with the emptied rectal capsule.
  2. Secondly, it is very important to apply candles very responsibly - to do everything only with clean and washed hands of .The place of input is also recommended to wipe with a wet soft towel.
  3. In the third, the suppository should be injected very fast , since the melting point of the suppositories is equal to the temperature of the human body, which means that every second candles can deform. Beforehand, the suppository should be soaked in water at room temperature, that the input was most smooth.
  4. Fourthly, to obtain the desired effect, should use at least 10 candles.
  5. Fifth, if the insertion of a candle is accompanied by painful sensations , then the suppository should be slightly melted and applied to a cotton swab. Next, attach to the affected area with massaging movements.

introduction of a candle

More precise information on the duration of treatment should be indicated by the proctologist.

Special instructions

This delicate disease, like hemorrhoids, often occurs during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the organism of the future mother experiences the strongest stresses and loads, therefore the help at the given stage is necessary for it.

The dosage of the agent in such a situation, in view of the possible effects on the fetus, is not recommended for self-selection.

treatment during pregnancy Only a specialist will be able to assess the usefulness of the drug, because in some cases, the benefit of such treatment may be less than harm.

People whose work is associated with increased attention, should also refuse to use the drug, because it is possible to reduce concentration and thought processes.

No medication is prescribed for the treatment of children. Use recommended from 18 years.

Side effects of

Ingredients of the drug are low toxicity and rarely cause undesirable effects. Only in cases of individual intolerance may the occurrence of an allergic reaction - itching, swelling, general malaise.

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It should be taken into account that when the drug is used for a long time, the composition of the blood should be constantly analyzed, the composition of the leukocyte and erythrocyte formula( the number of white and red bodies in the blood, because it is possible to suppress them with long use).

From the practice of using

Reviews of doctors and patients who use Hemoproct for hemorrhoid therapy.

Candles are very fast, about a week later, the swelling began to subside and the pains decreased.

Vladislav K.

I, unfortunately, have problems with the liver, in connection, with which I'm limited in taking tablets, and the gem plugs, have become a real salvation.

Maxim Chernenko

I prescribe the drug to my patients with great desire. In the price sense, the drug is one of the most economical, but the effect corresponds to therapeutic treatment.

There are no specific side effects, which causes delight in my patients.

Natalia Golovchenko, proctologist at the Grebinkovskaya District Hospital No. 1

In my practice, only one patient had intolerance to Hemoproct. In all other cases, the drug helps.

Andrey Grik, physician-therapist

Question of price

Relatively recent occurrence on the market, yet do not allow this drug to find its niche in the Russian market. Acquisition is possible only on the territory of Ukraine.

Price Hemoprokt, in translation for the currency of the Russian Federation, will be about 115-125 rubles per package.

Similar medications and their cost: Nigepan

  • Gempoprotte Ukraine, 120 rubles
  • Nigepan Russia, 150 rubles
  • Procto Gliwenol Switzerland, 450 rubles
  • Natalside Russia, 320 rubles
  • Anestezol Russia, 80 rubles.
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