Angina is not an easy disease, it can be transmitted from the patient to other people through ordinary household items: dishes, towels or items that are used not only by the person who is ill, but also by the people around him. Microbes in the oral cavity are constantly present, but their active growth can be triggered by factors such as seasonal temperature changes or the reception of cold drinks or food. In the case of angina, treatment is done with antibiotics. One of the most popular and reliable is Sumamed. This medicine is widely used and is recognized as the most effective in fighting inflammation of the throat.

This article reviews reviews of Flemoxin Solutab with angina.

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The drug is capable of destroying harmful bacteria that provoke angina. Once ingested, it is quickly absorbed i

nto the blood and dissolved in it. Its effectiveness is visible already on the second day after the first intake. Sumamed relate to macrolide antibiotics.

sumamed with angina

It destroys bacteria that show sensitivity to Azithromycin. It is the main active substance in the medicine, and it has an antibacterial effect on the body.

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Why is it prescribed for angina?

This medicine is prescribed by doctors more often than other antibiotics for inflammation of the throat. Due to the fact that it has a number of advantages:

  1. efficiency, time-tested. It is better than others helps with angina ;Sumamed in angina in children
  2. medicine acts more intensively due to its properties accumulate in the body. Therefore, recovery is faster;
  3. medication should not be taken often, it is enough to drink it one tablet a day;
  4. it gently acts even for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis.

From the article it becomes clear how to take streptocide in angina.

With a wide variety of bactericidal antibiotics, it is difficult to determine the choice. In the pharmacy can offer good, it would seem, analogues of this drug: Augmentin or Amoxiclav. But unlike them, Sumamed acts more efficiently, does not have as many side effects as they have. The course of treatment for them is three to five days, whereas they should be used for at least a week, or even more.


The drug is used at high body temperature, general weakness of the body and increased fatigue, redness of the throat and swelling of the lymph nodes. All these symptoms are present in angina. Sumamed is used to eliminate them in combination with other medicines: antipyretic, antiseptic, cough medicines.

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The course of treatment for these drugs lasts an average of three days. If after this period there is no positive dynamics of recovery, then the doctor should be consulted only on the second day after the end of the medication.

This is necessary for the doctor to accurately determine the course of the disease. Sumamed has a prolonged effect, so it is able to affect the disease not at the time of admission, but after it. treatment of tonsillitis with tonsillitis

Adults prescribe drugs in tablets, and children are provided with a special suspension. The exact dosage for each patient is individually prescribed by the doctor. Also he determines the number of doses per day and the duration of the course of treatment. In pharmacies, the drug can be purchased only on prescription.

Whether smoking is permitted with angina or not, please see this article.

Medication should not be taken often, so as not to cause addiction. If this happens, then it will not help. It should be used alternating with other equally effective means.


To children it is appointed cautiously and infrequently, as it is a strong tool. Usually a sparing course is chosen so that the antibiotic can not severely damage the immature growing organism. For children, his reception should last at least five days. The dose of the medicine is determined based on the weight of the baby. One kilogram of weight should be 10 mg of drug suspension. This despite the fact that the child crossed the 10 kg boundary.

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The video describes the use of sumamed in angina:

This article shows how much time is infected with sore throat.

Such a calculated dose of the drug is taken on the first day of therapy. And then in the next four days the amount of the drug should be cut in half. If you need to quickly put on your child's feet, you can apply to him an accelerated course, which will last only three days, but then the dosage of the drug will be determined by the following ratio: 10 mg of medicine per 10 kg. The medication should be taken daily. In order for the remainder of the suspension to get inside, give the child some water, and he will swallow them along with the liquid.

For children over 12 years of age who have a weight of more than 45 kg, they can prescribe medication in capsules. Then its one-time reception will be 250 mg. The drug is drunk one hour before meals or after the same time after it.

Taking any antibiotic can cause dysbacteriosis. Sumamed is no exception. To exclude such consequences it is necessary to take probiotics simultaneously with it. The best of them are: Linex, Bifidobacteria, Profibor and Lactobacterin. And you can also use prebiotics: Laktusan, Prelax and others. Lineks in interaction with antibiotics in angina

Sumamed should not use crumbs for up to six months. It is not recommended to use injections for children who are under 16 years old. It is necessary to strictly follow all the prescriptions of the doctor and do not prescribe the course and dosage on your own so as not to cause complications.

The article shows how to treat herpes sore throat in children.

For adults

In angina, there are usually two types of administration of this antibiotic: 5 - and accelerated 3 - day course. If the second option was chosen, then it is necessary to drink 500 mg once a day, preferably at the same time. Sumamed for adults

The preparation will be taken in the first variant according to the following scheme: the first day is 500 mg( you should drink two capsules or one tablet at once), and in the subsequent - 250 mg.

The effect of Sumamed against tonsillitis will depend on many factors: the stage of the disease, its side effects, the state of the patient's body, and how the otolaryngologist's recommendations and dosage will be followed. What is better with angina amoxiclav or sumamed. Depends on each factor separately and most of all on the sensitivity of the body. This antibiotic has proved to be an effective tool, so doctors prescribe it without fear of side effects in both adults and children.

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  • Tatiana, 52 years old: Always distinguished for her excellent health, so she was not sick often. But she remembered her purulent angina for a long time. It all started with a common cold. There was a runny nose, a slight cough, but mostly weakness and it all happened with a small temperature of 37.5oC.I drank a cold remedy for flu and went to bed. And the next morning I found out that my throat was terribly painful and it was hard for me to breathe, and I had an unpleasant smell from my mouth. And the temperature at this early time rose to 38.5 ° C.The doctor who came on call wrote to me Sumamed along with other medicines. He appointed to carry out various procedures and left. My relatives ran to the pharmacy and brought all the prescribed medicines. And it turned out that this product in the package has only three tablets. After reviewing the appointment of a doctor, I thought that he was mistaken. How can you drink an antibiotic for only three days? He will not have time to act, but I did not want to suffer further. So I read the instructions to him thoroughly and made sure that I should have time to eliminate all the symptoms in this short time. Take it was one tablet a day. I drank it already in the evening, tired of various rinses and lavages of the throat. The next morning I felt a little better, but thanks to that it was still unclear. In the evening of the same day, I drank it again, and slept the night like a baby. And after three days almost completely recovered. After this period, it became clear that the drug has a super-fast effect.
  • Larissa, 26 years old: I do not like to be sick, therefore I choose the fastest and most effective means. When I got sick with angina, I warned the doctor about it and asked him to appoint me a miracle - a remedy that would restore my health in record time. He prescribed a strong antibiotic for me - Sumamed. I was delighted that it was necessary to be treated only 3 days. Even advertised antibiotics had to be taken at least a week. And the prescribed remedy again pleased - you need to drink it only once a day. I was delighted with these two features, but when he cured me for the time I just fell in love with him. And now Sumamed holds the main place in my home medicine cabinet. It is a drug of a wide spectrum, therefore helps me out in case of complex diseases and never fails me.
  • Katerina, 48 years old: I was tormented by a terrible sore throat and from her I was prescribed by Sumamed, who quickly helps. His course of admission lasts 3 days. The throat disease began to leave the next day. The first night I slept for the first time with a deathly dream. But two days later, I began to worry about liver pain. After recovering from angina, I went to see a gastroenterologist. And he said that with chronic diseases of the liver and gall bladder, the reception of Sumamed should be done very carefully. It is better to stretch the dosage for 5 days. After that I still underwent restorative therapy with him. Therefore now I drink this antibiotic in extreme cases, because I have not found the best alternative yet. Heard that sumamed did not help with angina, but we have everything in this order.
  • Elvira, 30 years old: Sumamed's application left only a positive impression. His action was experienced by my eight-month-old daughter. She was very sick. The neck was red, the temperature was 39 ° C and the liquid stool. The diagnosis of the doctor was infectious angina. The pediatrician prescribed syrup Sumamed, specially made for children. Since the doctor is a good friend of mine, and she does not write out expensive drugs unnecessarily, I did not look for cheap analogs, but immediately bought it. And she did not regret it. Inside the package, there was a vial of granules that needed to be dissolved, topped up in a bottle of water and shuffled. Also, along with him were a plastic measuring spoon and from the same material made a syringe for convenient dosing of the medicine.

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To receive the received suspension it was necessary once a day and a course only three days. Its effect became noticeable in the first day: the temperature was asleep, the neck became pink and did not look so horrific.

For us, the only drawback was a specific taste. Taste though sweet, but the baby he did not like, had to give it to her in small doses from a syringe.