Adrenolytik Tropafen in the treatment of vascular diseases

Tropaphene( also known as Tropaphenum, Tropodifene) is an adrenolytic agent that reduces the presorbic effect of norepinephrine and mesotane.

The drug promotes vasodilation and reduces blood pressure. Tropafen refers to the alpha-adrenoblocker group.

The product is available as 1 and 2% solution in ampoules, 1 ml each. The package contains 10 ampoules. The powder, which is in ampoules, contains 0.01 g of freeze-dried trophafen.


  • Pharmacological profile
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Scheme of therapy and dosage
  • Overdosage and additional indications
  • Special conditions and patients
  • Integrated opinion of doctors and patients
  • Purchasing and storage

Pharmacological profile

The drug is used to treat diseases that are directly related toviolation of peripheral circulation( Raynaud's disease, acrocyanosis, and so on).Reduces or completely excludes the manifestation of vasospasms.

In addition, tropafen significantly increases blood

circulation, reduces pain and allows to significantly strengthen limb functions.

Feature of the drug is the improvement of peripheral circulation, which allows it to be used not only for varicose veins, but also for trophic ulcers.

The drug after intramuscular or subcutaneous injection into the human body can quickly be absorbed into the human vascular system. Half an hour after its introduction into the patient, the maximum peak of its action begins.

More details about the use of adrenolytics:

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Indications and contraindications for use

Scope of the drug:

  • peripheral vascular disease( reticular varicose, Raynaud's disease and others);
  • trophic ulcers of limbs;
  • elimination of sympathomimetic effects that are directly related to surgical intervention;
  • treatment of hypertensive state in the course of surgical intervention.

Contraindications to taking the drug are few. You can not use a medicine in the presence of organic diseases of the cardiovascular system. The exceptions are:

  • hypertension;
  • high blood pressure.

In the event that there is a suspicion of pheochromocytoma, administration of the drug is not recommended to avoid blocking the synthesis of catecholamines.

Scheme of therapy and dosage

Before use, the contents of the ampoule should be dissolved in water for injection. In order to prepare a 1% solution in the ampoule, 2 ml of water is introduced, for 2%, 1 ml, respectively.

The agent itself is prescribed by the attending physician intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Initially, the dosage is 1ml of 1% of the drug or 2%, after which the dose increases slightly and amounts to 1-2 milliliters of water and 2% solution, while applying the drug 1 to 3 times daily.

Duration of the course and dosage of the drug is:

  1. If blood circulation in the extremities of is detected, the drug is administered intramuscularly by 1-2 ml of 2% of the drug 3 times a day daily, the treatment course is from 10 to 20 days.
  2. In the presence of of hypertensive disease , a non-standard action of the agent is observed. Subsequent to 3 days of injection, an increase in blood pressure is observed subcutaneously. This is normal, and after 3 days the patient's condition improves. To treat this disease, use 0.5 ml of 1% of the agent for 3 weeks.
  3. To perform the study of pheochromocytoma , one milliliter of 1% solution should be injected into the vein.
  4. To prevent the hypertensive crisis , the drug should be used in a proportion of 1 ml 2%.

Overdose and additional indications

The main symptoms of an overdose can be:

  • nausea, accompanied by vomiting;
  • severe abdominal pain;
  • signs of suffocation;
  • severe headaches.
In the event that there are symptoms of an overdose, it is recommended that you call an ambulance immediately.

As a result of studies and based on practical experience with the drug, these side effects were identified:

  • a small tachycardia;
  • in rare cases dizziness;
  • allergic reactions to the contents of the drug are possible.

Special conditions and patients

According to the studies, the drug is completely incompatible with alcohol.

The drug has a strong effect on the work of the kidneys and liver, so the dosage is prescribed exclusively individually by the treating doctor.

Tropaphenum is not compatible with the drugs of its group. With the rest of the drugs, its use is permissible, but only with the recommendation of the attending physician.

Features of the drug during pregnancy and during lactation:

  • prolonged use of the drug may cause the fetus to depend on medicines;
  • use of the drug on the 3rd trimester of pregnancy can cause pulmonary hypertension in the fetus;
  • is strictly prohibited in the 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy;
  • categorically prohibits use in the last month before childbirth;
  • when lactating the drug is strictly prohibited, the exception is the personal appointment of the doctor taking the drug in small doses.

The composition of the drug allows its use for the treatment of children from 7 years. In this case, the doses and the frequency of admission are assigned individually by the treating physician.

Integrated opinion of doctors and patients

Having studied the opinions of practicing physicians and patients who took Tropafen, it is possible to draw certain conclusions.

I have been working as a cardiologist for 10 years. For all this time I have seen many medicines and each is unique in its kind. I can not say that Tropaphene needs to be carried to the skies, but still it should be used to treat hypertension, with high blood pressure, and so on.

The fact is that many cores are immune to the standard medications, and this drug is a new sample that can solve health problems in a short time. The only thing I can say is that it is strictly forbidden to use it at home.

Cardiologist, experience 10 years

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

Hello! I'm a phlebologist and my whole life I do that I treat patients from varicose veins. After I found out about Tropafen and studied its contents, I realized that he worthily should take a place in my course of treatment.

As practice showed, it was enough for patients only 2 weeks of intramuscular application of this drug and their condition improved significantly, and even they did get rid of their disease. In general, I recommend it to all my colleagues.

Phlebologist, 34 years old

Hello! My name is Alina, I'm 45 years old. I recently had problems with varicose veins. Doctors for a long time could not find a drug for me that could cope with the problem, because everything that I was assigned did not give the desired effect. I did not know what to do, I changed many specialists, but the latter is just a find. He prescribed me to take Tropaphene three times a day for 2 milliliters of a 1% solution. The first week of the result was practically not there, but on the second, all the symptoms began to disappear, and only after 3 weeks I felt healthy, so I recommend this drug.

Alina, 45

Hello! My name is Alexey. For two years I suffered from hypertension. All the standard drugs that are prescribed for this disease, I did not help. The doctor decided to appoint me Tropafen. I was injected it intramuscularly 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening. I do not remember the dosage, but I know one thing - he helped me and now I'm absolutely healthy. Thanks to the manufacturers of that drug.

Alexey, 48

Judging by the feedback of patients, a 2% solution of a drug administered twice a day is more effective. The average course of treatment was 3 weeks. But you should not prescribe the dosage yourself, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

Among the advantages of patients are the following:

  • the possibility of rapid recovery;
  • painless way of application;
  • a small number of side effects.

Among the minuses, there is a possible dizziness, and therefore it is extremely undesirable to sit down for 2 hours after taking the drug. And also that it is practically impossible to get a medication now.

Purchase and storage of

To date, the drug is not on sale, so the price is unknown.

Shelf life of the drug is 2 years. Keep in a cool dark place.

There is no current time in the pharmacies of this drug, but for the purchase of available analogues of Tropafen:

  • Nicergolin, - the average cost of 68 rubles;
  • Ebrantil, - the price in pharmacies is 214 rubles;
  • Sermion, - the average cost price of 311 rubles.
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