Choose the best candles from hemorrhoids: inexpensive and effective drugs

The problem of hemorrhoids is very delicate, for this reason many people who have discovered this illness do not rush to go to the doctor.

As a result of such illiterate behavior, the disease worsens, and the situation worsens significantly.

In practice, it is confirmed that in the early stages of hemorrhoids, special candles can be used with special efficiency to treat the disease.

But it is recommended in any case to visit a doctor, he will appoint the right course of treatment and help get rid of the disease in the shortest time.


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Candle place in therapy for

Candles managed to behave wellto recommend in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This tool is used in the presence of hemorrhoids. It is aimed at stopping the m

ain signs of the presence of the disease, getting rid of the pain.

The action of the drugs is based on the fact that they are absorbed through the rectal mucosa, and then begin their action in the blood vessels.

If we talk about the classification of candles, then they are completely different. They differ in the components, in the severity of the action, in terms of treatment.

If the disease is not started, then the effectiveness of treatment with such drugs will be much higher. The proctologist helps to choose the means.

Types of suppositories

In the pharmacy, with some knowledge, you can find inexpensive and effective drugs that are used to treat hemorrhoids, including candles.

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They are relatively cheap and are more effective, unlike some other drugs. And since they have a local effect, they do not bring practically any threat to the body.

Suppositories are not toxic, practically do not cause allergies, and can also be absorbed quickly and bring maximum relief to the patient. Dosage is used, as recommended by a doctor.

According to the consistency of the candles are solid, and getting into the body, at body temperature they melt. The candles are in the form of a cylinder, they are injected into the rectum in the prone position, where they melt and have a therapeutic effect on the body.

You should use them carefully and apply a napkin on top so that the contents do not stain the laundry.

In practice, more than 10 groups of candles are used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, each of which has its own degree of influence and its peculiarities:

  1. For external hemorrhoids .Such drugs allow you to get rid of pain in the anus, and also have an anesthetic in the composition.
  2. Candles with the extract of the belladonna have an analgesic effect, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Glycerin suppositories - are "soft", can be used in pregnancy. Such candles can heal wounds, soften the spasmodic anal sphincter.
  4. Drugs with complex effects have anti-inflammatory effect, if you believe the reviews, then such candles are very effective and often cheap.
  5. Homeopathic candles , containing various herbs and oils - tea tree, aloe, fir oil. They oppose inflammation, anesthetize, soften.
  6. Hemostatic drugs - they also contain extracts of nutrients. They are used strictly according to the instructions and are prescribed by a doctor. It is recommended to begin treatment with them, because they can easily stop the first signs of the disease.
  7. Bactericidal candles .Used to eliminate the pathogenic effects of bacteria on the body.
  8. Ichthyol has the greatest effect at an early stage.
  9. Separately it is necessary to allocate suppositories Relif , which contain useful ingredients and actively work against various manifestations of hemorrhoids. Products eliminate pain, relieve itching.
  10. Anti-inflammatory drugs promote the removal of the first signs of inflammation and have analgesic effect.
  11. Astringent candles clean the body of the decomposition products, dry it.

All groups of candles are used only for the doctor's prescription. Regardless of the purpose, they are inserted into the rectum, in which they dissolve.

Some candles are used more often, some less often, it all depends on the degree of complication of the disease, as well as on the type of suppositories used.

The choice of doctors and ordinary people

Based on the practical experience of applying suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids and depending on the purpose, in each group you can make the best candles:

  1. For the treatment of external hemorrhoids, candles containing Novocain and Lidocaine are used. These drugs include Anestezol( contains zincite), Nigepan( with antiseptic), Procto-Glivenol, they are all inexpensive - from 100 rubles per package. According to the reviews, the drugs perfectly help to cope with the disease at the initial stage.
  2. Anusole and Betiol are the candles with the belladonna extract , which has a miraculous effect. The cost is about 100 rubles, reviews of doctors and patients are the most positive.
  3. Glycerin candles that help to relax the patient.
  4. Integrated - Proctosedil with anti-inflammatory hormone, Suppositium gespalon, which reduces thrombus, Aurobin with prednisolone. The price of these drugs is low, and the effectiveness is checked in practice.
  5. Homeopathic candles give a good effect, but, since natural, cost more, the order of 500 rubles.
  6. To stop the blood , candles are applied on the basis of Vikasol, Etamsilate, Calcium Chloride, the price is from 300 rubles.
  7. Anesthetic candles .Effective drug with sea-buckthorn - Olesesin, which anesthetizes and copes well with its main task. Ichthyol suppositories stop the disease completely, and are also very effective.
Relief Candles cost up to 800 rubles, and as you can see, they are not the cheapest, but according to reviews, they are the most effective.

Each of the drugs is tested in practice and has certain reviews among doctors and patients, which can be found easily.

If the price issue is the key

Extreme belladonna extract - cheap and efficient

If the time to treat hemorrhoids in the early stages, you can eliminate the underlying symptoms quickly enough and effectively, with no complications and consequences.

In order for everything to be successful, it is recommended to visit a proctologist on time, and to implement a comprehensive approach to getting rid of the disease.

From the point of view of the availability of natural components and low cost, homemade candles prepared at home - for example, from potatoes, sea buckthorn, belladonna are considered to be the best.

But most importantly, you need to take time to produce them, and it's also important to keep the dosage correctly, only in this case the funds will be safe and effective.

If we talk about the drugs purchased at the pharmacy, then among the cheapest, but at the same time effective, we can distinguish the following:

  1. Anuzol costs from 40 to 60 rubles, is made on the basis of belladonna. The drug is used in inflammatory processes, as well as in the presence of pain syndromes and spasms. If we talk about the basic properties, then we can distinguish a good antiseptic effect.
  2. You can use extract, the cost of the drug is about 50 rubles, it is used to eliminate pain and relieve spasms. No more than three candles can be used per day. One package contains 10 candles.
  3. Betilol is also a cheap drug, the price is 60-70 rubles. Also made on the basis of the leaves of belladonna. Has a lot of medicinal properties.
  4. Olesesin , the cost of packing is 110 rubles. Combined composition helps fight the disease, and there is also an active substance. The drug acts as a good analgesic, which has a quick effect.

Thus, all preparations are good in their own way, but it is best not to self-medicate, but to consult a doctor.

The best candles for the price / quality of

Many patients seek to select the drugs that would suit them in terms of price and quality. These include a simple krasavka extract, which costs only 50 rubles and has natural ingredients.

But if its actions are not enough to completely get rid of the disease, the doctor may prescribe another drug - for example, Anuzol or Betiol, which contain additional components and contribute to a quick recovery.

In any case, patients have a good selection of medications that are optimal in price and quality.

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Best candles for children

Not all candles are suitable for children. Unfortunately, not yet invented drugs intended only for children, so candles are used for adults in a lower dosage.

Only the attending physician deals with the treatment plan.

The candles Anuzol and Betiol have well proven themselves.

Suppositories for pregnant women

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are a difficult problem and candles can be an effective treatment if they are prescribed according to the therapy scheme prescribed by the attending physician.

The most safe and effective will be preparations based on natural ingredients - with extract of propolis, St. John's wort, sea buckthorn.

Though they cost more than usual, but nevertheless - the effect of them is guaranteed. Aurobin and Olesesin are recommended for pregnant women, after consultation with a doctor.

Hemorrhoids is an unpleasant disease, but if you start treatment in a timely manner and choose the right drugs for treatment, you can avoid serious consequences.

It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, but it is worthwhile to see a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment and choose the best medicines.

Well-proven candles from hemorrhoids, because they are effective, are inexpensive and suitable for use by absolutely everyone. If you can competently choose these products, then you will not regret.

All groups of candles have their own characteristics and merits, which are important to take into account, as well as for a productive struggle against the disease, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor in a timely manner.

With timely and quality treatment of the disease, a positive effect will be achieved.

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