What to do if hemorrhoids get out - independent and medical help

got out a hemorrhoidal knot Hemorrhoids are a serious illness characterized by unpleasant symptoms: pain, bleeding, discomfort and itching.

In fact, it is inflammation of the veins of the rectum and anus.

If you leave the problem without attention - this can lead to very serious consequences.


  • Symptoms of the disease
  • What is the true cause of the disease?
  • First of all after diagnosing
  • We go to the doctor
    • The initial stage is all easy and simple
    • The second stage is still fixable
    • The third stage is all bad, but the chances are
    • The last stage - will help only the scalpel
  • Folk methods
  • Hemorrhoids in an interesting position -it is hemorrhoids

Signs of the disease

It is necessary to recognize the disease in time to immediately start treatment and prevent the possibility of complications.

If a hemorrhoidal node has escaped, the patient is observed:

  1. Discomfort in the anal ring region .This symptom is characteristic for the onset of the disease
    . In the area of ​​the anus can be felt foreign body, which constantly reminds of itself.
  2. Bleeding of the .This is the main sign of hemorrhoids, which occurs in most cases. Occurs during the defecation process or after it. Blood does not mix with feces. A thick mass of scarlet color is always well recognized and is located on top of the stool. The intensity varies from small drops to jets. Remember that prolonged bleeding can lead to anemia.
  3. Painful sensations .This symptom occurs after some progression of the disease. It occurs with inflammation of the Itching in the posterior aperture hemorrhoids, their infringement or the development of cracks.
  4. Itching .This is a side effect that occurs when the skin is irritated around the anal ring. It threatens with the appearance of eczema( non-contagious skin disease).Prolonged mechanical action in this case can lead to the development of tumor complications, and in advanced cases - to additional bleeding.

All these signs appear wavy. During hemorrhoids, a person experiences symptoms of varying intensity: the disease is dying, and a person forgets about it, then it comes back with renewed vigor.

What is the real cause of the disease?

The main cause of hemorrhoids is a violation of the vascular function. Increase in the influx of arterial blood with a decrease in its outflow leads to the formation of hemorrhoids.

Unfortunately, doctors and scientists have not yet clarified the true causes of this disease, however, this theory is considered the most reliable.

There are several negative factors that affect the development of hemorrhoids:

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  • genetic predisposition;
  • systematic constipation;
  • long-term work in one sitting or standing position;
  • weight lifting;
  • pregnancy;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • childbirth;
  • heavy physical work;
  • intoxication( excessive alcohol use);
  • a violation of the diet( lots of spicy and spicy food);
  • infections that cause inflammation of the hemorrhoidal veins and colitis.

This is not a complete list of all the reasons for which hemorrhoids occur, only common. The fact is that each person is unique and therefore the main reason may be a completely unexpected occupation or predisposition.

However, if you exclude the influence of all these factors on your body, then you will be able to significantly reduce the risk of this disease.

First of all after diagnosing

got out hemorrhoids The initial stage of hemorrhoids development does not pose a serious danger for the human body, therefore it does not require urgent medical or surgical intervention.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that a person at the sight of blood after the process of defecation falls into a stupor and in this case can do harm to himself.

What can be done at home if hemorrhoids get out, even before visiting a qualified specialist:

  1. If you have severe pain in the anal ring and rectum , take an pain medication and, at the very least, use a cooling compress. To do this, you can moisten gauze cold potassium permanganate. This procedure will partially remove the very cause of the pain. Manganese removes inflammation and swelling, and cold reduces pain immediately. In addition, you can use ordinary ice.
  2. Try to ease the tension of the muscles of the anal ring and rectum .To do this, try to avoid long-term presence in the sitting and standing position.
  3. If constipation occurs, do not try to solve the problem with the forces of the body .Use special medicines or enema.
  4. Well removes inflammation by taking cold baths .But for a tangible effect, it is necessary to take them quite often.

We go to the doctor

Each disease develops gradually, and hemorrhoids are no exception. Specialists distinguish 4 stages of the development of this disease, each of which uses its own methods of treatment.

Initial stage - everything is simple and simple.

The initial stage is swelling of hemorrhoids and rare bleeding. These symptoms are characteristic for the onset of the disease.

Typically, this stage is often a real shock for the patient, however, it does not require immediate medical pain reliever tablets treatment. The patient at this stage feels a slight itch, burning and discomfort.

Treatment at this stage is not difficult for a specialist, however, you should still consult a doctor as early as possible to prevent the disease from developing.

Treatment at this stage should be comprehensive with the use not only of medicamental, but also folk treatment in the form of strengthening and stimulating exercises. At this stage, doctors prescribe rectal suppositories, ointments, pills and other medications.

The second stage is still fixable

In the second stage of hemorrhoids, an increase in hemorrhoids is observed, more and more often hemorrhoids climb out. Nodes can be adjusted independently. Blood now appears not only after defecation, but also in a calm state.

These symptoms are related to stress during defecation and frequent constipation. Discomfort in the region of the anus and rectum is intensified.

Escuzane To all complex treatment, which is typical for the first stage, sclerotherapy sessions, latex ligation and so on are added.

Doctors recommend using Eskuzan drops, special injections and various ointments that help relieve pain.

To stop bleeding apply creams, sessile baths and cold water.

Stage three - everything is bad, but the chances are

The third stage - the nodes can not recover themselves. At this stage, hemorrhoids are considered acute. The disease is gaining momentum.

Now the hemorrhoidal nodes fall almost constantly even at the slightest physical exertion. The main difference from the 4th stage is that the nodes of the hemorrhoidal nodes can still be adjusted by hand.

At this stage doctors strongly do not recommend self-medication.

At this stage, medication is only distracting. The basis is surgical methods of therapy.

Stage last - will help only the scalpel

4 stage - permanent prolapse of nodes with bleeding. This is the most severe and neglected form of the disease, which requires the most serious approach.

Additional diseases appear as a consequence of the development of hemorrhoids: thrombosis, necrosis and others, characterized by prolonged bleeding.

Treatment is performed exclusively surgically by radio waves and laser coagulation.

stage of hemorrhoids

Folk methods

Traditional methods of treating hemorrhoids are quite developed and suggest the use of many recipes and methods:

  1. Broths of herbs .Suitable plantain, St. John's wort, leaves of strawberries, a mountainous pochechuin and nettle.
  2. Yoga .Specially designed exercises stimulate the muscles of the anus, rectum and pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Baths with Manganese .This remedy removes inflammation and pain, and also disinfects the lesions of
  4. Ice .Relieves pain, stops bleeding and eliminates the prolapse of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids in an interesting situation - it's hemorrhoids

If hemorrhoids get out during pregnancy or after childbirth, then in this case to prescribe medicines categorically can not be , since chemicals can carry a threat to the development of the baby, having got into his body through the womb or milk, thatWhat to do in this case?

Mainly used candles( mostly sea-buckthorn, which are absolutely harmless to the body), as well as ointments from plant components.

Eliminate products that cause constipation from your diet and include porridges( buckwheat, oatmeal, semolina, etc.).

Eat more fruits and vegetables in raw form, as they contain substances useful for the intestines. Some products of hemorrhoids get out during pregnancy are capable of producing a long-lasting laxative effect on the body: dried apricots, prunes, nuts, and sour-milk products. They can not be excluded from the diet.

People use candles from garlic, potatoes and sea buckthorn oil. You can use ointments based on propolis and compresses from honey or mummies. Do not hurt and the bath with broths of herbs and ice.

All these components will not cause any harm to the body, and their impact will not affect the development of the baby.

If the presented methods do not help, and the disease has already gained momentum, minimally invasive methods of treatment are used:

  • latex lagging;
  • freezing of hemorrhoids with liquid nitrogen;
  • infrared coagulation.

If cones of hemorrhoids have come out, then this is very unpleasant and requires a comprehensive approach to treatment. Listen carefully to the signals that your body gives you, and at the first signs of hemorrhoids, contact your doctor!

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