Degradable ointments from cones, knots and thrombi in hemorrhoids

ointment on the finger Statistics show that 50% of citizens of developed countries face hemorrhoids at one or another stage of development. And this is only official data.

How many people are engaged in self-medication is unknown. Referring to high statistical indicators, the question of how to effectively treat hemorrhoids is very relevant.


  • A Dangerous Enemy at the Gates of the Anal Fole
  • Why are Resorbable Ointments Needed?
  • Variations in the composition of
  • Application features of
  • Top-10 best absorbing drugs

A dangerous enemy at the anus of the anal opening

Hemorrhoids are characterized by inflamed and enlarged internal venous nodes of the rectum plexus. The disease can be accompanied by bleeding, thrombosis, itching, inflammation and other symptoms.

Hemorrhoidal veins have the property of stretching when filled with blood. If the blood flow to the small pelvis or intestines is broken, i.e.the influx of blood is large, and the outflow is disturbed - irreversible expa

nsion of the veins occurs. Due to stagnation of arterial blood and thin walls, hemorrhoids are formed.

The first signs, predicting the development of the disease, are discomfort, itching and raspiranie in the anus when you visit the toilet. hemorrhoids

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Later such symptoms occur with normal movements, the blood of scarlet color is gradually allocated from the rectum. Without appropriate treatment, the disease progresses.

The hemorrhoidal nodes form in the next stage. First they retract themselves, then perhaps self-correction, and then only medical intervention.

Hemorrhoids can be burdened with such troubles as:

  • rise in temperature;
  • impossibility of emptying;
  • acute pain;
  • severe bleeding;
  • blood clots;
  • purulent inflammation;
  • stool incontinence.

Excessive physical activity, hypodynamia, long sitting or standing, genetic predisposition lead to illness.

Why are resorbable ointments needed?

In the fight against hemorrhoids can help pills, ointments and suppositories. Absorbent ointment is one of the most effective kinds of medicines, which helps to get rid of seals in the anus, hemorrhoids and knots. She copes not only directly with the problem, but also with the complications that have arisen.

Creamy preparations have many advantages:

  • convenience and ease of use;
  • the effectiveness of absorbable ointments is in no way inferior to rectal suppositories and tablets, and even exceeds hemorrhoids in external hemorrhoids;
  • the medicinal components of the ointment penetrate into the deeper layers of tissues susceptible to the disease, have a curative effect and soothe the affected rectum, relieve inflammation;
  • are indispensable for children, during pregnancy and feeding;
  • is used for all types and stages of hemorrhoids, but internal lumps dissolve more difficultly.

The negative factor from the application of resorbants is the layering of fat in the local area due to the absorption into the skin of the active components of the therapeutic agent.

Variations in the composition of

ointment on hand The composition components differ in the direction of their action. They contain several component components, one of them, as a rule, the main one, and the remaining auxiliary ones.

Therefore, before choosing a medicine, you need to clearly understand which symptoms you need to emphasize in each particular case. Those drugs that have helped one person, may not bring the desired result to another.

So, the main types of active components of absorbable ointments:

  • anti-inflammatory substances have the property to quickly and effectively remove inflammation, are shown with exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • hemostatic medicinal components are good for bleeding;
  • ointments with the content of phlebotonics are effective in the phase of remission;
  • in the case of bleeding nodes it is better to choose the ointment with the hemostatic effect of ;
  • resorbable ointments with anesthetic effectively stop pain symptoms.

Almost all drugs are produced on an ointment basis, they contain petrolatum.

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Before using the ointment it is recommended to visit a doctor - proctologist. He will study the complaints, take into account all the nuances and after that will prescribe the necessary drug. The conclusion about what ointment is suitable in a particular case consists of several factors:

  • of the disease stage;
  • concomitant diseases( if any);
  • individual component portability.
In some cases, only direct use will help to understand which ointment will be effective for each particular patient.

Features of application of

Any absorbable ointment should be applied after bowel evacuation and washing. Expressed effect brings night applications. The frequency of application 2 or 3 times a day, more precisely can be found in the manufacturer's instructions.

In the case of external hemorrhoids, it is enough to simply lubricate the anal opening with a preparation or attach a tampon with the composition to it. There is no need to rub it.

To cure internal nodes use the attached tip, screwed onto the tube and inserted into the anus. Also, for these purposes, you can use a tampon made of gauze or just a finger lubricated with an ointment.

Top-10 best absorbing drugs

Among the many resorptive ointments that help get rid of hemorrhoids, which are represented in pharmacy chains, we chose the most popular and proven drugs:

  1. Heparin ointment .The active substance is heparin( lowers blood coagulability).Has the properties of effective Heparin ointment resorption of hematoma thrombosed cones, as well as seals after injections. It acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Heparin ointment is not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is used for varicose veins, hematomas and for resorption of multiple injection sites. Scope - all types of hemorrhoids. There are contraindications.
  2. Ointment of Vishnevsky .The active substance is tar, xerobes. Natural components have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. Effectively removes puffiness of tissues, relieves irritation, softens vessels that are susceptible to thrombosis. To improve the absorption of the ointment, it is recommended to apply compresses from the potassium permanganate to the affected area for three days before use. Supplement the effect of ointments with heparin. Scope - all types of hemorrhoids. Has no contraindications. An unpleasant odor can be an irritant.
  3. Flemming Ointment .The active substance - extracts of calendula, witch hazel, horse chestnut, zinc oxide, menthol. This ointment is homeopathic. Active substances strengthen the vessels, dry, analgeziruyut, remove puffiness, reduce the likelihood of infection. The area of ​​application is external hemorrhoids in uncomplicated form. Contraindications are minimal - individual intolerance to a certain component.
  4. Troxevasin .The active substance is troxerutin. It is a directed action intended to strengthen the walls of the vessels of the rectum and the anal canal. Ointment reduces discomfort, swelling of tissues, the volume of exudate released, facilitates defecation. In addition, it effectively fights even with the prolapse of the rectum. The field of application is external hemorrhoids. There are contraindications. Levomexol
  5. Levomekol .The active ingredient is methyluracil and levomycetin. Levomekol is an antibiotic with a broad purpose. Efficiently reduces inflammation, promotes tissue repair, blocks infection, has healing effect. Scope - all types of hemorrhoids. Has contraindications.
  6. Hepatrombin - G .The active substance is heparin and allantoin. It is a multi-component combination, acts as a thrombolytic and a good painkiller. Effectively resolves the lumps and knots. The field of application is all types of disease, but it is especially effective in external hemorrhoids. There are contraindications, it is necessary to appoint a doctor.
  7. Proctosan .The active substance - bufeksomak, lidocaine, titanium dioxide. This ointment is recommended at different stages of hemorrhoids. It relieves burning, pain, simplifies defecation. It blocks inflammation and bacteria, stops blood. Promotes healing of cracks. Scope - all types of hemorrhoids in acute forms. There are contraindications.
  8. Bezornil .The active substance - amber, pearls, calamine, muscon. Bezornil is the brainchild of Chinese medicine. It has astringent, anti-edematous, anesthetic, hemostatic effect. Heals cracks, eliminates discharge, itching and burning. The field of application is all forms of hemorrhoids, taking into account the acute ones. Contraindications - individual intolerance of components. Relief Advance ointment
  9. Relief Advance .The active ingredient is benzocaine, shark liver oil. Ointment is wound healing, antimicrobial, immunomodulating. Acts as an anesthetic, but without anesthetics. Copes with cracks, erosions, is recommended in the postoperative period. Scope - all types of hemorrhoids at different stages. Has contraindications.
  10. Aurobin .Active substances - dexpanthenol, triclosan, lidocaine. Thanks to the components that make up the ointment, Aurobin effectively removes inflammation, restores the epithelium, and anesthetizes. In addition, it provides antimicrobial, antiallergic and regenerative effects. Helps with enlargement and protrusion of veins. Contains vitamins, thanks to which the healing process is faster. Scope - all kinds of knots and cones. Particularly relevant for acute inflammation of the nodes. Has minimal contraindications associated with skin diseases.


  • absorbable ointments can be used as an independent drug or in combination with other antihemorrhoidal agents;
  • for the best result is recommended to visit a doctor-proctologist at the first signs of hemorrhoids;
  • the effectiveness of treatment depends on timely treatment and the stage of the disease;
  • ointments are distinguished by active active substances, so the right product in each case is a guarantee of a speedy recovery.
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