Today, issues related to the harm and use of tobacco smoking can be found in the scientific literature and on sites of various thematic areas. Classical medicine in no way denies the use of nicotine as a nicotinic acid for the vascular system of the human body. That is, there is reason to argue that the consumption of nicotine containing substances is quite acceptable and even a useful method of treating certain pathologies. But still, what effect does this substance have on the inflammatory process in the tonsils? How does smoking correlate with sore throat? For this, it is necessary to consider the course of the pathological process and the peculiarities of smoking at this time.


  • 1 Features of the disease
  • 2 Tobacco use for purulent disease
  • 3 Harmful effects

Features of the disease

First of all, you need to consider the specificity of the pathology. Angina is a disease known since antiquity. His description is found in the writings of the

father of medicine - the great Hippocrates. It differs in the acute course of the infection process in the throat region. Inflammation of the palatine lymph nodes caused by bacteria such as streptococci, staphylococci, and other microorganisms.

Can I smoke with angina

Thus the patient feels considerable discomfort, the throat contracts, there is a painful syndrome. The issue of smoking in different patients is solved in different ways. In some cases, after smoking, there is a slight relief, after which pathological signs increase. In order to determine whether the ingestion of microdoses of nicotine affects the course of tonsillitis, all forms of the inflammatory process should be studied.

  • The catarrhal type is characterized by acute course, complaints of burning, dryness, perspiration, minor pain during swallowing. Against the background of hyperemia and subfebrile smoking can cause nausea, bouts of vomiting and dizziness. By reference, you can read about the treatment of catarrhal tonsillitis with antibiotics.
  • The type of follicular sore throat begins with a sharp increase in temperature indices up to 38-39 ° C.Pain is given to the ear region, intoxication of the body is manifested by significant headaches, pulling sensations in the lumbar region, fever, chills, general weakness. Smoking of tobacco can cause exclusively negative sensations, expansion of vessels in the area of ​​the esophagus potentiates the gag reflex. Here you can read what antibiotics are taken with follicular sore throat in adults. Smoking with angina causes inconvenience
  • The course of lacunar angio with symptoms much more severe than in the follicular type, the surface of the amygdala is covered with plaque and yellow films. Expansion of the capillary mesh and vascular bed of the larynx and pharynx after the use of nicotine leads to the rejection of raids, spontaneous swallowing and the potentiation of nausea and vomiting attacks, headache and worsening of the general condition. Here are described the symptoms and treatment of lacunar angina.
  • Fibrinous type of angina proceeds much heavier, against a background of high body temperature indices, a single continuous coating of a pronounced yellow shade is formed. Significant fever, chills, severe signs of intoxication of a general type, often there are signs of damage to the central nervous system. After smoking even one cigarette, the patient's condition worsens significantly, which can lead to loss of consciousness, a breakthrough of the purulent focus and the potential for a general process in other organs and tissues.
  • Subtype of phlegmonous sore throat. Phlegmonous tonsillitis manifests itself in the form of purulent melting of the areas of the tonsils. Against the backdrop of manifestations of general body exhaustion, headache, a critical temperature increase of 39-40 ° C, symptoms of large-scale intoxication of the body, smoking can only cause an exacerbation of the patient's condition.
  • The aetiology of the ulcerative-membranous subtype is characterized by morphological disturbances in the structure of the tonsils and the palatal curtain. There is necrosis of the zevnyh surfaces of one, less often both tonsils. Awkwardness and discomfort, strong salivation, the appearance of putrefactive odor during breathing and talking does not decrease with smoking. Even one cigarette leads to a worsening of the condition, potentiating pains, attacks of vomiting. Possible loss of consciousness.

Thus, the answer to this question - whether it is possible to smoke with inflammation of tonsils of this or that type, each patient decides on his own. On the scales is an addiction and a state of health, already significantly undermined by this rather serious infectious disease. It should also be borne in mind that angina significantly affects the functions of the nervous system, and smoking during the disease is an additional burden on it.

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Tobacco use for purulent disease

sore throat impossible to smoke

What is pus and where does it come from on surfaces and lacunae of tonsils with infection in the throat. Today, due to free access to the most diverse sources of general and special medical information, where the Internet takes the leading place, many people know the features of the course of a particular pathological process. In this case, the role of the immune system is well known, the main factor of which are elements of blood - leukocytes. For any type of inflammation of the tonsils, regional lymph nodes necessarily increase. Submandibular, cervical and even occipital. All protective functions of the body are mobilized to fight with pathogens - streptococci, staphylococci and other microorganisms.

Pus is the dead immune bodies that largely resist the invasion of pathological factors. That is, the localization of the inflammation focus in the throat. A feature of lymphoid tissue is that it is a reliable shield against infection. It does not allow you to direct the main blow to the most important body systems. It is the lymphoid ring in the throat that does not allow infection to penetrate into the bronchial tree, the lung and heart system. A serious threat to health for today and in the future. Therefore, lighting up cigarettes and trying to breathe a sore and sore throat with more poisonous smoke, you should ask yourself about the following. Is it worth smoking with purulent sore throat?

  1. Completely the entire set of components contained in cigarette smoke, depresses all metabolic processes and vital activity of cells of any tissues of the human body.
  2. Not all fans of this addiction think that every delay of a cocktail of poisons and tar allows the smoker to regularly commit suicide in miniature.
  3. Each cigarette requires that a sufficiently large number of protective cells die to compensate for the damage done. The ability of the body to produce sufficient volumes of new living cells. This is how harm from an addiction can be ignored for a while. Smoking destroys cells

The course of angina is a serious inflammatory process. At the same time, all energy opportunities work to solve one problem - not only to survive, but to overcome the disease. The following happens:

  • The exhausting struggle of each cell of the body leads to a significant decrease.
  • When puffed with cigarette smoke, there is settling of poisonous tar, carcinogenic smoke, nicotine on the surface of the tonsils.
  • It is these poisons that drown out painful symptoms, creating a very small effect of analgesia.
  • The process is characterized by oppression of the protective function of lymphoid tissues, the blood system is poisoned, the load on the cardiovascular and excretory system is increased.
  • Hot smoke, falling into the throat, burns the surface of inflamed, purulent lenten lumps of tonsils. At this point, pus is caked in lacunas, which completely complicates the possibility of effective treatment by rinsing the throat, douching lacunae, lubricating the surface with medicines.

Clinical medicine can give only one answer about smoking or not during the period of purulent infection in the throat. You can not find a more effective accomplice of such a dangerous disease and its infectious agent than a complex of poisons contained in the smoke of a cigarette.

Harmful effects of

smoking with angina

The desire to smoke during such a serious illness is an exclusively psycho-emotional problem. Usually in the course of any disease, smokers tend to perceive it as some kind of arbitrary death approach. Moreover, angina is accompanied by significant pain and general symptoms, characteristic of significant intoxication.

Given that during the infectious purulent sore throat the brain and the central nervous system are affected, an illusion of improvement of the condition is created, which then quickly passes. Each tightening leads to the fact that the sick body receives significant doses of toxins, with which it is almost unable to fight. There is irreparable - the destruction of natural immunity. In the future, this leads to susceptibility to other, much more serious acute and chronic diseases.

Really tightening hot cigarette unpleasant smelling smoke better than adequate treatment, a day and night stay in bed under a warm blanket with your favorite book! Caring for yourself will certainly pay off with a quick and effective recovery. Especially, if the following tasty medicines are added to the complex of medicines:

  1. Use of abundant, warm, acidified lemon, vitamin drink with honey bee.
  2. Frequent copious rinsing with non-corrosive solutions of disinfectants will help to remove purulent elements from the surface and from the lacunae of the tonsils. Here it is to prepare a solution of furacilin for the treatment of angina. The link describes how to gargle with chlorhexidine in angina.

Most likely, this is better than the smack of tobacco smoke in the mouth combined with the smell of pus from the lacunae.

After reading this article, every patient who suffers from acute angina attacks or chronic tonsillitis has the option of choosing between a pack of cigarettes and health. It does not sound paradoxical, but sore throat can be a wonderful positive factor for those who simply can not overcome their own destructive attitudes. It's easy and easy to part with smoking. In this case, the disease will help people with weak will to conquer another disease, which for many years destroys the entire body, all of its systems and organs - a predilection for smoking.