Angina is a disease in which a person realizes that the throat is a very important organ. When his illness is difficult to swallow, and sometimes it is almost impossible to talk. Most often with tonsillitis, tonsils become inflamed. Her pathogens are different bacteria, but more often it's streptococci. This inflammatory disease is very susceptible to young children, and often parents, caring during illness for the baby, pick up these harmful bacteria. And then the treatment should be done by everyone. But as adults become doubly difficult. They have to treat themselves and the child, then every parent tries to find methods for the fastest recovery of the whole family. And we in our article will try to help them in this, we will describe in detail the effective ways of getting rid of angina. How can you treat an angina quickly?

How the treatment of sore throats folk remedies in adults, you can learn from this article.


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    • 1.1 Antibiotics
    • 1.2 antipyretics
    • 1.3 Vitamin complexes
    • 1.4 rinses
    • 1.5 Inhalation
  • 2 therapy for adults
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    • 2.2 antiseptics
    • 2.3 aerosol medications
    • 2.4 Drinks
    • 2.5 Sulfanilamide preparations
    • 2.6 Compresses

In children

treatment of angina in children

Naturally, no one canceled the trip to the pediatrician - this is an indispensable condition for recovery. An experienced doctor will prescribe the necessary medicines and prompt effective remedies. For a speedy recovery, complex treatment should be used, which will consist of the following:

  1. antibiotics;
  2. antipyretic drugs;
  3. of vitamin complexes;
  4. eubiotics;
  5. rinsing solution;
  6. inhalation;
  7. compresses;
  8. abundant drinking.

From this article you can learn how to make a solution of soda to rinse your throat.

The video tells how to quickly treat sore throat at home:

What types of sore throat and symptoms can be, is indicated in this article.


Penicillin antibiotics are most commonly used. They can be purchased at an affordable price without a prescription. They perfectly eliminate the symptoms and causes of angina. Such drugs do not cause as many side effects as similar drugs of a new generation. The most popular are:

  • Cefadroxil .It is prescribed by a doctor, it also calculates the dosage. According to the instructions for one kilogram of the baby should account for 30 mg of medicine. The medicine should be taken once a day;Cefadroxil
  • Amoxicillin .Children under 12 take no more than 0.25 g of funds. This is a dose for a single dose, and a day should be drunk three times;Amoxicillin
  • Phenoxymethylpenicillin .0,125 g - the established dose for one intake to children, whose weight does not exceed 25 kg, and 0.25 grams to children exceeding this limit. It must be drunk three times a day. Phenoxymethylpenicillin

If the child is allergic and has an allergy to the listed drugs, they should be replaced with: lincomycin, erythromycin, midecamycin or azithromycin.

Angina is of various kinds. What is suitable for the treatment of a conventional form is not applicable to another of its species.

What antibiotics are not the penicillin series for angina is best used, you can find out by reading this article.

In case of a purulent sore throat, do not steam inhalations and hot compresses.

Antipyretic drugs

This group of drugs is needed in the early days of the child's illness. Angina can acutely begin and be accompanied by a high temperature, which can not be knocked down without potent antipyretics. They are used in parallel with the use of an antibiotic. Their period of admission should not exceed three days. If the main antibacterial agent is prescribed correctly, then the temperature should come back to normal on the third day.

How is treatment of purulent sore throat in a child folk remedies indicated here.

The most popular in this group are:

  • Paracetamol, which for the children comes in the form of suspension Paracetamol
  • Kalpol, Kalpol for the treatment of children at home
  • Efferalgan
  • Ibuprofen.

For children over 14 years old, you can give a drug called Ibuklin. Ibuklin from angina for older children

Vitamin Complexes

This group is vitamins, various preparations for children, as well as natural gifts from fruits, juices and compotes.

How is lacunar angina treated at home, you can learn from this article.

Eubiotics are necessary for the restoration of intestinal microflora, after the use of potent antibiotics. The following preparations have proved to be well:

  • Bifidobacteria Bifidobacteria medication for sore throats
  • Yogurt Yogurt for treatment of sore throat at home
  • Lineks

They are suitable even for babies.

What is the code of ileal catarrhal tonsillitis, indicated in the description for this article.

Rinse aid

For the smallest, sprays are used. Such as Lugol, Geksoral, Ingalipt. In general, a child older than two years should be taught to gargle. Then you can immediately carry out the procedure. For these purposes, various solutions are used:

  • 0.01% Miramistin. The application is described in the annotation;Miramistine
  • hydrogen peroxide( the composition is made from 2 tablespoons per glass of warm water);
  • weak consistency of potassium permanganate;
  • a salt-soda mixture with the addition of a few drops of iodine;
  • solution of furacilin( two of its tablets are dissolved in a glass of water).

What are the folk methods of treatment of purulent sore throat, specified in the article.

You can also use decoctions of herbs for gargles. For example, chamomile, sage or marigold. And you can get ready-made fees in the pharmacy - Rotokan, Evkarom or Ingaphitol.

Never use the same rinse aid consistently. It is best to buy or prepare in advance two preparations and alternate them, so that the habit does not arise. Even if once you all the course used one medicine and had an effective result. There is no guarantee that this will happen the next time.

Babies who can absorb lollipops can be offered sweet medicinal goodies - Strepsils, Pharingosept, Grammidine or Stopangin.


Accelerate the healing process by inhalation, especially if you use a nebulizer for these purposes. As the main agent, you can use

  • Tolington N, Tholsingon H
  • Dioxydin,
  • saline solution,
  • Miramistin
  • Chlorophyllipt. Chlorophyllipt.

After the treatment of the throat, one can not eat and drink for an hour, so that the active substances have time to act.

The article indicates whether angina is dangerous during pregnancy or not.

Adult therapy

If you start to feel your throat and get hard to swallow, first of all you can refer to the remedies that are available in every kitchen: soda and salt. You should prepare a solution of these products, taking them for 1 tsp, and adding to the company to them three more drops of iodine, and then diluted with a glass of warm water. After this rinse, mucus and microbes are removed. If there are onions among onions, then it is necessary to squeeze out half a glass of juice from it and mix it with 2 tbsp.spoons of honey. The resulting mixture lubricate the throat and go around for at least an hour.


If at first you could not cope with angina, then, like children, you will need to start treatment with antibiotics, which the therapist will appoint.

Usually this is:

  • Tsifran, Figures from sore throats for adults
  • Abaktal,
  • Doxycycline,
  • Macropen.

In severe cases, use Cefazolin or Penicillin. Dosage is prescribed by a doctor. The course of therapy lasts not less than a week.

What complications can occur in the joints after angina, described in the article.


Affected areas of the throat need to be treated locally with antiseptic agents. For example, all the same Lugol. Lugol from sore throat for adults

And you can use tablets:

  • Strepsils, Strepsils in the treatment of angina at home
  • Septtefril,
  • Falimint
  • Streptocide. Streptocide for adults with angina

Before using them, rinse the oral cavity, and after a quarter of an hour you should use the pill and keep it in your mouth until it dissolves completely.

Homoeopathic remedies showed themselves perfectly:

  • Tonsilotren Tonsilotrene
  • Angin - heel. Angin - hel

And although this is absolutely harmless drugs, you still need to follow the instructions attached to them.

Aerosol medicines

Puffiness and inflammation, including purulent sore throat will help to remove special sprays. They should be used in half an hour after resorption of antiseptic tablets. They are convenient to irrigate the throat, since they have special batchers.

Excellent redness removal following aerosols:

  • Bioparox, Bioparox
  • Ingalipt,
  • Propolos,
  • Pharmaseptic
  • Hexaspres. Hexasprees

They have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the diseased organ.


To quickly rid the body of toxins, you should often drink warm drinks: tea, decoctions or infusions of herbs, compote, milk with honey, fruit jelly or mors. tea with lemon in case of angina in an adult

Very fresh juices help:

  • sea-buckthorn. The fruit is squeezed out of the juice and drunk in small sips. If you do not have it fresh, you can replace the drink with tea and jam from berries of sea-buckthorn. And if you have butter from these berries, you can lubricate them with tonsils. You can also use its leaves and rhizomes to prepare a decoction, which will need to rinse the sore throat;sea-buckthorn
  • fresh beet juice .It should be diluted a little with water and rinsed with such a composition. fresh beet juice

Sulfanilamide preparations

Among these bacteriostatic agents are isolated

  • Biseptol, Biseptol
  • Sulfadimethoxin
  • Sulfalene.

These medications are used alone to treat catarrhal angina. And in combination with antibiotics in the follicular and lacunar varieties.

In the case of an advanced stage of the disease, glucose or sodium chloride is intravenously injected.

The following medicines will help to cure the sore throat:

  • Aspirin, Aspirin for angina in adults
  • Citramon,
  • Analgin
  • Paracetamol.

One of these drugs must be drunk for 5 days, it will help to remove the symptoms of the disease.


In case of angina, alcohol or vodka varieties will help. But this is the case if it is nasty. The compress is superimposed on the submandibular zone. It is better to wrap it with a warm kerchief or a woolen scarf. And it is advisable to withstand the procedure for several hours, and then repeat it again during the day. Between the procedures, the throat should be kept warm. a compress on a throat at an angina

These methods can quickly eliminate the inflammation of the throat. But during the tonsillitis the immune system tries in every possible way to overcome this disease and spends all its forces on it. Therefore, getting rid of the disease should be strengthened and protect the body. Take preventive measures: drink vitamins, avoid hypothermia and breathe through the nose. This is necessary not only to prevent a recurrence of the disease, but also to protect yourself from the transition of angina to a chronic form. It is better to perform regular prophylaxis than to be treated quickly.