The disease of the child always causes a storm of emotions in the parents. If he has a cough that does not give the baby peace, then the doctor prescribes a drug that can cope with this phenomenon. But how to find out that this tool will be effective and safe. After all, today there are many novelties, the action of which is not always clear and known. As medicines for cough, syrups are often prescribed.


  • 1 Composition, form release and its operation
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  • 2 Medication application
  • 3 Instruction
    • 3.1 For adults
    • 3.2 For children
    • 3.3 Side effects
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Composition, form and its effect

One of the most effective andproven drugs is "Ascoril" - a mucolytic agent with expectorant and bronchodilating effect. They can cure quite complex diseases.

cough syrup

This is a combination of four active ingredients: bromhexine, salbutamol, menthol and guaifenesin. Their ratio is selected in such a

way that these medicinal substances act simultaneously, complementing each other:

  • Bromhexine is an antitussive substance with an expectorant effect. It is able to stimulate the activity of the cilia of the epithelium on the bronchial mucosa and trachea. It also reduces the viscosity of sputum and participates in its prompt elimination. Doctors often prescribe bromhexine from a cough. Bromhexine
  • Salbutamol is a bronchodilator. The syrup is presented in the form of sulphate. It is able to exert an active effect on the receptors of blood vessels and myometrium. It prevents and reduces the contraction of the bronchi, making their smooth muscles more relaxed. This substance participates in the production of endogenous surfactant, which envelopes the lungs from the inside and thus prevents the alveoli from sticking together, and also protects this organ from adverse effects. Salbutamol
    Menthol acts as an antiseptic, has a calming effect and helps relax the muscles of the bronchi.
  • Guaifenesin acts as an expectorant capable of diluting sputum, reducing its surface tension. It stimulates the bronchi to active motor actions and at the expense of this leads the phlegm out. Guaifenesin

Thanks to such components Ascoril can be used for dry and wet cough. But still more often it is used to dry the form of a cough quickly passed into the wet. This syrup is suitable for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, and is also used for acute their manifestations. Here you can read whether ascoril is used with laryngitis in children.

Forms of release

Ascoril in tablets

Widely used is a tablet option. It comes in the form of round pills of white color with a dividing risk in the middle for convenient use if a half dose is prescribed. Packs of 10 and 20 tablets are available.

Their main substances are : guaifenesin, bromhexine hydrochloride and salbutamol. Complementary include : silicon dioxide, methylparaben, calcium hydrophosphate, talc purified, magnesium stearate and corn starch.

The drug is also available as a syrup - an apricot-colored liquid with a pleasant taste. The volume of one bottle is 100 ml.

The main active ingredients of : bromhexine hydrochloride, menthol, guaifenesin and salbutamol. Auxiliary are : sodium benzoate, glycerol, sucrose microdose, propylene glycol, sorbitol, purified water, citric and sorbic acid, colorant and flavorings.

Application of the medicine

Ascoril is used in many diseases of the bronchi and lungs, accompanied by the formation of thick sputum, which is difficult to expectorate. These diseases include:

  • acute and chronic inflammation of the bronchi, as well as their obstruction;
  • lung atelectasis, in which the alveoli fall at the ends of the bronchi;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • whooping cough( here you can read what to do if the cough does not pass after whooping cough);
  • pneumoconiosis - lung disease. It can be caused by the constant inhalation of dust. For example, in production. In this case, the replacement of lung tissue with a harmful ;
  • emphysema - the disease is associated with the progressive expansion of their tissue, which is associated with the malfunctioning of individual alveoli;
  • bronchiectatic disease - the formation in the bronchial system of some expansions, filled with pus.

The video tells about the cough syrup Ascoril:

Instruction Ascoril should be carefully taken to people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. During pregnancy and lactation, it is best to stop the medication. It is possible to breastfeed a baby, only two days after its use. The dose of this drug is prescribed by the doctor, and also recommends the duration of the administration.

For adults

Most often the dosage of the syrup is 10 ml with a single use, and it should be drunk three times a day. This is the minimum dose, so if necessary, increase it, during the course the doctor has the right to adjust it at his discretion. cough syrup for adults

Adults take one tablet three times too. For treatment also under certain conditions, ammonia anise drops from cough, a spray from coughing Geksoral, Gerbion from a dry cough( here you can see the instruction) and others are used.

For children

Ascoril is often used to treat babies. But if the child has a lot of liquid phlegm, then the drug can not be prescribed. It can aggravate the situation and fill with excess liquid all the airways. When dry cough with viscous and poorly lingering sputum, it is simply necessary. The drug stimulates its fastest withdrawal to the outside. This process is called transient, with it an unproductive cough becomes productive. Children under 6 years of age are not recommended, they will be replaced by syrup. For one-year-old crumbs it is not assigned. The course of admission is from five to seven days. cough syrup

Dosage of syrup:

  • children under the age of six drink 5 ml each;
  • from six to 12 years - 5 - 10 ml.

For a day, the syrup must be taken three times.

For children over 6 years of age, 0.5 pills are prescribed 2 to 3 times a day.

Both forms of the drug should be taken on a full stomach, no later than an hour after eating. In order not to reduce the medicinal properties of the drug, it can not be washed down with alkaline solutions( milk with soda or mineral water with bicarbonate).

The drug can be considered one of the best means of dry cough in children. Here you can find the names of other cough syrups for children. Use and folk remedies. For example, you can breathe over a potato with a cough. The link describes how to stop a fit of cough at night.

Side effects of

Mainly on its reception affects individual intolerance on its constituent components. Some people who take it have headaches, nervous states, sleep disturbances, and cramps in the arms and legs. Perhaps exacerbation of the duodenum and stomach ulcers, if these diseases are chronic. cough syrup ascaril for adults and children

Allergic reactions may occur as a change in color, urine, or shortness of breath. If such reactions have appeared, then treatment with the drug should be stopped.

Contraindications to the use of Ascoril include the following diseases:

  • aortic stenosis;
  • arrhythmia;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • thyroid disorder;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • myocarditis.

It categorically can not be taken by pregnant women, too much is a threat to the health of the baby. Ascoril is widely used for the treatment of respiratory organs in various inflammatory processes. It effectively and quickly eliminates dry cough and perfectly excretes phlegm.

It can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription. The average price of packing tablets, consisting of 10 pieces, is 230 rubles, of 20 pills - 260 rubles, of 50 - 540 rubles. And the cost of syrup is 250 r.


  • Marina, 26 years old: " Cough syrup" Ascoril "is produced in India. Now, medicines from this country are considered low quality and impact. But this drug is an exception. Its components do not act depressingly on the nervous system, as with other analogs. This drug is good for use in laryngotracheitis and laryngitis, especially if they are accompanied by shortness of breath. "
  • Oksana, 40 years old: " I have been using Ascoril for about ten years. The product is tested on the whole family and is therefore used always at the first sign of coughing. In the first days it is dry, and this remedy is better than others to eliminate it and transfer it to the wet category. The first my experience of its application fell on the pneumonia that I had then, which proceeded in an acute form. I took Dr Mom syrup for several days before him, and then Bronholitin, and then the therapist wrote me out. It coincided that on the second day I was much better, that is, he accelerated my recovery. After that, I always buy it only. The syrup is enclosed in a 200 ml vial, thanks to the impressive amount of the drug it lasts for a long time. The taste of it though sweet, but gives some spices, but you can get used to them. You need to take syrup three times a day. I adjusted myself and increased the dose for the first two days, and then reduced it by half - as if I were being treated by a shock method. I take it at the first sign of a cold, so as not to run it definitively. The preparation perfectly dilutes the accumulated fluid in the lungs or bronchi and quickly removes it. I did not notice any side effects from its use. "
  • Alina, 42: "We had to try the syrup" Ascoril "when my daughter contracted a respiratory syncytial infection. It is associated with attacks of an angry cough with shortness of breath and is accompanied by a copious rhinitis. And in addition to all the temperature reaches 40 degrees. In the evening my baby had a bad cough. The next morning we called a doctor, and she advised this medicine. Explaining that this tool has mucolytic and expectorant effect. The syrup has a sugary taste and a sticky consistency, but he liked the daughter, and she drank it, not capricious. After a day of application, the baby became clearly easier to breathe, shortness of breath left, and the cough became less frequent, and its intensity decreased. The only side effect was a decrease in appetite. I liked its effect and speed, but without the doctor's appointment to take such a remedy I would not recommend. "