Homeopathic suppositories - the safest way to get rid of hemorrhoids

Hemo-pro suppositories One of the burning problems in human life is a "herd" disease, like hemorrhoids."Shameful" because despite the terrible inconveniences and unpleasant feelings that accompany him, people are embarrassed to seek help.

Taking into account the statistics on visiting specialists, it can be concluded that at least 25% of the adult population suffers from this disease, although there may be more such people, as not all of them turn to doctors, engaged in self-medication.


          • Sea buckthorn suppositories - classic and efficacy
          • Hemoprost can help reduce inflammation
          • Ichthyol suppositories - cheap and effective
          • Incredible candle ingredients Nova Vita
          • Ebil-Hemorralgin
          • Candles with tambukan mud
          • Immunity
          • Hemo-pro - wide application profile
          • Procto-Glivenol - not very natural, but very effective
        • Make a choice will help experienceItel

This nuisance we will survive

First of all, hemorrhoids - is an inflammation of

hemorrhoids, is accompanied by pain and discomfort in the anal area, causing even possible bleeding. discomfort with hemorrhoids

Provocative factors for the onset of this disease are a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, and great physical exertion. There is also a heredity factor.

This disease does not spare any female or male gender, creating huge discomfort and causing a decadent mood.

It is not recommended to start this problem, as internal nodes may fall out as a result of not only evacuation of the intestine, but also when performing small physical exertion.

But do not be afraid, because if you turn to a specialist in time, you can completely painlessly and in the shortest possible time to cope with the disease.

To each patient on a candle

Treatment of hemorrhoids at early stages can be limited by conservative methods, and the fastest and most effective result is given by medicinal candles. They are very convenient to use and act exactly on the sore spot.

Suppositories can be divided according to the specific application: hemostatic, analgesic. Can be divided into the active composition.

Homeopathic candles are popular because of their natural composition, they are allowed for hemorrhoids treatment in almost any patient, at the same time they are much cheaper than others.

Top of the best medicines

Among the doctors and patients, not for the first year deservedly popular are the following homeopathic candles.

Sea buckthorn suppositories - classic and the effectiveness of

The most common sea-buckthorn rectal candles, which have virtually no contraindications, have an excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Perfectly suitable for pregnant and lactating women, and for the elderly. Used in proctology for the development of cracks in the anus, ulcers of the rectum, proctitis, prolapse of the rectum.

They are contraindicated in the event that after the use of the product, diarrhea will open.

Suppositories for maximum depth are injected into the anus, must be applied in the morning and in the evening for 10 days.

Hemoprost will help to remove inflammation

Hemoprost Candles containing bee propolis include Hemoprost, they have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Suppositories are allowed during pregnancy and lactation. Indications for use are rectal cracks and bleeding nodes.

Before using them, it is necessary to empty the intestine, if it does not work out in a natural way, then you need to use a laxative or put an enema. Must be used twice a day for 10 days.

Ichthyol suppositories - cheap and effective

Ichthyol suppositories disinfect and relieve pain. Ichthyol candles

The use of these suppositories during pregnancy and lactation is possible, but with caution, since there may be allergic reactions.

It is necessary to put one candle twice a day, after an enema or taking a laxative.

The recommended course of treatment is 14 days.

Incredible ingredients of Nova Vita candles

Nova Vita suppositories, which contain propolis, ginseng, sea buckthorn oil, are also very effective. They also contain the mud of Tambukan Lake.

Candles have a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. After hygienic procedures, administer one candle a day, a course of 10 to 30 days, depending on the complexity and course of the disease.


Supplements of Ebil-Hemorralgin contain in the composition of oil of thuja, cocoa and St. John's Wort. Are applied at cracks of an anus, bleeding knots.

Have a healing and calming effect. Application during pregnancy and lactation is possible.

It is necessary to conduct hygienic procedures and only then insert one candle before bed, a course of treatment of 30-60 days.

Candles with tambukan mud

Tambukan Adonis-candles Tambukansky Adonis-candles, which contain sea buckthorn oil, propolis, mud from Lake Tambukan.

Have an excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic effect in the treatment of diseases of the rectum.

For easier insertion, the candle can be placed in the freezer for 30 minutes, as the components that make up the suppository at room temperature quickly melt.

Enter one candle for 10 days. Application during pregnancy and lactation is possible.


The agent is used for ulcers and fissures of the anus. It has wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect.

When pregnant and lactation can be used. To introduce one candle, preferably before bed, a course of treatment of 10 days.

Hemo-pro - wide application profile

Hemo-pro suppositories are used in the treatment of proctosigmoiditis, proctitis, hemorrhoids. Hemo-pro

The product has antipruritic, wound-healing, capillary-strengthening action. The composition contains sea buckthorn oil, propolis, aloe.

It should be used after hygiene procedures, it is recommended to introduce it as deep as possible, one candle for 10 days.

None of the above mentioned side effects, they contain only substances of plant origin, which also allow their use in pregnant women and during lactation, which is a huge plus of these products.

Our readers recommend!
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Procto-Glivenol - not very natural, but very effective

Procto-Glivenol is a very effective anesthetic drug, it contains active substance lidocaine as well as tribandide, which collectively relieve inflammation and lower capillarypermeability.

After the application of this drug, relief comes and the pain recedes in 2-3 hours. It is not recommended to use the drug in childhood and pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.


In case of hepatic insufficiency and allergic reactions, it is necessary to immediately stop treatment and consult with a specialist.

Before use, daily hygiene in the anal area should be observed, apply one candle a day for 10 days.

If the dosage is not exceeded, these candles will in no way affect or cause deterioration of the patient's condition and will not interfere with the driving of the vehicle.

The experience of consumers

will help to make a choice

Which homeopathic candles will help the cure of hemorrhoids the fastest? The easiest way to understand this issue is by reviewing the patients' feedback.

Sea buckthorn oil in the sea buckthorn rectal candles plays a huge role, also in the composition of many natural and plant components, these candles helped me and so I can confidently advise them all, the result did not take long to wait.

They were also used by my girlfriend during pregnancy and later when breastfeeding, given the natural composition, they are not contraindicated in this period, therefore it is these candles that must be kept in the medicine cabinet as a safe means for resolving delicate issues, and the price is good.

Elena, 45

Several years ago, I was tortured with constipation, but at first I did not attach much importance to it until the problem was much more serious. There was a crack in the rectum, the doctor prescribed the gemoprost suppositories, applied the month and everything is fine, very satisfied with the result.

Valentina, 54

I am a student of the institute, and it is very strange that hemorrhoids happen to be not only among the elderly. I never thought that this illness will haunt me, a knot that pulls and hurts constantly forms.

I learned from sources that this disease is caused by malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, which is exactly what happens in me. Studying and instead of a full-value meal snacks and a dry-nurse, a friend from a medical college advised candles Nizhpharm. After two applications, this ailment disappeared.

Lisa, 21

I have an office sedentary job and a woman I am quite young, but already now I have come across this illness, it is very unpleasant and painful to go to the toilet, sometimes even with blood in the stool and once every three days.

I tried a lot of drugs and ointments, all to no avail, I visited a proctologist and he advised me exactly Ebil-Hemorralgin, I went through a full course of treatment and was very pleased with the result. In the future I try to go out to the store,weather or laziness, then we arrange a five-minute session with our colleagues and perform a series of exercises.

Karina, 29

I work as a driver in a fixed-route taxi, constantly behind the wheel, always on my nerves. Because of the busyness on the roads, the rough passengers, I have to be nervous, eat dry foods, lemonades, chips and cookies, all this led to terrible constipation, as a result of which hemorrhoids appeared. It took even a week off to take, I thought I would lie down and everything will pass, did not help, I had to go to the hospital and I was prescribed Tambukan adonis candles, I was treated, they really helped me.

Henceforth I try, if lunch is to eat healthy foods, I constantly eat dairy products and I know that it is better not to run the disease but go to the doctor and follow his instructions correctly to get an excellent result.

Serega, 44

Candles Immunlil used during pregnancy, I did not think that I would face hemorrhoids, but in the last months of pregnancy it was problematic to go to the toilet, constipation started, the knot became inflamed, it hurt to sit, walk, worried, but the friend advised these candles andeverything is fine. I advise everyone.

Katerina, 24

candles from hemorrhoids
To treat hemorrhoids should be approached very responsibly, in particular for the treatment of the disease, homeopathic suppositories can be used.

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