Inexpensive and extremely effective, amniotic anise drops from a cough are time-tested, therefore such a tool is popular today. A great advantage of this drug will be the possibility of using it to treat children, as well as the absence of contraindications during pregnancy and lactation.

What to do when a baby has a cough, but no temperature, the description in this article will tell.

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    This drug is manufactured by domestic pharmaceutical factories, is of low cost and represents an alcoholic solution of anise drops and ammonia. The double effect of the drug is determined precisely by the optimal composition. Anise oil stimulates the secretion and activity of the respiratory tract, which improves the process of sputum discharge from the bronchi and lungs. A solution of ammonia( ammonia) dilutes sputum, thus helping the fastest recovery


    ammonia aniseed drops from a cough

    Narcotically anise drops have proven themselves well in the removal of painful cough, as they contribute to the regeneration and recovery of damaged mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

    What to do when a child has nasal congestion and cough is indicated in this article.

    Contraindications for the use of anise drops, except that a rare individual intolerance of the constituents of the drug. Despite the absence of contraindications, treatment is best coordinated with the attending physician. Self-treatment never justifies itself because of the risk of harming the health of the wrong dosage and compatibility of drugs.

    than to treat a dry cough in a child

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    How does a cough during pregnancy and how to treat can find out from the reviews in the article here: http: // kashel-pri-beremennosti-lekarstva.html

    On the photo - instruction on the use of ammonia anise drops from cough:

    ammonia anise drops instructions

    From this article you can learn how to cough cough with pharyngitis.

    Side effects of the drug may be various manifestations of allergic reactions: skin rashes, small swelling of the mucous membrane, itching and redness. The only correct actions in this case will be immediate withdrawal of the drug and taking antihistamines. If you take pills from the cough in parallel, it can also become a contraindication.

    An important feature of the intake of ammonium anise drops will be its incompatibility with other mukaltic drugs, so it is so important when they receive a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

    What is the cough treatment for adenoids in children, you can learn from this article.

    Application of

    The use of amniotic anise drops is usually performed according to the standard scheme, but the doctor can correct this data to suit your individual characteristics. amatyr aniseed drops from a cough about

    For an adult, a single dose of 10-15 drops dissolved in a small amount of ordinary water, in a pure form, drops can cause a burn of the mucosa due to the alcohol content. Recommended frequency of admission 3-4 times a day, until complete recovery. In rare cases, intolerance to the components of the drug may occur, causing allergic reactions. In this case, it is necessary to abandon the treatment of anise drops.

    How is the treatment of dry cough in children by folk remedies, you can learn from this article.

    Maximum effectiveness in the treatment of any type of cough will be achieved only by complex therapy. Optimum will combine the use of medications( including anise drops) with chest massage, inhalation and rubbing.

    For cough treatment in children

    Even despite the safety of drops, use them when treating a cough, especially in a child, should be done with caution. The main advantage of such a drug will be a pleasant smell and taste, which is important in the treatment of children. One-time reception includes dissolved in a small amount of water drops. The number of drops is determined by the age of the child: one drop per year of life. Despite the absence of contraindications, do not use aniseed drops to treat a child in cough for a year. At this age the baby still can not independently cough up the accumulated mucus, so the drugs are better to pick up the others. amatyr aniseed drops from cough in children

    Narrow - anise drops from a cough are an excellent remedy, effective, safe and, importantly, inexpensive. The use of drops as an aid will help to liquefy and withdraw phlegm from the lungs, which will automatically promote recovery.

    Than to treat a wet cough in a child, you can learn from this article.

    Do not abuse the medicine or self-medicate. Any, even the simplest medication, requires prior consultation of a specialist and control over the application.


    • Irina, 28 years old: "I still remember anise drops from my childhood, but I began to apply it for my son from five years old. After we literally tried all the vaunted syrups, our pediatrician advised this remedy. Improvements are noticeable not immediately, but somewhere a day on the third, but it pleases the possibility of minimal chemical exposure, because the drug does not contain dyes and flavors, like most children's syrups from coughing. Now I use drops for both me and my husband, and also I advise acquaintances. Now, in the conditions of the next crisis, less expensive treatment, effective and affordable, is very actual. "
    • Hope, 39 years old: " The only complaint to this medicine is not very pleasant, in my opinion, the taste. To suffer, of course, it is possible, especially since the result is quite good, and the cost is tempting. Drops I use for a long time, one time could not get them in our city, so I had to order my sister. Even it turned out funny, that for a penny drug it was necessary to pay the postage. Maybe there are better methods, but this one is the most reliable and tested. "
    • Anna, 51 years old: " Unsuccessfully forgotten and very effective drug. I even met modern analogues with an almost identical composition, but ten times more expensive. As a former paramedic, I strongly suggest anise drops to your friends. One of the inexpensive and good drugs that you should always have in your home medicine chest. "
    • Oksana, 31 years old: " There was a case when my child was ill with a grandmother in the village, and at hand there was nothing but this means. I understand that self-medication is very harmful, but at that moment nothing more was left. Reception anisovyh drops really helped a lot, cough became more wet and not so painful. Especially well helped with night attacks, when my daughter was just wheezing and could not clear her throat. After three days of treatment, changes were visible and we were able to get home. We were cured already under the supervision of our doctor, but even she noted the good effect of treatment. Since then, I always keep a bottle in the medicine cabinet "just in case", so it's better not to come in handy. A big plus is an affordable cost complete with good efficiency. The disadvantage is that it does not like a bit of smell, but this is the case. "
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