About the phytopreparation Angionorm available: instructions and reviews

Angionorm phytopreparation, which was originally designed to treat heart failure.

It is based on extracts of a mixture of medicinal raw materials, it includes extracts: the roots of licorice naked, hawthorn fruit, horse chestnut seeds.


  • Usage
  • Indications
  • Prohibited
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Form
  • Drug Dosages
  • Side Effects and Additional Indications
    • Overdose
    • Alcohol Compatibility
    • Reception for Impaired Renal and Renal Function
    • Interaction with Drugs
    • Pregnancyand lactation period
    • Admission of children
    • Special instructions
  • What they think about medicine doctors and patients
  • Formrelease and price
  • Terms and storage terms
  • Available analogs

Pharmacological action

The drug has a pronounced antiplatelet and antiplatelet activity, anti-inflammatory and angioprotective properties. Angionorm also improves microcirculation, increases the tone of the veins and leads to activation of the diuretic function of the


The drug has a positive effect on the body: it improves physical performance, enhances stress-protective activity, manifests an analgesic effect.

No pharmacokinetics data are available, as the angiorm is a complex drug based on plant components.

Indications for use

Used in the complex treatment of diseases accompanied by abnormalities in the operation of blood vessels.


  • capillary thrombosis;
  • thromboembolism;
  • varicose veins;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • postthrombophlebitic syndrome;
  • thromboses.

Not allowed for admission


  • child's age;
  • individual intolerance of individual components of the drug;
  • chronic diseases of the digestive tract, kidney and liver;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

Mechanism of action

Angionorm has a whole complex of pharmacological properties that can exert anti-inflammatory, angioprotective and antiaggregatory effects.

The drug has an effective effect on the cellular link of hemostasis. This is confirmed by anti-aggregation effect, which is noted in in vivo and in vitro conditions.

Thanks to the combination of capillaroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects, the venotonic activity of the drug manifests itself, and the established diuretic effect contributes to the intensification of the decongestant action.

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Thanks to the components of medicinal plants that make up Angionorma, it has wide pharmacological capabilities. Licorice extract has anti-aggregation and anti-inflammatory effect, and active components of chestnut create an angioprotective and venotonic effect.

Form release

The drug is available in the form of tablets of 10 pieces in the cell contour packs, 30 pieces in glass jars and plastic canisters.

Dosages of the drug

Following the instructions for use Angionorm should be taken orally 1 tablet 3 times a day , 40 minutes after eating. The course of treatment lasts up to three weeks.

If a patient has a good tolerability of the drug, a single dose can be increased to 2 tablets 3 times a day. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe a second course of treatment.

Side effects and additional indications

Manifestation of allergic reactions and dyspeptic disorders.


With prolonged use of the drug at a dosage significantly exceeding the norm, the degree of side effects may increase in the patient.

Alcohol compatibility

Alcoholic beverages are not recommended during treatment.

This is due to the fact that alcohol has a heavy load on the liver and kidneys.

Simultaneous reception of angiormoma and alcohol can lead to malfunction of internal organs and cause serious damage to the patient's health.

Admission for impaired renal and hepatic function

Categorically contraindicated in patients with severe chronic kidney and liver disease, with concomitant impairment of their functions.

Interaction with medicines

The drug is well combined with other drugs: painkillers, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, anticoagulants of direct and indirect effects, lipid-lowering.

Pregnancy and lactation period

It is not recommended to be used during pregnancy in the absence of data on the safety of clinical use and the impact on fetal development.

Admission of children

This medication is contraindicated in children under the age of 18 years.

Special instructions

Drug administration does not affect the ability to drive and engage in other activities that require the rapidity of psychomotor reactions and increased concentration.

Information for people suffering from diabetes: one tablet contains 0.023 bread units, and the maximum daily dose - 0.138 bread units.

What they think about the medicine of the doctor and the patients

Let's study the responses of doctors and patients about the drug Angionorm.

I have been discharging Angionorm for my patients for several years now and I am very pleased with the result. He is well manifested in the complex treatment and has a general strengthening effect on the vessels.

I want to note that this drug is most often prescribed as an auxiliary component to more serious medicines.

Kornilov Alexey, cardiologist

This drug has proved itself in complex therapy in the treatment of varicose veins and thromboembolism. The big plus is that it is based on plant extracts and has a short list of side effects and contraindications.

Mironova Irina, the therapist

I quite often recommend patients to drink a course Angionorma. This herbal preparation not only has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, but also positively affects the general condition of the patient.

Kolesnikov Veniamin, the therapist

My mother literally saved this drug! After the removal of the breast, she developed lymphostasis of the shoulder and the pain was unbearable. The doctor in the dispensary advised me to drink a course of Angionorm and I immediately ran after him to the pharmacy.

Mom has been drinking it for two weeks already and can already move his arm without experiencing pain. We are very grateful to this medicine.


Every spring I feel tired and depressed. For some time I began to take Angionorm, in combination with vitamins. It helps me a lot, began to feel cheerful and active.


Our readers recommend!
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My father in the clinic was prescribed Cardiomagnolo and Angionorm. The attending physician said that this will help restore the cardiovascular system.

More, he said that the medicine is only an auxiliary tool not based on natural plant components and is discharged only in conjunction with the main treatment.


Accepted Angionorm according to the advice of the attending physician. I liked that the product is made on the basis of natural extracts of dogrose, chestnut, licorice and hawthorn.

Fatigue and swelling disappeared, and work capacity increased.


The attending physician prescribed me Angionorm for the treatment of varicose veins. I am very pleased with the effect. The weight in my legs quickly subsided and the pain subsided.

In addition, I began to notice that I'm less tired and generally feel healthier and more active. Very pleased that the medicine is made on the basis of plant components, since I am not a supporter of any "chemistry".

No side effects were noticed.


Form and price

Tablets coated with 100mg, 30 pieces in contour acheikova packing - 225 rubles;

Tablets Angionorm in a jar of yellow glass, 30 pieces - 272 rubles.

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Conditions and storage times

Tablets should be stored in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight and moisture. If all storage rules are observed, the expiration date of the drug is 3 years.

Released without a doctor's prescription.

Available analogues

At the moment there are no structural analogues of Angionorm with identical composition of active substances. If necessary, the patient can consult a doctor, asking him to choose a drug with similar properties, but with another active substance.

These medicines include:

  1. Antistax is a remedy made on the basis of a dry extract of red leaves of grapes. It is prescribed in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, swelling of the lower extremities, paresthesia of fatigue and heaviness in the legs. The price of this medicine is from 567 rubles.
  2. Detralex is a preparation with venotonic and angioprotective effect. Most often it is prescribed in the therapy of venous-lymphatic insufficiency. It can eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs and relieves pain. The active substance Detraleksa is a micronized flavonoid fraction, which includes flavonoids and diosmin.
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