Analogues of Vasobral for the treatment of venous disease

medicine Vazobral Vasobrail - is a drug for normalizing the blood circulation of the brain and treating neurological diseases.

Due to the properties of ergot alkaloid, it is gentle to influence the functions of erythrocytes and platelets, preventing their clumping, Vazobral is widely used to treat venous insufficiency.

There are no obvious side effects from the use of the drug, however, the high price of the drug is not acceptable for everyone.




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  • Dear medications or inexpensive analogues
  • What you need to know about
  • Basic analogs
    • Anaveneol
    • Vertisin
    • Stugeron
    • Xantinol nicotinate
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  • Vasobral: instructions for use

    medicine Vazobral

    Drops and tablets Vasobral: full instructions for useand reviews about the drug

    Vasobral is a combined preparation for improving the head and peripheral circulation, as well as metabolic processes in the head.

    Expensive medicines or inexpensive analogs

    All physicians know that the active ingredient is the basis of the drug, which has a curative effect.

    All other contents of the drug are additional components of non-therapeutic action. Why is the price of the same active formula, but under a different name, very different? In many respects, this depends on the country of the manufacturer and the promotion of the brand.

    Another criterion for a higher price for for packaging the same medication( therapeutic formula) may be a reduction in the side effects of the application.

    In addition to expensive drugs, a vitamin complex or other useful components may be included. All this increases the cost. The most expensive are new drugs, as the manufacturer needs to recoup the costs of developing a therapeutic formula.

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    Do not buy expensive and cheap drugs with hands or in dubious places. Buy medications only on prescription and recommendations of your doctor.

    What you need to know about the drug

    Before you find out what cheap analogs of Vasobral medicines exist, we will study the composition of the drug.

    Composition of Vasobrale:

    • alpha-dihydroergocryptin mesylate;
    • caffeine;
    • excipients.

    The drug is available in tablets of 30 pcs.and in the form of a solution. Price tablets - from 865 rubles, the price of the solution - from 436 rubles.

    Side effects: the medicine is vasoactive

    • dizziness;
    • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;Overexcitation of the nervous system;
    • tachycardia;
    • pressure reduction;
    • is an allergy.

    According to polls among patients, these side effects are rare. Basically, they are caused by an overdose of the drug.

    Basic analogues of

    Let's study the basic analogues of Vazobrala, whose price, most often, is less.


    The drug is available in the form of a dragee. One blister contains 20 pieces, in the package - three blisters.

    The price of this analogue Vazobral for packaging - 176 rubles. Apply medicine on the prescription of the doctor three times a day for pills, washing down with water.

    Composition of Anvenola:

    • dihydroergocristine - 0.5;
    • rutoside - 30 mg;
    • esculin - 1.5 mg.

    This preparation has venotonic properties, reduces vascular permeability and is used for disorders of venous of the circulation:

    • thrombophlebitis;Anavenol for varicose veins
    • before varicose syndrome;
    • violation of venous circulation after trauma;
    • trophic ulcers of lower extremities.

    Side effects are not pronounced, among the ones:

    • dizziness;
    • feeling tired;
    • swelling of the nasal mucosa;
    • skin allergies.


    International name - Cinnarizine( Cinnarizine).The drug is available in tablets and capsules( 25 and 75 mg).Price: 13 - 17.50 rubles .Take the drug in violation of peripheral circulation immediately after meals, three times a day, washing down with liquid.

    The active substance is cinnarizine.

    The drug has a vasodilating effect, directly affecting the smooth muscles of the veins;reduces the viscosity of the blood. It is indicated for use in diseases:

    • thromboangiitis;
    • trophic and varicose ulcers;
    • cold extremities.

    Side effects:

    • fatigue;
    • drowsiness;
    • tremor( in the elderly);
    • dry mouth;
    • skin rashes;
    • is an allergy.
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    What are thrombolytic drugs and in what cases are they prescribed? What do I need to know about the drugs in this group?


    The drug has a vasodilating effect without affecting the pressure. Stugeron lowers the viscosity of blood, increases the ability of erythrocyte membranes to deform, making them elastic and flexible.

    Shown with the following diseases:

    • thrombophlebitis;
    • peripheral circulatory disturbance;
    • varicose and trophic ulcers.

    Active substance - cinnarizine 25 mg.

    Tablets are packed in 25 pcs. Blisters. In one box there are 2 blisters. Price: 107 - 136 rubles.

    Apply the drug after a meal. The maximum dose per day - 9 tablets. Dosage is calculated by the doctor.

    Side effects:

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    For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "
    • dry mouth;
    • headache;
    • redness of the skin;
    • is an allergy.

    Xanthinal nicotinate

    The drug causes vasodilation and veins, improves blood circulation and microcirculation, reduces blood viscosity, inhibits platelet aggregation. It is indicated with diseases:

    • thrombosis;
    • thrombophlebitis;
    • embolism of blood vessels;
    • trophic ulcers.

    Xantinol nicotinate In one tablet - xanthinal nicotinate 150 mg.

    Tablets are packed in a blister for 10 pcs. The package contains 6 blisters. The price of the drug: 365 - 378 rubles.

    Apply the drug one by one / four tablets after meals, washed down with water. Course - 2 months.

    Side effects of :

    • redness of the skin;
    • gastralgia, nausea;
    • weakness and fatigue.

    Results of

    To date, Vazobral has no analogues with a similar combination of active substances.

    Alpha-dihydroergocriptine mesylate( active ingredient) is found only in the Vasobral preparation itself.

    Pharmaceuticals offer many medications of similar effect( vasodilating, reducing the viscosity of blood, toning the walls of blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation), however, Vazobral affects the body in a complex that does not exist in analogues.

    An ergot extract, which has a soft effect, has so far been developed only by the French company that produces Vasobrail.

    Unlike analogues of a similar action, Vasobral reduces drowsiness and fatigue, due to the content of caffeine a. Also, caffeine belongs to diuretics, which helps remove excess fluid from the body and reduce weight.

    If the patient can not pay for the course of treatment with this drug, its replacement is entirely permissible.

    Among domestic drugs use Troxerutin gel for trophic lesions and ulcers, venous dermatitis and for strengthening the veins after surgery. The gel reduces the heaviness in the legs and swelling, strengthens the walls of the vessels. The price of Troxerutin is 30 rubles.
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