Hemorrhoidal node can be corrected independently: step by step instruction

The rectum of each person contains a large number of blood vessels, due to which the supply of this part of the body with nutrients and oxygen. At the same time, fluid and some other useful elements are absorbed.

But increased blood supply has a side effect. During the accumulation of feces in the rectum, the pressure on the vessels increases, which causes them to stretch somewhat.

And the more often this happens, the faster they lose their tone and, therefore, a person will begin to develop swelling, called hemorrhoids.

This disease can cause a lot of suffering if it goes to the last stage.

Symptoms and consequences of hemorrhoids

The appearance of hemorrhoids is not always pronounced. Sometimes the patient does not even suspect the presence of this insidious disease. But it is worthwhile to be alerted if the following manifestations appear:

  • slightest discomfort in the anus;
  • itching, even insignificant;
  • appearance of different selections;
  • formation and prolapse of hemorrho
If at least one of the symptoms appears, then immediately visit a doctor. Otherwise, the disease will gradually begin to develop, but the person's health will go to the downside.

Some symptoms can be quite indirect, since they are associated with other causes of discomfort. But the formation of hemorrhoids, and even more so their loss to the outside, it is simply impossible not to notice. But what is so unpleasant about the last symptom?

The dropping hemorrhoidal node, as a rule, begins to be jammed. For this reason, there is a difficulty in the blood supply to the tissues surrounding it, which can provoke the death of cells.

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This is called necrosis and with it begins the gradual process of rotting living flesh. And since in this area there is a large number of vessels, the decay products can easily enter the blood, with subsequent infection.

That's why hemorrhoids are so dangerous. But the hemorrhoidal node can be corrected independently to restore vascular functions and not allow the disease to develop, and any person at home can do this operation.

How does the correction process occur?

The first thing to do is to anesthetize the anus. For this, a heparin ointment, ice or a tincture of pochechuinaya grass is used.

This process is required to ensure that further actions do not lead to unpleasant consequences, especially in cases where the nodes began to inflame, which causes pain and prolonged anguish.

When the anus stops responding to irritation and the person does not experience discomfort, you can proceed to the next step.

To do this, it is best to sit as comfortably as possible by kneeling. Beforehand, needs to wear rubber gloves to avoid damaging the anus during the process.

Next, you should push aside part of the buttocks, located on the opposite side of the fallen hemorrhoids. Once this action is performed, the anus must become more open and accessible to continue the operation.

The fingers of the other hand need to grope for the knot and slowly and gently begin to return it to its place. Next, you need to push it deeper into the rectum, so that it completely goes back. As a rule, for this you have to immerse the entire finger in the anus.

It is worth remembering that you do not need to remove your finger immediately. It is necessary to make a feeling of the hemorrhoids. If it was in its place, then you need to carefully return the finger back, so as not to pull the corrected element out.

Once the arm is completely free, it is necessary to tightly squeeze the gluteal muscles to fix the knot in place and allow it to anchor there.

Things to remember

The correction of hemorrhoids is available for almost any person, but it is nevertheless important to remember some rules that will make this action much easier and better. And the effect will be effective.

Tips that will help guide the direction of hemorrhoids quickly and painlessly:

  1. One of the main rules is the following: you can direct the node that just came out of the anus .This is due to the fact that the location of this lump of veins can gradually be delayed and further operation will not have the desired effect. Therefore, this action is literally a few days.
  2. The hand that will participate in the process of immersion in the anus can be lubricated with Vaseline .This will allow the fingers to easily enter inside and not damage the walls of the intestine. And microcracks and ruptures can spoil the further life no less than hemorrhoids.
  3. As soon as the operation is completed, the person should take a comfortable position lying on the .So it takes a minimum of two hours to lie down, so that the muscles can come to tone without sudden movements, and then relax. This will ensure that the hemorrhoidal knot does not fall again right after the operation.
  4. Some complications may occur during the return of the node to the site. This is due to the existing mucosa of the rectum. If you do not act cautiously, then it is able to get micro-ruptures, which begin to inflame. To prevent the development of this ailment, should take the antibiotic , for example, penicillin.
  5. After the hemorrhoidal assembly has been put in place, should avoid the heavy work of , including lifting various loads. If you do not comply with this rule until a complete cure, then the tone of the rectum that has lost its tonus will gradually fall out, creating additional troubles.

If the operation to restore the hemorrhoids failed, then try again.

With several negative attempts, you should immediately abandon this process and go to the doctor for an examination.

Such failures can indicate that a person has a fourth stage of the disease, which can be corrected only by experienced proctologists or surgeons.

It should be noted that when ingested hemorrhoidal nodes appear, an important role is played by the food taken. Food should be most appropriate for the disease. In order not to experience difficulties, a person should revise his own menu a little. And this is as important as the medications taken.

The fact is that the accumulating stools must freely leave the rectum. If this does not happen, then the person has to push, which leads to the loss of hemorrhoids.

But with the help of a carefully selected menu and abundant drink this problem can be solved quite quickly. Vegetable salads, fruits and cooked meat and fish should become regular participants of breakfast, lunch and dinner. And of course, porridges, which need to start every new day.

The disease is not as terrible as the patient thinks.

You should not think that hemorrhoids are a verdict. This disease is amenable to treatment, which has a huge amount of evidence.

In this case, the intervention of the surgeon is required only in the last stages of the disease, which was rather late diagnosed.

There are a lot of folk methods and methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids, practiced by many people right at home.

But before you start any action, you should always consult with your doctor. This will allow the necessary procedures to be carried out with maximum benefit and effect.

You also need to remember about the intake of food, which should not complicate the work of the intestines. Compliance with a strict diet will ease suffering and quickly bring back to normal internal organs, which includes the rectum.

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