Levomecol ointment with hemorrhoids: tips and feedback

Hemorrhoids - a problem quite common, however, it is not customary to talk about it even with the closest people.

However, the disease causes enormous discomfort to the person suffering from it, therefore requires careful treatment.

From the point of view of modern proctology, hemorrhoids can be cured completely only in an operative way, but there are a lot of therapeutic methods that will help achieve a long-term remission, one of them - Levomecol ointments and will be discussed in this article.

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  • General characteristics of ointment
  • Use of hemorrhoids
  • Usage rules for
  • Contraindications and limitations
  • How to replace the remedy?
  • The word to the experienced proctologist
  • The patients have their opinion

General characteristics of the ointment

Levomekol is a white ointment, moderately dense, available in aluminum tubes and glass jars made of dark glass.

This is an old proven tool that has long won positive reviews, both doctors and patie

nts. You can buy the product at any nearest pharmacy at a very reasonable price.

Levomekol is an ointment based on two main active ingredients:

  1. Levomycetin( chloramphenicol) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is effective against most types of known microorganisms.
  2. Methyluracil is a wound healing component that activates the regeneration process in tissues.

Thanks to the above listed qualities, ointment is often used for the treatment of inflammatory processes on the skin, burns, for healing of postoperative sutures. However, very few people know about the benefits of using Levomecol with hemorrhoids.

Application of the hemorrhoids

Proctology is not the most common use of this drug, however, the ointment is still used and quite often.

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People who suffer from hemorrhoids often face the fact that the hemorrhoids are beginning to heal, and this indicates that microdamages are formed on them.

In the case of hemorrhoids, this is an extremely dangerous symptom of hemorrhoids and not only because there is a possibility of hemorrhage, and the elementary emptying of the intestine brings incredible suffering to the patient, but also because the wounds can be infected with calves, which are known to contain a considerable number of bacteria.

Here in this case, and useful Levomekol, it can serve as a prophylactic of the inflammatory processes of the rectum in hemorrhoids, and the treatment of already festering wounds.

A great advantage of the remedy is that the antibiotic in this case is applied at the local level, that is, it does not enter the total blood flow and does not have a toxic effect on the body. Thus, the amount of side effects of the drug is reduced several times.

In addition to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, Levomecol also helps in the regeneration of damaged tissues. This is facilitated by the component of the preparation methyluracil, it accelerates the metabolism in the tissues of the mucosa, which contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and cracks in the rectum.

This complex action contributes to the disappearance of most of the symptoms of acute hemorrhoids - bleeding, pain, inflammation, itching, and the results are noticeable after the first application of the drug.

However, hemorrhoids need further therapy specifically designed for this specific medicines - Proctosildil, Relief and others. Thus, Levomekol is suitable only to eliminate acute symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Rules for using

In the treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of Levomecol ointments, the following rules should be followed:

  • ointment is used at night;
  • treatment lasts 10-15 days, during this time, as a rule, the necessary therapeutic effect is achieved, after which the treatment continues with specific anti-hemorrhoidal drugs;
  • if the hemorrhoidal nodes are inside - the ointment is applied to a cotton swab and placed in the anal opening at the level of the inflamed( damaged) area, if hemorrhoids are externally - a piece of bandage or gauze folded several times and slightly fixed with an adhesive plaster is applied.

Contraindications and limitations

As a rule, Levomekol is well tolerated by patients, rarely there is an individual intolerance to the components of the drug - levomycetin or methyluracil. In case of external application, the allergy can be observed only at the place of application.

Since the antibiotic contained in the ointment falls into the total bloodstream only in small amounts, its use is possible both during pregnancy and during lactation.

Cases of overdose are unknown. There are no side effects.

However, before using the medication, you should consult a doctor!

How to replace the product?

The price of Levomechol is low, as it is produced by domestic enterprises, however it can fluctuate in insignificant limits.

If on any of the components of the drug an allergic reaction is observed to replace Levomekol with a balsamic liniment Vishnevsky or ichthyol ointment.

However, these drugs are less effective for a number of reasons: they contain weaker anti-inflammatory components, there is no wound healing component of methyluracil.

The word to the experienced proctologist

We recommend to study the opinion of a doctor who prescribes Levomekol ointment to his patients suffering from hemorrhoids.

Often in my practice I encounter with neglected cases of hemorrhoids. People until the last critical moment postpone the visit to the doctor.

In such cases, I come to the rescue of an old proven method - treatment with ointment "Levomekol".

This inexpensive means of domestic production, which effectively acts on all the symptoms of acute hemorrhoids, I often write it out to my patients.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. »

However, this is only the first stage of therapy in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids, patients need a strict diet, exercise therapy and specific drugs aimed at reducing manifestations of hemorrhoids. Without the application of these measures, even surgical intervention is ineffective, after removal of hemorrhoids is formed again.

Elena, Krasnodar, proctologist

Patients have their own opinion

The patient speaks.

I learned about the problem of hemorrhoids only when I became pregnant. Although it is believed that hemorrhoids during pregnancy - it's normal, yet he caused me a lot of problems.

Not to mention the problems in the toilet, I just could not normally sit and walk, and after all I had to give birth. And then my local gynecologist advised me an old proven method of treating acute hemorrhoids - Levomekol ointment.

At first, I was afraid, because it contains an antibiotic, but the doctor's recommendations convinced me. And soon, the problem that tortured me, receded. After the due date, I gave birth to an absolutely healthy boy, the birth was normal, because thanks to this remedy I forgot about hemorrhoids.

Olga, patient, Taganrog, 28 years old

Hemorrhoids - a very unpleasant disease, but far from fatal. In time, turning to the doctor, noticing the first symptoms of disease - pain during defecation, itching of the anus, insignificant allocation of blood, you will save your time and money, and most importantly - save your health.

Of course, Levomecol's ointment itself is powerless against hemorrhoids. In its treatment requires a comprehensive approach - a special diet, moderate exercise, normalization of digestion and stool, the use of specific antihemorrhoidal drugs.

Only such an approach to treatment can provide a stable remission and will make it possible to avoid surgery.

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