Effective injections with hemorrhoids - the opinion of doctors and patient feedback

Hemorrhoids are a serious disease that should not be started. However, if this suddenly happened, then stop the pain and relieve the inflammation will help medication, such as: injections, candles, pills.

Since the symptoms of hemorrhoids are pain during defecation, itching, sensation of a foreign body inside with inflammation, it is necessary to stop them. For this, general and local exposure medicines are used. The first include tablets and injections, to second ointments and suppositories.

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  • Why are the injections?
  • What injections are treated for hemorrhoids and its symptoms
    • Application of Ketonal and Diclofenac
    • Sclerotherapy
  • Will benefit from the pros and cons of such a solution
  • The voice of the people of the ubiquitous
  • Listen to the opinion of the doctor

Why are the injections?

The action of tablets( Solpadein, Ketonal, Analgin) is not as fast as we would like, because it passes through the digestive tract, and it starts to act

after a while. The injections begin to act almost instantaneously, because the drug is carried with the blood flow.

Suppositories and ointments( Aurobin, Procto Glivenol, Ultraprotect) also give a good result, but locally. However, they are convenient when using them at home, because sometimes a person is at work, on the road, so he can not pay more attention to himself.

Suppositories may cause a urge to empty the intestines, ointments to stain clothing, although they are excellent at coping with pain and inflammation. The injections are more intended for emergency therapy, when it is impossible to tolerate pain, but there is no way to alleviate its symptoms in any other way.

What injections are treated for hemorrhoids and its symptoms

In acute form of hemorrhoids, painful remedies such as lidocaine, Novocain, Diclofenac, Baralgin, Spasmalgon are well removed. They help to relieve inflammation and pain, to stop it quickly for several hours releasing the patient from pain.

The drug should appoint a doctor, he also gives recommendations on the dosage of the drug.

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Application of Ketonal and Diclofenac

So, very strong Ketonal should be used very rarely, although this drug is an excellent antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic.

The drug contains ketoprofen, which is dangerous for bleeding, kidney and liver problems, asthma and other manifestations. It causes increased vascular permeability, which is quite dangerous.

The agent is applied on 50 or 100 mg 1-2 times a day after surgery or in an acute period of inflammation.

Another good remedy Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It anesthesizes, relieves fever and temperature. Apply 1 ampoule 1 time per day. The course is also no more than 5 days.


Helps sclerotherapy, which allows to glue the nodes with special solutions thanks to the injection into the knot, helps.

With time, the node decreases, as the blood does not flow to it, dies and is removed from the body naturally.

However, this mini-operation should be carried out by an experienced specialist in a hospital setting and leads to solving the hemorrhoid problem once and for all.

Advantages and disadvantages of this solution

Of the advantages of treatment with injections, one can note the rapid action of the drug, the removal of certain symptoms of hemorrhoids and the ability to transfer an acute period without any problems.

Defecation is easier, injections allow you to sit, there is no strong edema. Injections act faster than tablets and ointments.

They can be used in environments where the use of certain tools is not entirely convenient, for example, on the road, at work. The medicine is absorbed completely, whereas in tablets and suppositories this may not happen.

Disadvantages can be called the need to contact someone for help, since it will not be possible to put a prick yourself.

In addition to this action, the injection lasts for several hours, after which the pain can begin to bother again.

Also, drugs in ampoules usually have a large number of side effects, they often can not be used by pregnant, nursing and children. Incorrectly delivered prick can cause an abscess.

The agents often affect vascular permeability, which does not improve the patient's condition.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "
A short-term pain relief with a potent drug may not give the proper effect, but cause more evil.

The voice of the people of the ubiquitous

Reviews of ordinary people who were given certain injections to remove symptoms of hemorrhoids.

After pregnancy hemorrhoids appeared. I no longer breast-feed, but I can not cure, so much is a problem. Periodically, pain is painful during defecation, since there are nodes.

Used injections of Diclofenac as an emergency aid. Well relieve pain, inflammation. At work I sit a lot, so during the period of exacerbations this is really an excellent option.

Olga, 28

Hemorrhoids arose from overweight, plus bad blood vessels. At first I did not pay attention, then I realized that I had tightened it. I was treated to a doctor, I wrote out candles, but they are not very convenient to put them, they flow and get dirty. I'm embarrassed, so I chose injections.

For a period of severe pain I inject myself, put Ketonal. I want to do sclerotherapy if I can.

Павел, 47

We listen to the opinion of the doctor

The opinion of a practicing professional.

Of course, injections are considered an emergency exit when it is difficult to endure pain, but this does not mean that they need to be used constantly. It is best to try to heal from the disease or diversify the methods of treatment. Mazi and candles also perfectly stop the pain, they can be used at night. In addition, they have an excellent softening and anesthetic effect.


Whatever the patient chooses for his treatment, drugs should be prescribed only by a doctor who decides whether to use the drug in a given period.

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