Nasal mucosa serves as a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from entering the body with the incoming air. As soon as a person inhales another portion of air, it is the mucous that cleans it, moisturizes and warms it. But when there is a malfunction in the mucosa, then dryness occurs, crusts and various sores are formed.

In this case, the body lacks clean and moist air. The presence of blood crusts is a symptom that should alert everyone. Often this indicates the presence of a serious disease, and most often the bloody cortex is the result of improper handling of one's own nose.


  • 1 Causes of

    • 1 Therapeutic actions
      • 2.1 Complex therapy
      • 2.2 Treatment for high blood pressure and fragile vessels
      • 2.3 Traditional medicine

Causes of

The frequent cause of development of crusts in the nose of red color is mechanical trauma to the mucosa, resulting in impaired its integrity. Most often, the person does the damage to

himself, picking his finger in the nose. Another impact on this may blow. In addition to mechanical damage, the following causes can influence the formation of bloody crusts in the nose:

  • The blood vessel fragility, which occurs for genetic reasons, lack of vitamins, frequent use of vasoconstricting drops.
  • Strong force on the vessels of the mucous membrane during a constant barking.
  • Breakthrough furuncles in the nasal cavity. Here, the formation of crusts of red color has pain, swelling and redness, often increases body temperature. why the nose is bleeding
  • Excessive dryness of the mucosa in the nasal cavity, resulting from reduced air humidity. This leads to injury to blood vessels.
  • Under the influence of viral infection, thinning of the mucous membrane occurs, as a result of which the capillaries can bleed and arise blood crusts.
  • Increased intracranial pressure. There is a violation of the integrity of the blood vessels in the nose, resulting in a hemorrhage. Other symptoms remain pain in the head, flies before the eyes and cyanosis under the eyes.
  • Chronic rhinitis. This is a pathological process that leads to a strong thinning of the nasal mucosa. This leads to the development of blood crusts, impaired smell and bad smell from the nose.

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Therapeutic measures

To perform treatment aimed at eliminating bloody crusts, it is possible only after the doctor has accurately established the cause of this pathological process.

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Complex therapy

Permanent drying of the nasal mucosa occurs as a result of the arrival of dry and polluted air. Sometimes to eliminate this problem you just need to wipe the dust, perform a wet cleaning and ventilate the room.

Cope with crusts can be easily and quickly at home, if you use the following recommendations:

  1. Drip nose with Kalanchoe and aloe juice .You can buy in the pharmacy drops nasal spray Aqua Maris for children and Morenazal. In their composition there is sea water. To fill the nose with scents from chamomile, mint or linden. to drip with the juice from Kalanchoe and Aloe
  2. Moisten the nasal cavity with tea tree oil, grapes, sea buckthorn.
  3. Perform inhalation with the use of mint ether, eucalyptus.
  4. Moisten the mucous membrane with saline. Carry out manipulations 3 times a day.

But if the bloody cortex indicates a more serious pathology, then the patient can be sent to the hospital where, according to the doctor's prescription, the treatment will include:

  1. Photodynamic therapy. Thanks to it, it is possible to maintain and restore the mucosa, strengthening its functioning.
  2. Organotherapy. Serves to restore the mucosa.
  3. Ionophoresis. Restores the functioning of tissues.
  4. Irrigating and washing the nose. It is carried out in order to restore and activate blood flow. Perform with mineral solutions. And here is how the washing of the nose with Miramistin is performed in the genyantritis, is described in this article.

If atrophy and deformation of the mucosa are observed, then the process of formation of blood crusts can only be stopped after surgical intervention.

Treatment for hypertension and fragile vessels

nose dry and bleeding in the nose

If blood crusts form in the nasal cavity due to increased pressure or a weak wall of blood vessels, it is necessary first to directly kill the provoking factor.

To make the blood vessels strong and normalize blood pressure, the doctor prescribes medication, which will contain moisturizing and emollients. The Rescuer Ointment is very popular. It has all the necessary properties for successful treatment, because it contains such components:

  • turpentine and olive oil - stop pain;
  • etheric and sea buckthorn oil - elimination of burning and irritation;But how to use a mixture of essential oils from colds will help understand this article.
  • Calendula - healing of existing wounds;
  • vitamins A and E - regeneration of the nasal mucosa.

Another doctor can prescribe the use of the homeopathic ointment Fleming. Thanks to her, she can stimulate blood microcirculation, strengthen the body's defenses and disinfect mucous membranes. If you lubricate her nasal cavity for a few days, then breathing becomes easy and free.

Traditional medicine

Removing bloody crusts in the nose can be done with the following folk remedies:

  1. Oksolinovaja ointment .It has antiviral, wound healing and softening effect. During the day, treat the nasal mucosa. But what ointment from nasal congestion for children should be used in the first place, is described in great detail in this article.
    oxolin ointment

    Oksolinovaya ointment

  2. Rinse the solution of sea salt with the addition of olive oil.
  3. Inhalation with steam using saline solution, mint ether, eucalyptus and menthol. Treat the nasal cavity with the composition obtained from sunflower and sea-buckthorn oil. The head must be thrown back. Keep the mixture in the nose for about 30 minutes.
  4. With dry rhinitis, the tea tree oil helps to restore the damaged mucous membrane. It quickly heals all wounds and cracks. To prevent it from flowing, you can connect it with a baby cream. Treatment of the nose 2 times a day.
  5. Rinse the nose with a decoction based on sage, plantain, chamomile. To do this, take 60 g of each herb, add 2 cups of boiling water. Insist about 30 minutes. But how to use sage with loss of voice, is described in this article.
    sage for rinsing

    Sage for rinsing

  6. When stuffy, it is necessary to use a decoction with the addition of honey. Also useful is warm milk.
  7. Children have bloody crusts and shortness of breath often results from over-dried mucous membranes. You can clean the nose with cotton wool soaked in sterile oil.

To begin treatment, it is necessary to know what influenced the development of blood crusts in the nose. If the used ointment, spray or other drug was correctly selected, then in a few days there is an improvement. If none of the presented methods yielded a positive result, then this can indicate the presence of serious pathology. Then you need to seek qualified help and undergo thorough diagnosis.