Chinese anti-hemorrhoid plaster for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids

plaster of hemorrhoids Unfortunately, many people are familiar with the problem of hemorrhoids today. And the problem is manifested in people of different ages.

Itching, heaviness, pain - this is not the whole list of symptoms that predict the development of hemorrhoids. Many people prefer to ignore the problem at the initial stages of development, and serious treatment begins after the exacerbation of the disease.

To avoid unpleasant sensations and further development of the disease, leading doctors recommend using a novelty from Chinese scientists - a transdermal plaster from the hemorrhoids Anti Hemorrhoids.


  • Tested on thousands of volunteers
  • What will help to cure and what is used?
  • Ingredients
  • Therapeutic effect and mechanism of action
  • How to apply a patch?
  • Advantages of plaster
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Proven in thousands of volunteers

This tool is innovative in the field of prevention and treatment of hemor

rhoids. Before the patch was released in a wide sale, its effectiveness was tested by many people who agreed to participate in clinical trials.

In 2013, more than 2000 thousand people took part in the testing of Anti Hemorrhoids plaster. For 21 days, patients who had hemorrhoid problems at different stages of development, regularly applied a patch. The results of the application surprised even experienced physicians.

The effectiveness of the patch is due to a special procedure for its manufacture. For the first time the technology of manufacturing similar products hemorrhoids means grinding curative substances to nanoparticles, which penetrate into the blood much more quickly and begin to act.

Due to the minimal size of medicinal particles, they penetrate into the blood vessels and blood as quickly as possible, without delaying in the layers of the skin.

The healing substances with which the adhesive is impregnated dissolve gradually, because the Anti Hemorrhoids patch is valid for 24 hours of .

What will help to cure and what is it used for?

The use of a patch is necessary for the first symptoms of the disease. A problem like hemorrhoids does not pass by itself.

Transdermal patch is used for such purposes:

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  • helps to avoid surgical intervention and in the shortest possible time to eliminate unpleasant symptoms;
  • elimination of both internal and external hemorrhoids;
  • healing of cracks and wounds, due to which the organism rapidly develops infections;
  • plaster is effective at any stage of the disease;
  • elimination of itching, bleeding, severity and pain;
  • prevents the development of the problem;
  • promotes the "resorption" of cones and the elimination of nodes.


The composition of the plaster includes:

  1. Extract of the root of the bloodlettse .Promotes cessation of bleeding and normalization of blood circulation in the rectum. Has anti-inflammatory properties, because it quickly heals wounds, microcracks and relieves pain. Under the influence of the extract, the hemorrhoidal nodes decrease in size.
  2. Chinese GALL .Promotes regeneration of rectum tissues, dries inflamed patches, has antiseptic effect.
  3. Extract of Borneo leaves .Restores damaged areas of the rectum, prevents the appearance and reproduction of bacteria, eliminates discomfort.
  4. Berberine hydrochloride .Promotes the elimination of inflammatory processes, has antiseptic properties and prevents the appearance of tumors of the rectum. Promotes the removal of puffiness and thereby the removal of pain.
  5. Papaverine hydrochloride .Due to its rapid impact on the source of the problem, as soon as possible eliminates itching, pain, improves blood circulation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

anti hemorrhoids development technology

Therapeutic effect and mechanism of action

Due to the influence of therapeutic components on hemorrhoids, the blood rapidly liquefies and does not stagnate in the plexus of the vessels of the cavernous bodies.

When the substances present in the patch get into the blood, then the mechanism of their impact on the environment is practically immediately launched. Substances applied to the surface of the patch are heated from the body temperature and begin to melt, penetrating deeply into the skin.

The swelling and inflammation are removed, the blood is "cleansed", the walls of the vessels become stronger and more elastic, less susceptible to mechanical damage. Thanks to improved blood circulation, the pelvic organs are more efficiently supplied with blood and oxygen.

Activation of lymphocytes helps to increase the body's resistance to pathogens. Passes inflammation, tissues become stronger, blood circulates freely, which contributes to the resorption of the developing hemorrhoids.

In addition, the patch has not only a curative, but also a preventive effect, which prevents the emergence of new hemorrhoids "cones."

Anti hemorrhoids is able to cure hemorrhoids as soon as possible due to the available medicinal substances that act directly on the source of the problem, eliminate the symptoms and prevent its further development.

Plaster of anti hemorrhoids

How to apply a patch?

The transdermal patch should be used regularly, since to solve the problem, continuous maximum exposure of the therapeutic components to the body is necessary.

The patch should be glued on the abdomen( in the navel area).It is there under the layers of the skin are the vessels through which blood enters the organs of the small pelvis. If hair is present in the area indicated, it is recommended to remove it.

The area of ​​the abdomen to which the patch is to be applied must be rinsed with warm water.

Then, open the package with the adhesive patch to cut it, so as not to damage it. After removing the paper sticker from the adhesive side of the abdominal bandage patch, you need to paste it on a clean area of ​​the skin.

After 24 hours, remove the patch and thoroughly rinse the area with water, dry the skin and repeat the procedure.

The minimum course of treatment is 6 patches, but for better results and prevention it is recommended to undergo two or three courses of treatment in a row.

Advantages of

plaster Today, there are many drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but the effect of each is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

Anti Hemorrhoids is designed specifically for the treatment of hemorrhoids, deep penetration of medicinal substances into the walls of blood vessels and blood, effects on problem areas of the skin and healing of wounds.

Advantage of the plaster is that after its application the problem not only disappears, but also never returns.

Efficacy of the patch was confirmed by hundreds of people who took part in its testing. After the appearance on the market, the number of people who could get rid of hemorrhoids completely and permanently increased significantly.

Additional advantages of the patch are the following:

  • the adhesive on the body does not bind the movements;
  • lasting effect, rapid effect on the body;
  • is absolutely safe for health and has no contraindications;
  • is recommended for use by physicians;
  • manufacturer of a plaster combines the use of new technologies and ancient Tibetan recipes;
  • product is certified and has appropriate licenses.

The word to the experts

The opinion of practicing doctors.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

Recently I advise my patients to use an Anti Hemorrhoids patch. I must say that after using this product, many more people were able to get rid of the problem with minimal effort. With the advent of this product, the problem of hemorrhoids has ceased to be so terrible for many people.

Vorchalovsky Alexander Vladimirovich, proctologist

The use of Anti Hemorrhoids plaster gives an amazing result. Several examinations during the course of treatment in patients show a positive trend. Already after the first course of treatment, the nodes noticeably decrease, itching, bleeding and pain completely disappear.

Andreeva Svetlana Aleksandrovna, proctologist of the highest category

review about the Chinese plaster of hemorrhoids

The opinion of ordinary people

What consumers think about the Chinese plaster Anti Hemorrhoids can be found out by studying the relevant feedback.

I could not find a suitable remedy for hemorrhoids for a long time. The problem could not cope for almost 6 years. At the initial stages of the development of the disease, even hesitant to turn to doctors, then all the same I had to push back the embarrassment to the background.

Constant pain and itching caused discomfort, wherever I was. I am very glad that I was advised to use the Anti Hemorrhoids patch. Apply it regularly, the symptoms are almost gone. I hope for a further positive result.

Maxim, Moscow

For a long time ignored the development of the problem, then still had to seek help from doctors. They advised anti hemorrhoids, in which, frankly, I very much doubted. But I decided that I would not get any worse, and I got a band-aid.

The result did not come immediately, but the regular application and perseverance gave their result. So I got rid of the problem. Advised a band-aid to his girlfriend, who had problems with hemorrhoids after childbirth;it marks a significant improvement.

Olga, Novosibirsk

anti hemorrhoids

In a step from the purchase of

you can order and buy Chinese plasters from the hemorrhoids Anti Hemorrhoids on the official website. For visitors of our site there is a special promotional price.

To do this, you just need to fill out the application form and choose the payment method that is convenient for you. If you have additional questions, you can contact the manager by phone.


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