Ointment and suppositories for hemorrhoids Hepatrombin g: reviews, instructions and price of the drug

Hepatrombin G First of all, one should remember or caution those who are ready to take the drug for pain or in pursuit of pseudo-economy, focusing only on its name and properties: it is necessary to read that part of the marking where is indicated.

And, by the way, storage conditions .

Not going into moralizing, we have to remind that both these indicators, if they do not comply with the recommendations, will not only negate the promised effect, but can greatly damage health.

Contents of

  • What is hepatrombin G?
  • Pharmacological action of the drug
  • Hepatrombin - first aid here and now
    • Additional indications
  • Are there any contraindications?
  • Proper use
    • preparation Recommended dose
  • What do they say about Gepatrombin
  • drug cost about a possible replacement of the drug analogues
    • Venitan
    • Venogepanol
    • Venosan
    • Viatromb
  • Pros and cons analogues
  • summarize
  • Video: candles from hemorrhoids with sea buckthorn

What gepatrombinG?

Most often it is associated with such a most unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids.

Although it is able to "fight" with a number of diseases, where there is an problem with blood clotting and in general the activity of blood vessels.

Because hepatrombin is an ointment or a transparent gel, it is clear that it is for external use. You just need to remember that hepatrombin is produced as a homogeneous ointment of white color or a transparent gel in 40-gram tubes.

There are more options for packaging and packaging: pharmacist in the pharmacy will tell you and help you buy exactly what you need.

Pharmacological action of the drug

Without deciphering the chemical formula of hepatrombin, and it is complex, it is necessary to keep in mind the pharmacological action of this drug:

  • antiplatelet effect - causes the process of dissolution of microthrombi in the capillaries;
  • relieves edema;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • increases the intensity of local blood flow;
  • helps repair connective tissue;
  • stimulates metabolic processes.

Hepatrombin - an ambulance here and now

This is what awaits the patient, suffering from hemorrhoids.

After the first procedure, the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic work of the ointment or gel begins.

The amount of exudate released, i.e.the fluid formed as a result of inflammation, becomes smaller. Burning, tooth and depressing pain in the anal region recede, and often even disappear. drugs with hemorrhoids

Clearly and, most importantly, its local analgesic property is effective. Relief is felt from the fact that hepatrombin helps to glue, i.e.sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids.

As a result of , the number of such nodes is decreasing, and bleeding stops. Those who do not know these problems know perfectly well how much relief ointment or gel can give to hepatrombin G.

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Additional indications

Hepatrombin G successfully resists:

  • varicose veins, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • has a trophic ulcer of the lower leg;
  • during the recovery period after surgery, hepatrombin will be helpful: as a rule, it acts effectively on the wound, and promptly;
  • the most kind words deserve a drug for its help with bruises and bruises, which are accompanied by inflammation of muscles, ligaments, tendons and in general tissues;
  • as a therapeutic aid, hepatrombin ointment is used by those who suffer from neuralgia or deforming osteoarthritis;
  • with the drug is well known to athletes: for them, trauma is a frequent occurrence, if not permanent, - they are accompanied by tendinitis, i.e.inflammation of the tendons, bursitis or inflammation of the joint capsule, and the like.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes, there is. Medicines can not be unified: the individual organism of each person is too individual.

Based on the instructions for the use of gepotrombin there are limitations:

  • primarily, this is hypersensitivity;
  • then fungal, viral and bacterial lesions of the skin;
  • should not be used for syphilis, tuberculosis, skin tumors( anorectal zone);
  • during pregnancy, it is forbidden to use the drug in the first trimester;
  • is not recommended in response to vaccine administration;
  • will have to give up gepotrombin if there is a predisposition to bleeding.
It is appropriate to warn about the side effects of Gepotrombin G: skin hyperemia is possible, when the amount of blood flowing to any part of the body increases dramatically. Thereby causing a clear and bright redness on the skin.

Proper use of the drug

Not for nothing in each product or inside the package there is an instruction with a subsection: the method of application, was not an exception and hepatrombin g in the form of ointment, gel and candles.

You need to follow it.

Recommended doses of

It is equally bad: to go too far with the dose or "underflow".

The dose is the tested, calculated and acceptable amount of of a medicine for a clear and understandable purpose: to localize the pain, "kill" it or at least mix it. So read the label, where it is written, how to take or use a dosage form, it is necessary.

ointment of hepatrombin If an ointment and suppositories of hepatrombin G are recommended, and this is an addressable, anti-hemorrhoid , a remedy, use it in accordance with the recommendations of the instruction.

Then the expected effect will occur, for example, in the case of thrombophlebitis of the veins of the anus, fistula of the rectum, eczema and fissures of the anus.

Ointment and suppository will help with pain, itching and burning in the area of ​​the anal opening.

And the instruction will tell, that it is necessary 1-3 times a day to put or render gel or ointment gepatrombina on the damaged site. And apply correctly. Do not immediately squeeze the entire gel.

It is enough 5 cm, and with gentle massage movements rub the gel into the skin. Not as horrible, but from the bottom up.

Special warning to those of , who has thrombosis or thrombophlebitis: from the fact that with all his strength, zealously rub the remedy into the skin, the effect will not be exactly. It's good that it's not the other way around. Gepatrombin should be simply applied to the skin. And its layer should not be thick at all: it is important that the entire problem area.

Even more gentle way, when it comes to venereal disease. Then it is better to use a bandage on which ointment is applied.

Ointment, but not gel! It is fundamentally! As a principle not to use the gel, if there is a damaged area of ​​the skin. In no case is the gel applied to mucous membranes.

And what they say about hepatrombin

Probably, in the foreseeable future there will not be a landmark for "a remedy from a neighbor" or "I heard in the tram that. ..".This is our mentality.

Perhaps, in no other country do they take the medicine that they prescribed to another member of the family, and then suddenly someone else "seems to have the same thing."But you have to start somewhere.

In the world of high technologies and growing diseases like mushrooms after the rain, or old variants, it is really dangerous to be treated "by eye." The most correct is an appointment from a doctor. Better - home or local. If necessary, after taking the tests.

But deliberately ignore, groundlessly, indiscriminately reject a newly appeared or still not killed drug - this is another extreme. So reviews about the drugs have the right to life.

infertility Why after an operation varicocele the testicle hurts and what it is necessary to make in that case? What are the complications after the operation?

If you decide to use the medicine Escuzan, the instructions for use must be studied, - the drug is known for a large number of contraindications.

Here, for example, generalized review of on ointments and gel, hepatrombin G is the opinion of volunteers who participated in the experiment-experiment on testing the drug.

Their meaning is: is actually an effective drug. Almost all note that sharp pain and uncomfortable puffiness disappear minutes through 15-20.

The therapeutic result is the place to be - it's all said. Participating in the experiment almost unanimously, i.е.90%, noted that painful pain and rectal bleeding a week later disappeared. And by the end of the second week, the remaining 10 percent also joined: they, too, highly rated hepatrombin G.

And the full unanimity drug received for its democratic value: much more affordable than, for example, Lioton gel.

The cost of the preparation

The price for hepatrombin g ointment, gel and candle differs and is:

  • ointment, 20 g: 120-140 rubles;
  • candles, 10 pieces: 155-170 rubles;
  • gel, 40 g: 150-200 rubles.
Today, all forms of the release of Escuzan can be purchased in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The average cost is shown, which can vary depending on the allowance and the location of the pharmacy: tablets Escuzan - the price is 120 rubles;drops Eskuzan - the price of 105 rubles;ointment and gel - the price is 200 rubles. Source: http: //stopvarikoz.net/lekarstva/ eskuzan-instrukciya-otzyvy.html
Today all the forms of the release of Eskusan can be purchased in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The average cost is shown, which can vary depending on the allowance and the location of the pharmacy: tablets Escuzan - the price is 120 rubles;drops Eskuzan - the price of 105 rubles;ointment and gel - the price is 200 rubles. Source: http: //stopvarikoz.net/lekarstva/ eskuzan-instrukciya-otzyvy.html
The average cost, which can vary depending on the allowance and the location of the pharmacy: tablets Escuzan - price 120 rubles;drops Eskuzan - the price of 105 rubles;ointment and gel - the price of 200 rubles. Source: http: //stopvarikoz.net/lekarstva/ eskuzan-instrukciya-otzyvy.html

On the possible replacement of the drug analogs

For various reasons, the use of heparombin may be impossible.

For example, it was not in the nearest, nor in other pharmacies. Although today it is unlikely that there may be a shortage of drugs, but what if? Then you can use analogues of hepatrombin.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

I want to believe that the pharmacy will be literate, and most importantly - a pharmacist appropriate for their place of work. He will propose an adequate replacement.


The effect of the drug is almost the same as hepatrombin: helps with thrombophlebitis, phlebitis resulting from intravenous injections and infusions, varicose veins, and trophic ulcers of the lower leg.

Venitane can be used in the postoperative period, when problematic stitches.


Virtually the same action has and venogenpanol. In general, you can independently "calculate" the purpose of the drug, having read into its name: venogenpanol venohepanol is clearly addressed to the veins and problems with them.

In addition, it will help with hematomas, insect bites, swelling, which always accompany frostbite.


Another analogue of hepatrombin is Venosan. Excellent restores venous current after prolonged standing on legs. Removes edema, is shown with trophic ulcers and varicose veins.


The drug is shown with thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, edema.

Pros and Cons of Analog

Pros of Substitutes:

  • more affordable analog price;
  • additional action.


  • larger list of contraindications;
  • fewer clinical trials;
  • is not sufficient efficiency.

To sum up

Today there is no reason to complain about the lack of necessary medications. They are. There are also in big cities and small towns. Moreover, their analogs also exist.

This makes it possible to vary financially: something costs more, something is cheaper. But no one refuted the rule that the medicine should be certified, with output data, where there is a manufacturer, shelf life and permission from the Ministry of Health.

If we talk about gepatrombine G, purchased at the pharmacy, and not from the hands, the risks decrease at times.

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