What candles can be used to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy and lactation?

With the problem of the appearance of hemorrhoids today faces a large number of people. This ailment causes severe inflammation and an increase in venous nodules, which can cause heavy bleeding and their loss to the outside.

Usually, the disease affects those people who move little, do not follow their diet and daily routine.

It is low activity that has a significant negative effect on the process of blood circulation in the rectum.

There are also women at risk who expect the baby to come into the world.

Hemorrhoids develop due to the fact that the uterus increases in size and subsequently exerts great pressure on the large intestine. This becomes the root cause of that blood circulation is violated and the nodes become inflamed.

At the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, a pregnant woman, without fail, must inform the doctor about it.

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Use of candles in proctology

Candles from hemorrhoids are often called rectal. After all, their use is reduced to introduction into the rectum.

The method of rectal administration makes it possible to quickly act on the drug components of the suppositories.

In this case, after a few hours, the woman significantly reduces pain, itching and burning, and normal blood flow in the pelvis is restored.

It is very easy to use rectal suppositories, the main thing is to read the instructions beforehand and to comply with all the doctor's recommendations.

Unfortunately, not all such remedies can be used during pregnancy and lactation. That's why when choosing a medicine a woman needs to be as sharp and attentive as possible.

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Most often, antihemorrhoid candles are prescribed for pregnant women in order to reduce symptoms. For an early recovery, additional therapy may be prescribed, which in turn should be safe for the baby and mother.

Since self-treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause harm to the health of the mother and fetus, you can use special candles from hemorrhoids only on the advice of a specialist!

Why does pregnancy provoke hemorrhoids?

Almost any woman at the time of bearing a child faces this unpleasant problem. The causes that can trigger the development of the disease can be caused by a variety of factors.

But most often they are the following:

  1. Constipation of chronic nature .During pregnancy, women also suffer from severe constipation, which over time acquires a chronic form. Because of this, there is a strong tension in the intestinal walls, as a result of which hemorrhoids begin to increase during defecation, and blood appears. Prevent the appearance of constipation can be through a balanced diet, exercise and light medications.

    Fetal pressure on the uterus and intestines

  2. Low physical activity .If a woman for 9 months will always stay at home, the blood supply in the rectum will be slow, and in the worst case, it may stop altogether. Violation of blood circulation will promote the formation of nodes and thrombosis of veins. Therefore, in any case during pregnancy a woman must perform at least the most minimal physical exertion on her body.
  3. Change in normal blood circulation in the lower part of the body .A similar problem is very common in pregnant women. Due to the fact that every month the uterus becomes larger, the pressure on the lower part of the trunk increases. Therefore, blood, in the required quantity can not reach the organs of the small pelvis. It is for this reason that hemorrhoids develop.

Each of the listed reasons can cause the disease.

But it is important to know that the risk of developing an ailment increases with each month of pregnancy. That is, the longer the period, the more likely that a woman can face such symptoms.

Most often, hemorrhoids appear in the 3rd trimester, or after the birth. But do not think that the disease can not occur suddenly on 1 or 2 trimester of bearing a child.

To pregnant and lactating mothers - its approach

Once a woman has the first unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids it is very important to seek medical advice.

Doctors usually prescribe such rectal suppositories that can be used by a woman at any time during pregnancy.

If necessary, there may be designated laboratory tests of blood, urine and calla.

The most safe means for use during pregnancy are candles, which contain only natural ingredients. They can not harm the health of the baby and mother.

Such medications will help in a short time to get rid of the pain, itching, burning and cracks that may appear during hemorrhoids.

First and foremost, doctors advise using candles with ichthyol. They have an analgesic effect and after a few hours they reduce the pain syndrome.

Only after this it is possible to resort to the help of other means. Candles with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties will be useful.

Choosing a specific drug

The most universal medicine that will help get rid of hemorrhoids are candles with papaverine .

They will not only reduce severe pain, but also help reduce the pressure that the uterus exerts on the pelvic organs.

Candles with papaverine will help to remove inflammation, will promote the speedy healing of cracks, and also become an excellent antiseptic for the entire female body.

Use this medication before bedtime. This makes it possible to leave the undissolved part of the candle along with the morning defecation. If the candles are used strictly according to the instructions, then the recovery will occur much faster.

They can also be injected into the general treatment regimen during the intensification of hemorrhoid symptoms.

Such suppositories also contain therapeutic mud, cocoa butter, chestnut oil and sea buckthorn.

To strengthen the effect of standard candles, granules and ointments can be used. Most often, these drugs are used as auxiliaries, which contribute to a speedy recovery.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women, as well as during lactation use the following suppositories:

  1. Candles based on sea buckthorn .They are prescribed in order to stimulate a normal rectal process with a strong inflammation of the intestine. The drug is prescribed only by a doctor. The standard course of treatment with rectal suppositories can last no more than 2 weeks.
  2. Natalside .The main component of this drug are brown algae. You can use them in any trimester of pregnancy and with various hemorrhoids. The course of treatment depends on the doctor's recommendations. It is usually necessary to introduce several suppositories 2 times a day. The main thing at the same time remember that use the tool is not worth more than 15 days. In , the drug ceases to have a positive effect on the female body.
  3. Relief .These candles are used to relieve a woman of unpleasant pains, feelings of itching and burning. The drug is prescribed by a specialist and is not recommended for use more than 4 times in 24 hours. For pregnant women, he poses no danger. With the correct introduction of candles, relief can be felt a couple of hours after their use.
  4. Posterizan .Excellent for use in the period of bearing a child. Included in the composition of natural ingredients( inactivated bacteria) have a gentle effect on the condition of the rectum and large intestine. Suppositories help to quickly heal cracks, reduce itching and pain. Rectal suppositories are introduced in the first half of the day, as well as in the evening. The procedure can be performed after the woman has emptied the intestines.

It can often be heard that candles from hemorrhoids are strictly forbidden for use by pregnant women.

Such fears are caused by the fact that no studies of the effects of these drugs on women bearing a baby have been conducted.

Of course, it is not worthwhile to engage in independent treatment. It is better to seek professional help from a doctor.

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In addition, it is also important to know what means are appropriate to use during breastfeeding and during each trimester of pregnancy.

So, in the first trimester and during the period of feeding, you can use suppositories Natalsid, Olesistin, Betiol, Extreme krasavki, Nigepan, Anuzol and Posterizan.

In the 2nd and 3rd trimester, you can resort to the help of sea buckthorn and glycerin candles, Relief, Gepatrombin and Ultraprot.

It is important to know that these drugs are contraindicated in the period of breastfeeding and in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Practical experience of using

Reviews about candles, which in practice were used by pregnant women and nursing mothers to treat hemorrhoids.

At the end of the first trimester I encountered such a problem as hemorrhoids. It's good that they noticed it on time, so the treatment did not last long.

The doctor recommended to revise his diet and daily routine, and also appointed Natalsid candles. First I injected 2 candles, and after 4 days I used only one. After 10 days of unpleasant symptoms, there is no trace left!

Елена, 25 лет

Now I'm waiting for the second child. When I was pregnant for the first time, I did not know what hemorrhoids were. Now, I am at 7 month, I encountered such a nuisance and was very frightened.

The doctor assured me that this is not dangerous and will not affect the baby's health in any way. He appointed me the candles of Relief. My treatment lasted 12 days. Now I feel good.

Natalia, 32 years old

Experienced doctors advise

Do not lose sight of the opinion of practitioners.

All my patients I advise you to use only glycerine or suppositories with sea buckthorn to treat hemorrhoid symptoms. First, they act quickly, and secondly, do not have a negative impact on the development of the fetus.


Pregnant and lactating women very often ask about what candles they can take during pregnancy in order to cure hemorrhoids.

I usually advise you to reconsider your habits, nutrition and exercise. Of course, if the situation is neglected, it is necessary to resort to the use of medications, such as Gepatrombin, Nigepan, Relief and Natalsid.


The choice of candles, and any medications in principle, for use during pregnancy should be treated with extreme caution, because in this case, a woman runs the risk not only of her health, but of the future baby.

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