Treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes: the best recipes and tips

Green tomatoes in medicine One of the most common diseases of veins is varicose veins. The initial stage of the disease is the formation of vascular asterisks, heaviness in the lower limbs, an increase in the subcutaneous veins and painful sensations in their area. Without the necessary treatment, the legs begin to swell, cramps appear and even the rupture of the affected vessels is possible.

Despite the seriousness of the problem, varicose is treatable. It will be particularly effective at the initial stage of the disease. Although with the already developing varicose can get good results from therapy and significantly reduce the manifestations of the disease.

A huge number of medical products are on sale, the manufacturers of which promise to get rid of varicose veins in the shortest possible time.

However, it is worth remembering that any drug has a number of side effects and contraindications. Quite different is the case with folk remedies. One of the means for treating varicose is the use of green tomatoes.


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Green nightshade - what is their strength?

Traditional medicine offers a large number of methods for getting rid of varicose veins. One of them is the use of green tomato green tomatoes. The fact is that unripe vegetable contains much more organic acids, minerals and vitamins, in comparison with ripe fruits.

Another explanation of the choice for the treatment of immature nightshades is that their seeds contain a substance whose action is reminiscent of the use of acetylsalicylic acid.

And, as you know, Aspirin is widely used not only to relieve inflammation, but also to dilute blood. In addition to these properties, green tomatoes contribute to strengthening the vascular walls, increasing their elasticity and tone. What is possible with flavonoids, which are large in tomatoes.

How to heal green tomatoes: recipes

Immature, dense fruits are suitable for treatment without damage. As a rule, they are used to make lotions and compresses, which are applied to varicose veins.

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To do this, tomatoes need to be washed and cut the small fruit into two parts, and large ones on not thick circles. Each half or slice is applied internally to the affected area. For convenience, they need to be fixed with a bandage or with food film.

Keep such a lotion before the burning sensation of the skin. After this, the feet should be rinsed with cool water, which will help increase blood circulation in the lower limbs. After a while, the applique is repeated.

To achieve the maximum effect of the procedure, it is recommended to do it up to 5-6 times a day. Very good, if you can do this procedure at night and leave the tomatoes until the morning. The course of treatment is 1 month, after which there is a break in 1-2 weeks and a new course is conducted.

For rapid results, before application of the application, skin areas with dilated veins are rubbed with baking soda and rinsed with cool water.

Therapeutic compresses

Compress from the juice of a green tomato Another proven method is a compress made from the juice of a green tomato. To do this, from the green fruit squeeze the juice, which is moistened with a piece of bandage or gauze. The bandage is applied to the affected leg site. A food film is superimposed on top and everything is fixed with a dry bandage. You can make such a compress at night.

Another recipe for an anti-varicose compress is the use of green tomatoes and a decoction of birch leaves. To do this, tomatoes are very finely chopped or scrolled through a meat grinder and mixed with a decoction of birch leaves to a mushy condition.

To prepare the decoction, 2 tablespoons of dried birch leaves are poured into a glass( 250 ml) of boiling water. The broth is prepared in a water bath for 15 minutes.

Such porridge is applied to the enlarged veins, the food film is superimposed on top, which is fixed with a bandage.

When treating varicose veins, it is recommended to use a compress with vitamin E and essential oils. To make it from the green fruits of tomato you need to squeeze the juice. It is important that he was without pulp. To the juice obtained, add 1 ampoule of vitamin E and a few drops of essential oil.

This is suitable for rosemary, lavender, mint, vetiver oil, as well as a little juniper, geranium or cypress. They can be bought from Vitamin E in any pharmacy.

Vitamin E has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, and together with the green tomato juice it is effective in treating varicose veins. In the resulting mixture, moisten a small piece of bandage or gauze and attach to a sore spot. From above it is necessary to close the bandage with polyethylene( a food film will do).Fasten the compress with elastic or normal bandage.

This compress is indicated to be done overnight for 1 month. After a few weeks, the course of treatment is recommended to be repeated.

It is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the body and possible contraindications to their use when choosing an oil.

Features of "tomato" therapy

The effectiveness and duration of treatment of varicose with a green tomato depends on the degree of damage to the limbs. If there is an initial stage that appears in the form of a vascular reticulum, after 2 weeks of such therapy the result will be noticeable. In the case of a neglected disease, some tomatoes will be few.

Here, without additional conservative treatment or even surgical intervention, unfortunately, is indispensable. But all this can be determined only by the doctor after the examination.

Before and after applying the tomato, it is recommended that the feet be rinsed with cool water.

exercise in case of varicose veins It should be noted that the treatment of varicose veins should be comprehensive. To compresses and lotions you need to connect a diet. From its diet should exclude foods rich in cholesterol, sweets, alcohol and flour products.

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In the priority should be vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in fiber. Equally important are the metered exercise or physical exercise. During the training, it is necessary to use compression underwear.

In the evening, rest your feet. For a quick recovery, lie on a hard surface and lift your legs up, comfortably resting against the wall or other surface.30 minutes a day will be enough to help your veins recover.

From the real experience of

Traditional medicine does not always approve of various folk methods of treating varicose veins. tomato slices

And this is due, first of all, to the fact that they have not yet been sufficiently studied and not officially confirmed.

But, what could be more convincing than the responses of real patients who tried to treat varicose with green tomatoes and as a result completely got rid of their problem.

I first encountered varicose during pregnancy and since drugs are undesirable during this period, I paid attention to lotions with green tomatoes. Applied lobules of green tomatoes daily. A month later, there was a noticeable result - varicose nodules diminished in size.


I am a professional bodybuilder and as a result of daily exhausting exercises, a vascular network began to appear on my legs. For the treatment he used mush from green tomatoes, just smeared it with the affected places, covered it with film and bandaged it. After 2 weeks the reticulum of the vessels disappeared and the swelling in the legs disappeared.


I work as a hairdresser, and we have varicose veins - this is a professional disease, as almost all day you have to stand. For treatment, several times a day I applied to the affected areas lobules of green fruit. In a month you can see positive changes - the legs do not swell in the evening, and the veins themselves become less noticeable. After a month of such treatment, you need to take a break.

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