Inexpensive and effective ointments for the treatment of external hemorrhoids

About hemorrhoids always try to speak quietly because of the fact that there is a disease in a delicate place.

The choice of method of treatment depends on the type of hemorrhoids, due to the fact that the symptomatology is different.

This problem arises from time to time in almost every person, but there is a category of patients whose hemorrhoids acquire an acute painful form, so an integrated approach to treatment is required.

About 30% of the population knows first hand what is external hemorrhoids. This type of disease is formed from a sedentary lifestyle, which has recently been very characteristic of modern man.

To get rid of external hemorrhoids, you need to know what ointments are worth using, when they are used and at what stage of treatment.

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  • Basics of therapy
  • The main groups of agents for the treatment of
  • disease The choice of a particular drug is not an idle issue
  • What ointments will be suitable for exacerbation?
  • How to help a pregnant wom

Basics of therapy

This is a non-infectious disease, but it is characterized by an inflammatory process that results in an increase in veins of a pathological nature. The first sign is the appearance of cones or hemorrhoids.

The external form, unlike the internal one, is manifested with bright symptoms only during periods of exacerbation. It is possible to exclude relapses of appearance of symptoms after treatment, if properly organized.

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Cones can be formed in different sizes and they are located around the large intestine.

It is necessary to start treatment of the disease as soon as possible.

Patients with a neglected form are prescribed non-conservative treatment, and surgical intervention to prevent this, you need time to see a doctor and undergo treatment with ointments that have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

With this form of hemorrhoids, candles are not prescribed, only with internal. The composition of ointments necessarily include hormones that prevent the formation of blood clots.

The main groups of drugs for the treatment of

All prescription ointments contain a special combination of elements that have different therapeutic effects:

  • components responsible for the dilution of blood;
  • hormones with anti-inflammatory effect;
  • anesthetics of local exposure.

Ointments can contain elements that have an antibacterial effect. Use this tool is much easier, so the popularity of this method of treatment is greater than that of tablets and suppositories.

According to the principle of action, all ointments can be divided into:

  • bactericidal and anti-inflammatory;
  • hemostatics;
  • phlebotonics;
  • anesthetics.

The effectiveness of the use of ointments has been verified in practice, the active substances of such preparations quickly penetrate into the source of the problem and have an effective effect at the local level.

No side effects and no speeches, except local allergic reaction to the components.

Treatment with ointment of external hemorrhoids is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women if the drug does not include prednisolone.

The choice of a particular drug is not an idle issue

Among all the ointments available on the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, there are several most effective and inexpensive ones:

  1. Ointment of Vishnevsky .It has long been used in the fight against hemorrhoids. The formula of the drug is quite effective, so the ointment remains in demand always, especially when treating external hemorrhoids. Apply the remedy to a piece of cotton wool, which is applied to the place of formation of the cone. Before the start of the course for a day, a compress is applied with manganese, then an ointment without preliminary actions is used. Ointment Vishnevsky is a non-specialized drug from hemorrhoids, but thanks to it you can remove inflammation and cope with the disease.
  2. Heparin ointment .Helps to eliminate the problem even at a neglected stage. The drug has been used for more than a decade, it copes with the problem of the formation of thromboses arising from the overabundance of fibrin. Components of the ointment contribute to reducing the amount of protein in the blood, remove puffiness, eliminate bruises. In the composition there is anesthesin, due to which it is possible to reduce the pain syndrome. Use the ointment is on a cotton swab, two to three times a day.
  3. Throxevasin Ointment .You can also use it at the last stage of the disease. Ingredients of the composition help to normalize the condition of the veins, impart strength to the vessels, reduce the symptoms of the disease as a whole, if the drug is used systematically. Doctors recommend combining Troxevasin with ascorbic acid to speed up the healing process. The effect of the ointment is aimed at reducing edema and reducing the risk of thrombosis. The composition is carefully rubbed into the problem zone in small amounts three times a day.
  4. Posterizan .A modern and unique remedy that promotes tissue regeneration and increases cellular immunity. The main component is E. coli, which stimulates the work of immunity and activates the fight against pathogenic flora. In addition, the ointment relieves burning and itching.
  5. Proctosan .The main active component is bismuth. After using this tool, you can quickly solve the problem with bleeding in the complicated form of external hemorrhoids. With the help of this drug it is easy to eliminate the itching and pain sensations.
  6. Relief .Very popular means to reduce bleeding. In the composition of the ointment is phenylephrine and liver oil sharks, positively affecting the main source of the problem.
  7. Bezornil .A rich in ingredients preparation, which contains: pearls, borneol, musk, zinc carbonate, bezoar, amber. An ointment was developed in accordance with the ideas and principles of Chinese medicine. Among the main effects, after using the drug, patients identified: the elimination of pain, itching, swelling and bleeding.
  8. Girudoprokt .This is the ideal remedy for those who prefer to be treated with natural ingredients. The composition includes: leech extract, horse chestnut, which copes well with irritation and pain. Another element - methyluracil has an anti-inflammatory effect, is able to regenerate tissues, which is important for external hemorrhoids.

What ointments are suitable for exacerbation?

During the exacerbation of the problem, patients especially feel uncomfortable, except for constant burning and itching they experience increased pain.

There is a category of agents that help to quickly cope with inflammation, their active substances instantly penetrate the focus of the problem and eliminate the primary symptomatology.

Most often, the treatment of hemorrhoids in the acute phase of Ichthyol's ointment is trusted, which not only perfectly anesthetizes, but also has a disinfecting effect. The main component of this remedy is ihtamol, extracted from shale resin.

The ointment has an unpleasant smell, and after its application redness may appear.

Well solves the problem of acute external hemorrhoids Heparin ointment, which contains heparin. This component reduces the pain syndrome, removes inflammation in a short time, helps to remove bruises.

This is a direct action that relates to anticoagulants. With the help of the Heparin Ointment, old thrombotic formations can be removed, moreover, after penetrating the tissues, it prevents the formation of new thrombi.

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How to help a pregnant woman?

The treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and during lactation was a particular complication, because not all components of medicines taken orally could be used by women.

Today this issue is solved very easily due to the presence of a wide variety of ointments in the pharmacology market.

Most often, doctors prescribe Fleming's ointment to pregnant and nursing patients. In its composition there is nothing that could damage the mother and child. Use this tool and with patients of advanced age, when it is important to pay attention to sparing therapy.

You can safely use Vishnevsky's ointment, which contains only castor oil, xerobes and tar.

It has a good analgesic effect, there are no side effects, except for individual intolerance to the components of the ointment and the drug is used at any stage of hemorrhoids.

Another universal ointment is considered Levomekol, you can find it in any pharmacy. After application, inflammation quickly resembles inflammation, tissue regeneration accelerates.

Ointment produces complex treatment, components in its composition help to quickly heal anal fissures and prevent further infection, moreover, itching and burning.

Whatever remedy is used for external hemorrhoids, it should be prescribed by a doctor, the only way to talk about the effectiveness and safety of treatment.

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