Is it possible to eat garlic for pregnant women, breastfeeding mother for breastfeeding a newborn? Can pregnant women eat or smell garlic for colds?

Benefits and harm of garlic during pregnancy and lactation.


  • Harmful or useful to garlic pregnant?
  • Can pregnant women have garlic in the first, second and third trimester?
  • Is it possible for pregnant women and for breastfeeding dishes with garlic?
  • Can pregnant women eat or snort garlic for colds?
  • Is it possible to eat garlic or dishes with garlic feeding mom while breastfeeding a newborn baby?
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The waiting time of the baby is the most amazing and interesting for both the future mother and future dad. Although the second is and gets from the gastronomic fantasies of a pregnant wife.

Living in a society, we are more or less influenced by authorities in medicine and healthy nutrition, their opinions and statements in the media.

However, what to do when their words contradict each other? The answer is to take responsibility for your pregnancy on yourself and make informed decisions in all areas.

Let's talk in more detail about the peculiarities of eating a pregnant woman, in particular about the benefits and harms of garlic.

Is garlic harmful or harmful to pregnant women?

girl holding a handful of garlic

There is no single scientifically and practically proven answer to this question.

Dietitians and midwives voice diametrically opposed opinions.

Talking about the dangers of garlic for women expecting a child, the following reasons are noted:

  • spicy spice
  • provocateur for frequent uterine contractions
  • strong allergen
  • agent capable of causing stomach pain, heartburn
  • rejection of its baby
  • change in taste of breast milk
  • mucosal irritant
  • a product that liquefies blood, which is dangerous with frequent nasal bleeding

As for the benefits of garlic, opinions are:

  • vitamin product of natural origin
  • fighter withviruses during the epidemics of acute respiratory infections, ASI
  • helps normalize blood circulation, reduces the risk of blood congestion, blood clots
  • affects the harmonious development of the fetus
  • stabilizes the hormonal background
  • prevents the absorption of high doses of sugar, the development of diabetes
  • cleanses blood, prevents the accumulation of unnecessary cholesterol
  • natural antioxidant
  • preserves the digestive system from the formation and development of cancer cells

Can pregnant women have garlic in the first, second and thirdrimestre?

the pregnant girl bites off a slice from a clove of garlic

As there is no clear opinion among doctors, then look at your health and taste preferences.

On the other hand, read the list of harmful effects of this product and try on yourself. For example, if you have low hemoglobin or frequent attacks of heartburn, then definitely refuse to consume garlic in the waiting period of the baby.

If to speak globally, then garlic:

  • calmly eat in the first trimester. It helps you and get vitamins, and protects against colds, and hormones tire out,
  • significantly reduce consumption in the second trimester to a couple of times a week for several denticles,
  • give up this spice in the third trimester, as it provokes uterine contractions,risk of preterm birth,
  • eat moderately if you are strongly pacing. The property of garlic to influence the musculature of the uterus is now very much to play into your hands.

Is it possible for pregnant women and for breastfeeding dishes with garlic?

pensive babe in the arms of a mother deciding to eat her garlic or not

The answer to the question depends on:

  • gestation period - in the previous section we considered this item,
  • of the age of a crumb - at least in the first month of his life better refuse dishes with garlic,
  • the presence of a mother's allergy to garlic or diseases of the digestive system - indicators against the use of acute spice
  • individual sensitivitycrumbs, which can manifest as his anxiety in the womb

There is an opinion that the taste of breast milk is affected by garlic:

  • adds bitterness
  • provokes reactions in the baby in the form of rashes, itching, ncalves
  • becomes the cause of early child abandonment of the breast

However, please note the fact that breast milk in the woman's body is produced from blood plasma and qualitatively depends on:

  • mood of the mother
  • her balance in the diet
  • emotional and physical exertion

If a small dose of acute spice,eaten by you, did not provoke discomfort in a crumb, boldly eat garlic in a moderate amount.

Can pregnant women eat or snort garlic for colds?

the pregnant girl was ill with a cold

Given the harm from pharmaceuticals, it is definitely better for a pregnant woman to eat a clove of garlic or breathe it with fumes to activate her immunity.

The main thing is to observe moderation.

Average daily allowable dose of garlic for pregnant:

  • fresh - 2-4 teeth
  • oil, infused with garlic - 0.6-1.2 g
  • essential oil - 0.09-0.36 ml

To determine foryour individual intake of garlic, consult your doctor.

Is it possible to eat garlic or dishes with garlic breastfeeding mother while breastfeeding a newborn baby?

a pair of heads and a few cloves of garlic on a table next to a mortar

If you do not have rejection of this product, allergies to it, and also your baby keeps normal behavior, and his skin is healthy, then a definite answer is yes.

Remember that any new product should be injected into micro doses and monitor the reaction of the baby for 2-3 days. Especially if you like sharp, dietary restrictions can seriously affect your mood. And this is undesirable.

Please note that a number of young mothers note an increase in the appetite of their babies as a response to the consumption of first garlic or dishes with it.

So, we examined the benefits and harm of garlic during pregnancy and lactation. They analyzed the opinions that prevailed in these moments.

Be aware and responsible not only for your health, but also crumbs!

Correct your diet in the process, watching the reactions of your and growing organisms.

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