How to take Gel Nifedipine: indications, instructions and reviews

There is hardly a person on the planet who is not familiar with hemorrhoids personally.

Therefore, the need for its treatment( as gentle and gentle as possible) leads to the emergence of newer and newer medications.

With the use of a new generation drug, gel-emulsion Nifedipine from the Israeli company Elisheh, hemorrhoids noticeably passed their positions.


a means of antianginal and antihypertensive action, Nifedipine acts on the vessels of the rectum, reducing stagnation of blood, in turn reducing the blood( venous) pressureI can weaken the swelling, tension and soreness of the varicose veins, which is actually hemorrhoids.

In the form of a lightweight dosage form( gel emulsion), Nifedipine allows you to treat hemorrhoids in various stages of development, including complicated and deeply triggered, thanks to a combination with other medications and apply it in complex therapy of the disease.

Available as a creamy paste, easy to use, the drug is intended for self-treatment at home and does not require hospitalization even with a pronounced process in the rectal mucosa:

This product has the following qualities:

Form corresponding to contents

Prepackaged in 40-gram tubes, convenient in use, the preparation contains:

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The effect of the emulsion components on the body is as follows:

  1. The main component of the preparation, nifedipine , relaxing the smooth muscle structures, promotes the rapid expansion of peripheral vessels, leading to relaxation of the anal region musculature and a decrease in rectal pressure.
  2. The action of lidocaine eliminates discomfort in the form of pain and burning inside and around the anus.
  3. Penetration into the cells of the isosorbinate dinitrate results in the dilatation of the blood vessels and the reduction of the venous mucosa.
  4. Help biocomplex of trace minerals from the Dead Sea accelerates the healing and recovery of inflamed tissues.

To whom application of the preparation

is indicated Indications for the use of Nifedipine gel:

The combination of gel-emulsion preparations Nifedipine does not provide treatment for rectal fistulas.

The drug has no contraindications to use.

How to use the drug

The drug acts simultaneously on the hemorrhoids, heals fissures( anal fissures) and removes the skin irritation of the anal area.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Use of Nifedipine for the Treatment of Hemorrhoids and Other Associated Diseases:

  1. The medication begins with the first day of : 1 g of the gel squeezed onto the inner surface of the last phalanx of the index finger( the volume of 1 g of gel is equal to half the length of the phalanx), the external part of the anal passage is smeared clockwise only in the area of ​​painful sensations.
  2. In the second day of application of , in addition to the light, non-pressing, massage of external pain zones clockwise, it is recommended to apply gel inside the anus( without violence, in accordance with the feelings carried).
  3. These manipulations, , whose multiplicity is 4 times a day ( morning, afternoon, evening, night), continue until the decreased pain and bleeding allow to switch to a 2-time use of the drug.
  4. Continuing the use of the funds from 1 to 4 weeks ( 7-28 days), in case of failure of use, the course is extended for another 14 days( in consultation with the attending physician).
The drug can be injected into the rectum using a plastic tip wound on the neck of the tube, or using a tampon left for a while in the rectum, impregnated with a remedy.

An important component of the treatment of

In addition to the manipulations performed outside and inside the patient's back, passing through the hemorrhoids must significantly improve the quality of the stool, the firm character of which can additionally injure the inflamed mucosa of the rectum and intensify its swelling.

Necessary: ​​

It is necessary to make a chair, giving it a more malleable consistence with the help of NormalaL supplements, which helps increase the fluid content in the feces and soften it( without achieving laxative effect).

In combination with Normalax, treatment with gel emulsion Nifedipine will give a significantly faster and more powerful, but - at the same time - mild effect in all variants of hemorrhoids and fissures.

Special categories of users of the preparation

There are no restrictions on the use of Nifedipine in pregnancy, lactation, and also for the treatment of children.

The gel has no toxic effect on the fetus or quality( or amount) of breast milk, its use is permissible in the testing of heavy physical exertion( including sports).

Emulsion Nifedipine is useful as a preparatory agent before the operation to remove hemorrhoids( including stage 4) and after it, combined with medications of a different nature of action, taking baths of any temperature and any solution filling them.

No adverse events were detected.

According to consumers

Some of the nuances of using Nifedipine can be learned by examining the reviews of people suffering from hemorrhoids.

I liked the drug, although it could have been cheaper, but it was not disappointed - it was cured of the consequences of the office service in the form of falling nodes and chronic hemorrhage, reaching small bleedings.

For a week, almost all passed, now I can safely surrender to my favorite work. Thank you who made the medicine! I recommend!

Мария, 45 years - Москва

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

The remedy has gained as a last hope to suppress bleeding from hemorrhoidal cones. The remedy quickly removed the exhausting pains, which there is nothing to compare with. I work as a driver, I thought, this illness is an inevitable evil from constant forced sitting. Now I understand that you can live and sitting.

After all has calmed down, I use gel for prophylaxis - I do not want repetition. .. no, not passed - "prosizhennogo" and "driveled"!

Ivan, 39 years old - Novgorod the Great

Being a pharmacist, I know the feedback on the action of funds from hemorrhoids. About a month ago she experienced a severe sudden attack.

The use of various drugs for a "democratic" price did not give a result. But after treatment with Nifedipine for a week, I forgot what suffering is from hemorrhoids. Thanks to those who have guessed to use an antihypertensive drug in such an original way!

Irina, 39 years - Samara

Price policy

The drug produced in Israel can be purchased by placing an order on the manufacturer's website, the average price for it is from 8 to 9 thousand rubles on different Internet sites.

The gel-emulsion preparation Nifedipine showed high therapeutic qualities, confirmed by numerous positive responses.

With the possibility of price reduction, it can be recommended for a wide range of consumers.

As an agent of choice for complicated and neglected forms of hemorrhoids, analogs do not yet have.

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