What cheap Detralex analogues are in Russia and how among them to choose high-quality

Detralex, a French preparation with angioprotective and venotonic properties of , is used to treat manifestations of venous insufficiency.

Detralex does not allow the adherence of leukocytes to the wall of the endothelium, reduces inflammation on the valves of the venous valves. Micronizing as a technology of processing diosmine promotes rapid absorption of the drug, it quickly begins its action.

When ingested, it is transformed to phenolic acids.

The agent, as a rule, is prescribed for venous and lymphatic insufficiency, with complaints of pain and heaviness in the legs, "morning fatigue".In addition, it is used in the case of a number of anal disorders.


  • Pharmacological properties and use
  • drugs act
  • drug substance Why do people seek analogues
  • preparation complete analogy
    • Venarus
    • Venozol
  • Partial analogues
    • Phlebodia 600
    • Vazoket
  • drugs, similar in action
    • Antistax
    • Troxevasin
    • Anavenol
    • Venoruton

Pharmacological propertiesand the use of the drug

Detralex is an effective venous and angioprotectant, increasing the tone of the vein walls, and reduces their racestighter, improves microcerculation, reducing the permeability of the capillaries, normalizes lymph flow.

Also reduces the negative interaction of leukocytes and endothelium. The half-life is 11 hours. It is excreted through the intestine. Urine produces an average of 14% of the drug. For oral administration. It is assigned only to adults.

Indications: symptomatic treatment of venous and lymphatic insufficiency, manifestations of hemorrhoids.

If you still decided not to use analogues, you need to study all the properties of the Detralex preparation, the instruction for which to apply to it, as well as the reviews are in our article.

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As for dosage, there are following recommendations:

  1. Venolymphatic insufficiency. 2 tablets per day: 1 tablet - in the afternoon and 1 tablet - in the evening during a meal. After 1 week.use 2 tablets per day 1 time during meals;
  2. Chronic hemorrhoids .2 tablets per day( in 2 divided doses) with meals. After 1 week.use 2 tablets a day once during a meal;
  3. Acute hemorrhoids. For 6 tablets per day( 4 days), then 4 tablets per day( 3 days) with meals. The daily amount divided by 2-3 admission.
Course of treatment. The duration of the course depends on the indications for use and the disease. Average duration: 2-3 months.

Active ingredient of the preparation

1 coated tablet contains: 500 mg of micronized purified flavonoid fraction, which contains 450 mg of diosmine( 90%) and 50 mg of flavonoids( hesperidinum)( 10%).

Diosmin is the active substance of Detralex.

Is a venotonic, improves hemodynamics, increases the tone of veins, prevents the phenomenon of stasis.

Additional substances in the composition: gelatin, Mg stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, Na starch glycolate, talc, water prepared, glycerol, macrogol, hypromellose, Na lauryl sulfate, Fe oxide yellow, Fe oxide red, Ti dioxide.

Why people are looking for analogues of the drug

The reasons for which patients are searching for Detralex analogs are somewhat. The first of these is a series of side effects:

  • from the side of the digestive tract, among them quite often were: indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, colitis;
  • from the side of neurology: headache, dizziness, malaise;
  • in rare cases: urticaria, the appearance of itching, rashes on the skin;
  • exceptional case - the development of angioedema, edema on the face.

In addition, there are also many contraindications to the use of this drug and it is possible to choose an analogue of the Detralex tablets less affecting the organs of the organism:

  • the drug is contraindicated in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • is not recommended for lactation due to insufficient data on the possibility of the appearance of active substances in the composition of breast milk;
  • during pregnancy Detralex should be used with caution, always consult with a doctor;
  • data on the use of Detralex in children there, so people under 18 years of age this drug is not recommended for use.
It is also noted that in case of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, this drug will not replace the main treatment. Do not exceed the recommended course duration of treatment.

In the treatment of varicose veins or lymphatic drainage disorders, the maximum effect of the drug can be obtained only in combination with other measures of conservative treatment.

Detralex is a preparation of the manufacturer Servier( France), and one more reason for using analogues is its rather high price, - it is possible to find a cheap Russian analogue of Detralex.

So, there are following forms of release of this medicine with the corresponding prices:

  1. Detralex( tablets) 500 mg, 30 pcs.663руб.
  2. Detralex( tablets) 500 mg, 60 pcs.1 305руб.
  3. Detralex( tablets) 500 mg, 60 pcs.1 357руб.
However, self-replacement of a prescribed preparation with an analogue, in particular for reasons of cost savings, is not recommended without consulting a physician.

All analogues of the preparation can be conditionally divided into following groups:

  • complete analogs;
  • partial analogs;
  • preparations, similar in effect.

Complete analogs

Let's select the most popular complete analogues of Detralex.


Venarus - has the same active substances( diosmin and hesperedin).The principle of operation is the same as Detralex. However, these drugs have a number of differences:

  • side effects are different: Detralex has gastric and discomfort, and Venarus has fatigue, headaches, emotional lability;
  • Detralex contains micronized diosmin, and therefore the drug acts more quickly and is withdrawn;
  • Venarus is safer, as it is less toxic;
  • Venarus is a cheap analogue of Detralex( it can be said that the price is 2 times lower), given the considerable length of treatment, this is a weighty argument, the average price is from 423 to 750 rub .depending on the amount of the drug.


Venozolum - A dietary supplement with similar active ingredients - diosmin and hesperucine. The pharmacological action is the same. Manufacturer: VIS Ltd. This is probably not a medicine, but a dietary supplement, a leaf extract of red grapes.

Is in the form of capsules, gel and cream. The price of this analogue is also lower than that of Detralex tablets: cream, 50 ml 108руб.360mg ( ext. Sheet of red grapes) caps. №36( bad). 292 rubles., Capsules, 36 pcs.294руб .

Because this drug is of natural origin, it is non-toxic and has fewer side effects and contraindications. Summary - cheap Russian analogue Detraleks.

Partial analogs

Consider the cheap partial analogues of Detralex.

Flebodia 600

Phlebodia 600 is in the form of tablets. The active substance - diosmin, has an effect similar to Detralex. Manufacturer: Innoter Shusi FRA.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids the drug is taken 2 tablets in 2 divided doses - a week, then switch to taking 1 tablet a day. Side effects - headache, nausea, allergies( rarely).

Contraindicated the administration of Flebodi and during the first 3 months.pregnancy, breast-feeding, children under 18 years of age and persons with hypersensitivity to components. The cost of the drug is approximately equal to the cost of Detralex, however, Flebodia is taken much less often: 1 week is taken 2 tablets per day, then 1 tablet is needed per day.


Vasocet is available in the form of oblong yellow tablets. The active substance is still the same diosmin. Manufacturer: Stagen / Weimer Pharma, Germany. Price of the Vase: from 630 to 825 rub .( 600 mg., 30 pcs.)

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Drugs similar in action to

There are a lot of such drugs.


Antistax - bioflavonoid( active ingredients refer to biologically active substances) belongs to the group of venotonics. Produced in the form of tablets. Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Price: from 565 rubles.for 20 pcs.up to 1552 rubles.for 100 pcs of .(capsules).


Troxevasin is available under the trade names Venoruton, Troxerutin. It is a derivative routine. Improves the condition of the walls of blood vessels, relieves swelling.

Produced in capsules, gels, injection. Manufacturer: Фармахим БОЛ. Price: from 153 rubles.for 40 g. of gel to 511 rubles.for 100 pcs.capsules.


Anavenol is a combined venoprotective drug. Available in the form of coated tablets. Some antibiotics can enhance the therapeutic effect of anavenol( dopamine, etc.).

Side effect of anavenol manifests itself in the form of bleeding, dizziness, nausea. Contraindicated the use of anavenol in children under 15 years. Manufacturer: Zentiva CHEH. Price: from 120 rubles.up to 180 rubles.


Venoruton is an angioprotective agent, the active substance is hydroxyethylrutoside. Form release: tablets and gel for external use. Possible appointment in the II and III trimester of pregnancy. Manufacturer: Novartis, Switzerland. Price: 615 rub.for 50 pcs.

As you can see, the choice of venotonic preparations is very wide, and there are medicines for the therapy of any vascular ailment for any available remedies.

The network has a lot of positive reviews about Detralex, and the fact that the cheap analogs are actively offered in the application does not detract from its effectiveness and value , as evidenced by the reviews of patients and doctors.

Now the disease of veins - a phenomenon not uncommon. Because a significant number of patients simply need a sufficient amount of information about the means of solving this problem.

It should be remembered that knowing about the analogues of Detralex's appointed doctor, it's definitely worth asking about them, but if a specialist insists that this particular drug is able to have the maximum effect taking into account individual characteristics, self-experimenting on oneself, wishing to save on one's own health is absolutely contraindicated.
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