The inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane and lymphoid tissues of the pharynx, in medicine is called pharyngitis. The disease can occur in different forms, has pronounced symptoms and, according to doctors, can be treated at home. But patients should know the features of the pharyngitis and possible dangers when ignoring treatment - in some cases, urgent medical attention may be required.

How the pharyngitis is treated with a nebulizer is indicated in the description in this article.


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Classification pharyngitis

Throat treatment with pharyngitis Doctors have identified two forms of pharyngitis - acute and chronic. As a rule, the first form of the disease is concomitant with other available diseases -

for example, pharyngitis often accompanies the course of influenza, an acute respiratory-viral infection. In case of development of the chronic form doctors speak about allocated pharyngitis, which can be of the following types:

  • atrophic;
  • is hypertrophic.

It is noted that both types of chronic pharyngitis have a similar clinical picture and it is possible to diagnose a specific one only after examination.

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Causes of development of

Treatment of pharyngitis at home This disease can be the result of infection with specific pathogens - for example, staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria bacillus. In this case, we are talking about the possible spread of the disease by airborne droplets. But most often the causes of the onset and development of pharyngitis are:

  • the constant effect of irritants on the pharyngeal mucosa - cigarette smoke, alcohol, too polluted air;
  • prolonged exposure to cold air and its inhalation through the mouth;
  • influenza viruses and / or adenoviruses;
  • mushrooms of Candida type.

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If a person is diagnosed with infectious rhinitis, sinusitis or banal caries, it is possible to expect the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the mucous or lymphoid tissues of the pharynx - the development of pharyngitis is inevitable in this case.

Symptoms of pharyngitis

how to treat throat with pharyngitis at home

Difficult swallowing and sensation of lump in the throat - the first signs of pharyngitis

In the acute course of the presented disease, patients complain of the following symptoms:

  • difficult swallowing - even drinking water and / or swallowing your own saliva causes severe pain in the throat;
  • sensation of a lump in the throat - the so-called "pershenia", the patient keeps trying to clear his throat;
  • body temperature either remains normal, or slightly increases( not critical and short-term).

After reading this article it becomes clear what to treat acute pharyngitis in adults.

The general condition with acute pharyngitis remains satisfactory, but the patient may experience an increased sense of fatigue even with minor physical / labor stress and drowsiness .If pharyngitis occurs in a chronic form, the following symptoms will be noted:

  • a persistent cough accompanied by a sparse sputum discharge;
  • collection of sputum in the pharynx - mucus has a viscous structure, almost does not expectorate and the patient is forced to simply swallow it;
  • in the throat.

Chronic pharyngitis never causes a fever, but because of perspiration, coughing and mucus build up in the throat, sleep disturbance and irritability may occur.

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Diagnostic measures

how to properly treat pharyngitis

The doctor can diagnose pharyngitis already on the first admission

The doctor already at the primary admission of the patient with the above complaints can diagnose pharyngitis - this procedure is simple. The specialist necessarily conducts the collection of an anamnesis of the disease( which symptoms disturb the patient, how long the discomfort lasts) and examination of the pharynx. Visually, the doctor notes reddening of the pharynx, a slight increase( swelling) of the tongue, on the tonsils may be a whitish coating( but it may be completely absent).The blood tests of the patient are necessarily examined, although the indicators usually do not determine the clinical picture and can only confirm the presence of the inflammatory process in the body. Treatment of pharyngitis at home quickly As an instrumental examination, pharyngoscopy is used, which is performed in case of chronic disease. This procedure can give the following results:

  • on the pharyngeal mucosa there is no natural moisture - the atrophic form of chronic pharyngitis is diagnosed;
  • lymphoid tissue is hyperplastic, enlarged tubofarengialnye rollers, which are located behind the back arch - a hypertrophic form of chronic pharyngitis.

If the patient has applied for professional help during exacerbation of the chronic course of the disease, then puffiness and pronounced reddening of the pharyngeal mucosa is added to the above symptoms.

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Important: Even with confidence that it is pharyngitis, and not angina, before treatment, you should visit a doctor, take a survey, identify / exclude the infectious nature of the disease and get recommendations / appointments.

How to treat pharyngitis in adults at home

Therapeutic measures for pharyngitis of any kind are aimed at the rapid disposal of the inflammatory process and increase the immune background of the body. First of all, the irritant should be removed, the cause of the appearance of disease is to limit or completely eliminate exposure to tobacco smoke, cure caries / sinusitis / rhinitis, while staying in a region with polluted air - temporarily leave for a more environmentally friendly area. With this advice, patients can be assured of obtaining results from the treatment that can be carried out with both medicines and folk remedies.

How much is pharyngitis treated? In the first 3( in some cases, enough 24 hours) of the day after the beginning of treatment, the patient should note a significant improvement in the condition, and all the symptoms of pharyngitis disappear completely within 10 days of all necessary medical procedures.

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Medical treatment

Drugs for the treatment of pharyngitis The most effective medicines are considered to have a local effect - they can quickly relieve the patient of unpleasant symptoms and remove the inflammatory process directly in the throat:

  1. Sprays - Geksoral, Ingalipt.
  2. Lollipops and absorbable tablets - Streptothete, Strepsils, Grammadin.
  3. Solutions for rinsing or lubricating the throat. - furacilin, Lugol.
  4. Antibacterial agents for topical use - Bioparox.

Antibacterial drugs belong to the group of antibiotics, therefore even their local application should be regulated by the rules for the use of this type of medicines. It is necessary to exclude hypersensitivity / individual intolerance to antibiotics and get advice from the doctor about the duration of therapeutic measures.

In addition to medicines, medical treatment includes the use of physiotherapeutic procedures - darsonvalization, warming procedures with the use of drugs, UV irradiation. In some cases, treatment of pharyngitis can be used and homeopathy.

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Folk methods

how to gargle with pharyngitis Pharyngitis is quickly and successfully treated with folk remedies, but only if the underlying disease is eliminated or if the exacerbation of the chronic disease is to be relieved. There are approved by official medicine methods:

  1. Rinse the throat with herbal decoction. The simplest collection - chamomile, sage, thyme in equal proportions( 1 tablespoon) brew in 400 ml of water, strain and cool. The resulting remedy should rinse your throat during the day as often as possible - for example, every 30-40 minutes.
  2. Rinse throat with brine. Take 30 g of sea salt( or common salt) and dilute it in 300 ml of warm water. Rinse every day 3-5 times a week. You can use a solution of soda with iodine to rinse your throat.
  3. Reception of a milky-honey cocktail. In honey, honey is added in arbitrary proportions - this cocktail should be drunk at night or during the day in small sips.
  4. Steam inhalation .At home, you can use a common teapot and carry out inhalations using propolis( 5 grams per glass of water).Do not forget about the oldest and most proven way to relieve the uncomfortable sensations in the throat - the inhalation of steamed potatoes "in uniform".Inhalations can be performed with a nebulizer.

Reviews of the folk methods listed above are the most favorable, they can be used even in pregnancy, and some of them will help to cope with pharyngitis with diagnosed hypersensitivity / individual intolerance to antibacterial agents or other medications.

What are the symptoms of atrophic pharyngitis and how they manifest themselves, is indicated in this article.

Important: when using medicinal herbs and propolis, you should be sure that there is no allergy on them. Otherwise, the strongest allergic reaction can develop, right up to anaphylactic shock and Quincke's edema - only doctors can help.

With respect to strengthening and enhancing immunity, it is possible to take balanced complexes of vitamins and minerals.

Possible complications of

If pharyngitis is not treated, it is dangerous because of purulent and nasal processes in the throat - this is considered a complication of the disease. Often diagnosed suppuration of lymph nodes, inflammation of the omondial fibroids with the formation of abscess and zaglugal abscess. The most dangerous pharyngitis in terms of development of complications is the one that is provoked by streptococcal infection. In this case, taking antibacterial drugs( antibiotics) is mandatory!


Some more popular methods of pharyngitis treatment in this video:

Pharyngitis is not considered a life-threatening disease, it can be cured quickly and at home, but a doctor's consultation and examination is necessary - this will reveal the true cause of the inflammatory process and pick upeffective treatment.