Icelandic moss is an effective plant, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate such an unpleasant manifestation of cold as a cough. It is he who provides a lot of inconvenience, especially at night. Most people start panicking in pharmacies and look for an effective and inexpensive cough suppressant, not suspecting a plant such as Irish moss. It allows you to eliminate a cough that has arisen for various reasons: a cold or an allergy, as well as a mixed type.


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Benefits of

Icelandic moss can boast of its amazing healing characteristics. His homeland is America and Europe. But in Iceland it grows much more often. Its composition is very rich in such


  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • acid;
  • microelements( iodine, iron, manganese, etc.).

Icelandic moss from cough

Presence in the composition of polysaccharides allows preparations based on Icelandic moss to have an enveloping effect. But the antibacterial effect on the body is lichenic acid. In addition to fighting cough, Icelandic moss also has its positive effect in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis, anemia and diaper rash.

The video describes the use of Icelandic moss from cough:

As for contraindications, this natural medicine is practically absent. During its entire use in humans, no toxic or side effects were found. In addition, pregnant women actively use this component to treat cough. Although Icelandic moss has such positive properties, it is not recommended to use it without a doctor's appointment.

But small children to give such a medicine is very difficult, because it tastes not very pleasant. To somehow disguise this, it is better to prepare a decoction based on milk, then the medicine will acquire a sweetish taste. To treat a child, it is better to use ready-made syrup for coughing on the basis of Icelandic moss. It tastes sweet, so a small patient will not be capricious, but will gladly take the medicine.

Children generally prefer syrup to other forms of medication. For the treatment of cough in children also use: sirooa kahornya altakeki( here you can find instructions), onion syrup for children, cough syrup Erespal and other medications.

How to brew and take

Irish moss is actively used to treat cough. It can be used as a ready-made version, and prepare the healing broth yourself. The method of preparation and the necessary dosage is determined taking into account the cough to be eliminated.

For tuberculosis

To prepare the medicine, take 4 tablespoons of the main component and pour 400 ml of water. Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, and then strain and take everything throughout the day.

On the video - an instruction on how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough:

With whooping cough

To eliminate this symptom, use the following remedy: dessert spoon of thyme and Iceland moss pour boiling water. Infuse the broth for 5 minutes, clean the broth from the grass, take a glass 3 times a day. Icelandic moss brewing

With bronchitis

Place a glass of milk, a tablespoon of moss in enameled utensils. Cover with a lid and put on a fire. Cook the broth for half an hour. The received means to take in a warm form, before going on a night rest. On the link you can read more how to treat bronchitis. Also read how to properly treat the bronchi in a child. Also, read what medications bronchitis is treated.

Attacks of

In order to overcome a severe attack of cough, the following tincture should be used. Take 40 g of the main ingredient and pour alcohol. After a week the drink is ready for use. It is enough only 10 drops 2 times a day. Milk and moss and milk

With bronchial asthma

Take 2 dessert spoons of moss and 200 ml of boiling water. Combine the two components in a bowl, insist half an hour to take 2 large spoons 6 times throughout the day. It is advisable to take a decoction before eating. The duration of therapy is 10 days. Then make a rest for 3 days and continue again.

For colds and allergies

This symptom should be removed with the help of infusion, for which take 2 tablespoons of crushed moss. Pour it with a liter of water, set on a plate. When the water boils, cover the pan with a lid and cook over low heat for another half hour. Icelandic moss with cough

Understand, the broth is ready for such a factor as the consistency of the kisselike shape. After this, the product can be filtered and left in the refrigerator. Take this medicine is necessary for cold cough in the amount of 2 liters per day, for allergies - 1 liter. Presented infusion does not have an exquisite taste, for this reason, before using it, dilute the medicine with water.

cough with green expectoration in adults

What does coughing with green sputum mean in adults?

Read how to cook the root of ginger from a cough.

Approximate prices for children's nasal drops: http: // detskoe-zdorove / detskie-kapli-v-nos-ot-nasmorka.html.

In the form of tablets and syrup

Drugs based on this unique product can be bought at a pharmacy. There they are presented in the form of tablets and suspensions.


Such a medicine can be taken with ENT diseases. The tablet is absorbed or swallowed. Adults may use the pill by inhalation. To do this, it is necessary to crush it into powder and inhale alternately in one, and then in another nostril. Such therapy is very effective in rhinitis and sinusitis. Icelandic moss in the form of tablets

Icelandic moss has components in its composition, due to which it is possible to obtain antibacterial effect. Due to this, tablets can be used in the treatment of cough caused by bronchitis, whooping cough. In addition, such a medicine serves as an effective restorative in the period of recovery from illnesses. Irish moss is used as an auxiliary therapy in the treatment of cough in pulmonary tuberculosis. Also, the tablets perfectly protect against side effects from the use of medications used in chemotherapy.

In addition to Icelandic moss, the tablets also contain such components:

  1. Black elderberry - has a positive effect on the body in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, characterized by cough and high fever.
  2. Salt has astringent effect, effectively fights with cough during colds of the upper respiratory tract.
  3. Calendula allows to remove inflammation, has an antiseptic and healing effect.


Irish moss in the form of a suspension actively eliminates cough caused by colds. Due to the presence of active components, it is possible to create a protective film and to remove the inflammatory process from the mucous membrane of the pharynx, nose and mouth. Iceland moss in the form of syrup

Syrup, as well as tablets, has an antibacterial and fortifying effect. The syrup contains no alcohol and cane sugar.

The use of syrup is allowed to children at the age of one year. For adults it is allowed to apply 10 ml 3 times per knock;children 8-16 years old - 5 ml 3 times a day;1-8 years - 5 ml 2 times a day. There are no gluten in this product, which make it suitable for a gluten-free diet. Can be used in patients with lactose intolerance.


  • Marina, 35 years old : "I am the mother of two children, so I know firsthand about bronchitis. At children this disease proceeded with wheezing and whistling. For a long time, the drugs prescribed by the doctor were used, but it was not possible to achieve the desired effect. Then I was advised to give the children infusion based on Irish moss. I brewed it in a thermos, and the kids took 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. We managed to eliminate the cough after 2 weeks. When the next time the child had a cough, I immediately brewed Irish moss and all the symptoms of colds disappeared in a short time. "
  • Tatiana, 23 years old : "A painful cough visited me for a long time. As the doctor told me, this is a sign of an allergy. To tolerate it was already unbearable, and pharmacy drugs did not have the desired effect. Then my mother told me the prescription for a truly amazing medicine. I brewed Irish moss on milk and took medicine for the night. After a week, the intensity of the cough was significantly reduced, and after 3 weeks I was completely healed. "
  • Margarita, 27 years old : "I used this medicine in the form of a suspension. I fell ill with a cold, there was no temperature, but my cough was painful. I immediately went to the pharmacy, where I was advised to use syrup based on Irish moss. I took the drug 3 times a day, according to the dosage indicated in the instructions. I managed to overcome this unpleasant symptom in 2 weeks ".

Icelandic moss is a unique plant that is used to eliminate many diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Drugs prepared on its basis allow very quickly and effectively to overcome such a symptom as a cough. Despite the fact that the plant has no side effects, it is not advisable to consult a specialist before using it.