Modern medicines used to treat hemorrhoids

preparations for hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a problem that an increasing part of the world's population is facing. This disease has been known for a long time, but today it acquires a special urgency.

If more recently, older people suffered from it, today more and more young people are experiencing the severity of this disease.

This disease can lead to serious complications. Stress, a bad ecological situation, poor nutrition, and a hushing up of the problem lead to the fact that hemorrhoids quickly become malignant tumors. Every year thousands of people die from this disease.

For pains and a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, detection of traces of blood on toilet paper, itching in the anal area, prolapse of hemorrhoids, it is urgent to seek medical help.

At the initial stages of development, hemorrhoids can be cured without surgery.

Today, there are many medications that effectively fight the problem of hemorrhoids. Their action is aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome, removing inflammation, stopping bloo

dy discharge, resorption of hemorrhoids.

Some of them have a combined direction.

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  • Suppositories are what all begin with
  • Use of ointments - a softer approach
  • Tablets
  • What can I use for pregnant women?
  • Memo to men
  • The opinion of ordinary people

Suppositories are what all begin with

Candles are the most popular method of treating hemorrhoids at an early stage. Their universality lies in the convenient method of use. Penetrating into the anus, they help to remove inflammation, pain, positively affect the tissues of the intestine.

Some candles are aimed at removing several symptoms of the disease, which has the maximum impact on the course of treatment.

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The candle is inserted at night after bowel movement. It must be removed from the package and quickly inserted into the anus. Otherwise, it can melt.

The most effective and popular drugs:

  1. Relief is a popular complex drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids. These candles have analgesic effect. reef They also help increase local immunity, restore white blood cells, which leads to the stopping of bleeding, the removal of inflammation, the healing of cracks. It is recommended to be used as a preventive agent, since hemorrhoids can relapse.
  2. Proctosan NEO is used during the period of exacerbation of the disease, as well as for prevention. It relieves pain, helps reduce the inflammatory process and prevents the occurrence of thrombophlebitis. It is recommended before and after surgery.
  3. Betiol is the most common drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Extract krasavki and ichtamol, which are part of their composition, have a local anesthetic effect, contribute to reducing inflammation, healing of wounds. When used, the drug does not cause a strong intestinal peristalsis.

The use of ointments is a softer approach.

Gels, creams and ointments have the same healing effect as candles, but they act more gently and are not capable of harming the anus.

Thanks to special nozzles, the drug can be injected into the body and used to treat not only external but also internal hemorrhoids. Sometimes, candles and ointments with identical medicinal preparations have the same name.

Ointments are applied twice a day on a pre-washed area of ​​the skin. Deterioration of peristalsis of the intestine is rather rare.

Effective ointments:

  1. Troxevasin is one of the oldest and most proven medicines in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It removes inflammation and makes the vessels stronger. It is especially effective for prolonged illness and mucus secretion. This ointment is sufficient to apply in the morning hours to the affected area. Levomexol
  2. Relief has the same effect on the course of treatment, as well as candles. Shark liver oil makes the drug particularly effective. Ointment 3-4 times a day is used mainly at the initial stages of the disease. Has an acceptable price and is very popular.
  3. Levomekol is an ointment that everyone knows. It helps to restore damaged tissues, relieve inflammation, reduce pain and swelling."Levomekol" also has antibacterial and antimicrobial action. The drug is especially effective in the period of exacerbation of the disease.


Tablets are used mainly in complex treatment with candles and ointments.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs in a short time will relieve pain and will help reduce inflammation. In pharmacies, you can find many preparations of this spectrum of action without a doctor's prescription. The most popular of them: Analgin, Spazmalgon, Nurofen.

In most cases, the companion of hemorrhoids is constipation. Hemorrhoidal nodes interfere with the unhindered exit of stool. There is a danger of exacerbation of the disease.

In this case, laxatives are used based on natural ingredients, such as the Sen and Krushin, as well as Guttalax and Medulak.

Hemostatic drugs can be given in both injections and tablets. In this case, doctors most often appoint Vikasol, Dicinon and Etamsylate.

Also widely used:

  1. Detralex is used for minor loss of hemorrhoids, contributes to an increase in the tone of the venous wall, Detralex normalizes blood supply and restores the normal operation of capillaries.
  2. Hemoroidin has a therapeutic effect on the intestinal wall. The plant-derived preparation helps to relieve inflammation, stops bleeding, and also prevents discomfort in the anus. The course of treatment with this drug lasts three months, the fallen nodes come to normal after 2-3 weeks.
  3. Ginkor Fort is prescribed for external and internal form of hemorrhoids. These tablets have analgesic effect, normalize the blood supply and promote increased vascular permeability.

What can I use for pregnant women?

hemorrhoids in pregnancy During pregnancy, the life of a woman undergoes significant changes. The way of life becomes less mobile, there is a large load on the organs of the small pelvis, which leads to the appearance of hemorrhoids.

During the delivery there is a very large load on the body, the venous plexus undergo compression. Childbirth can provoke an aggravation of an existing disease or lead to its occurrence.

The treatment of hemorrhoids in this period should be taken with special responsibility. After all, the medicines used can cause harm to the child not only before his birth, but also during lactation. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

Drugs approved for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women:

  1. Sea buckthorn candles have virtually no contraindications. They have analgesic effect, relieve inflammation and promote the healing of damaged areas.
  2. Heparin ointment is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy or lactation. Heparin is the main component of the ointment and relieves inflammation, pain, promotes the disappearance of hemorrhoids and prevents the emergence of new ones.
  3. Litovit-B is based on natural ingredients and is recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids for pregnant women. The drug helps to treat the disease and strengthen immunity.

Reminder for men

The signs of hemorrhoids in men and women are the same. candles from hemorrhoids

There are differences in the causes of the disease:

  • women are more concerned about their health and diet;
  • men experience stronger physical exertion on the body;
  • are more prone to bad habits.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in men is of the same nature as in the beautiful half of humanity. It is carried out with the help of candles, ointments and tablets.

The course of treatment must be completed completely, and not until the symptoms disappear, as some men do. You should also find the cause of hemorrhoids and change your lifestyle.

The opinion of ordinary people

What preparations are best for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is difficult to say, each one will have something of his own, some tips can be taken from the patients' testimonials.

Driving 22 years. All the time I am in a sitting position. There began to appear bloody discharge and pain when emptying the intestine. He immediately appealed to the polyclinic.

The doctor diagnosed with hemorrhoids. In treatment I used ointment Relief, an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drug Nurofen. The course of treatment was complete. The disease was about a month. Now for the prevention I apply ointment "Relief".

Vyacheslav Matviychuk, 43, driver, Belgorod

A feeling of inconvenience and blood on his underwear found in the sixth month of pregnancy. Very frightened. Immediately I went to the doctor who discovered my hemorrhoids. Afraid to use medicines, worried about the baby.

Used sea-buckthorn candles, as they are based on natural ingredients. Has given birth already healthy. But during the birth, hemorrhoidal nodes dropped out. The same candles helped.

Elena Smirnova, 25 years old, young mother, Eagle

Never engage in self-medication. Some drugs have contraindications. Only a specialist is able to prescribe the correct and safe treatment.

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